Zero City Mod APK unlimited cryptocoins

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Zero City Mod APK Download

Zero City Mod APK unlimited cryptocoins is a game which is designed for those who love zombie-based movies or stories. Zero City is the short or alternative name for Zombie Shelter Survival. This game has become very popular among its users as it draws their attention by creating a storyline. This game was developed by BEINGAME Limited and was lastly updated on 22 June, 2022 with overall 4.7 stars rating. This can be called the gaming version of ‘The Walking Dead’. This game has several modes so you can either play it individually or can enjoy it with your friends.

App Name Zero City Mod APK unlimited cryptocoins
File Size
4.4 and up
Last Updated
18 Jul 2022

Story of Zero City

This game revolves around the attack and survival scenarios of humans and zombies. The initial object is a virus which spread by a wrong experiment in a Bioengineering lab and started to turn all human beings into zombies. The left humans are hiding themselves from these zombies in a shelter where they don’t have any leader as the zombie attack puts their leader to death. So they lack leadership and are clueless.The zombies are of various types:

  1. Dead corpses

Some zombies are just walking dead objects with no powers

  1. Intelligence

Some zombies will have intelligence to know where to when to and how to attack.

  1. Master

One zombie will be the master of the crew as he will lead other zombies towards a certain direction and will set attacking strategies.

Zero City Mod APK unlimited cryptocoins

How to play Zero City

In this game you need to have a team with whom you will make strategies, perform certain tasks, surround your enemies and kill them. You will get the opportunity to create your team and prepare yourself with weapons, tools and strategies before coming face to face with your enemies. Shelter will be the emergence point of all the humans so you need to keep your shelter safe as well. Apart from fighting:

  • You also have to keep a record of your supplies as the humans will die without food.
  • You need to set refugees who can build strong shelters for you to hide.
  • You will teach some extraordinary skills to your workers in order to get more benefits.
  • You need to select your weapon very wisely because this will be the key to your defence.

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Pros of using Zero City Mod APK

Zero City Mod APK can provide interesting features which will make your gameplay more easy. Few features ir prose of using this Mod are:


  • You can watch videos or ads in order to get extra weapons or food
  • You can speed your battles up
  • You can double reward on single mission
  • Reduce the timing spent in constructing or upgrading


Along with its many pros this game do have few cons which are:

  • This game is not F2P friendly
  • The visuals or graphics of this game are average.

Zero City Mod APK latest version

The latest version of Zero City Mod APK was released on 22 June, 2022 which supports Android 5.0 or above. The latest version has all the qualities of the older version but with advanced and updated implementations. This updated version offers its players unlimited money and high damage to its enemies. Some of the extra features of this version include:

1.Customization of Bunker

   You can customize your bunker and make it stronger in order to hide yourself from enemies.

2. Updated weapons

    You can now have weapons with more power which will have updated features.

3. Easy management

    This will make your management task easy as you can now manage your bunker and provide enough food to your fellows.

4.Unlimited purchases

   You can get unlimited money to make as many purchases as you want.

Zero City Tips

You can get certain rewards such as chests or additional coins on completing a mission but you can also get these rewards ahead of time by using a few tips.

  • Open chests

You should open chests more often to get and unlock rewards.

  • Self management

You should always manage your shelter and keep your dwellers aligned in order to save time which you would spend on arranging them again and again.

  • Good shelter

You should build a good shelter in order to boost productivity because good shelter and good food can keep your dwellers safe and alive.

  • Team division

You should focus on correct team division as choosing all the fighters will not help you getting success as you will need builders and armours as well.

Zero City Unlimited Crypto Coins

In every game, you need to have some points, coins or UC in order to survive in that game and enjoy its features. In Zero City, you will need Crypto Coins to get more weapons, to build your shelter, to get food supplies but you need to earn these Crypto Coins in case of the official version. But in Mod APK you will get unlimited Crypto Coins which will make your game more easier and you don’t have to worry about saving money because you can spend as much money as you want to. 

Zero City Mod APK unlimited cryptocoins


Can I play Zero City on PC?

Yes, Zero City is available for PC as well and you can also play it on the browser without downloading it.

Who developed Zero City?

My.Com B.V. developed this game on 7 February, 2019.

How can I get free crypto coins in Zero City?

You can earn coins by cleaning your shelter or by clicking on emotions of your dwellers.

How do I upgrade my storage in Zero City?

You can upgrade your storage by spending your cash. This can be done by clicking on the upgrade button.

How do I get more dwellers in Zero City?

You can increase your dwellers by rescuing some dwellers, by providing best shelter and by having male and female dwellers and you can get a baby dweller this way.

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