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App Name YouTube Vanced Mod APK
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Version 15.43.32
Requirement 4.4 and Above
Last Updated Jan, 2021

With the advancement of technology, social media has become a necessity. We love communicating through our smart devices, but socializing is not all that we do on the internet. We also play games and watch videos.

For videos, the biggest and the most popular platform is YouTube. It has tons of amazing videos of every genre. You can watch your favorite shows, movie clips, funny scenes, news and many more things on YouTube. But it has one major issue: it shows too many ads. We get annoyed by these unwanted ads that don’t contribute anything effective other than annoying people.

Youtube Vanced Mod APK

To solve this problem, the third-party developers took charge and introduced an epic app that works better than the original YouTube. This app is known as YouTube Vanced Mod APK.

YouTube Vanced Mod APK

The purpose of launching this app is to let people enjoy their favorite media content without annoying them with boring ads. YouTube has started showing tons of ads in a single video. Some of them don’t even have an option to skip, meaning the users have to watch the whole of it. But why should you see the ads if you don’t want to? In this app, you are not bound to watch any ad, you are free to explore the app and enjoy your time.

This app is an alternate version of YouTube that offers a better package of features. You don’t get to watch ads and you can lock your device without thinking about the song getting stopped. This app does not let the songs stop and they can be played in the background once you lock your device.

You can do anything while listening to the audio. These are some of the advantages that YouTube failed to provide. That is why numerous people find it easier to just download this app and enjoy any media. The updates are also regular. Whenever YouTube updates, this apk version will be updated too.

YouTube Vanced Mod APKFeatures

Zero Ads

As we have already mentioned, this app won’t show you any ad at all. You can enjoy this app non-stop without getting bored or annoyed.

Background Play

You don’t have to be on the app to play these videos. You can open any other app or close your phone. The video will keep getting played on the background and you will be able to listen to the audio.


This version offers multiple themes to keep the users interested. You can change the theme at any time and use any other that you like. The colors include Black, White or Dark.

Picture in Picture Mode

This app lets you enjoy your favorite videos while performing any other task simultaneously. You don’t have to stick on the app and waste your time, you can do something useful while the video will keep playing on your device.

Default Playing Video

You can set the default playing video by changing the settings. In this way, the video will be played automatically and you don’t have to play it over and over.

Repeat Mode

With this feature, you will be able to watch any video on repeat. Simply select them for repeat mode and relax! The video will start over once it ends.

YouTube Vanced Mod APK Installation Guide

A few steps need to be followed and this app will be installed on your devices easily. There is no such requirement to root your device. Just follow these steps to get the job done!

Step 1: If your device already has official YouTube downloaded, you need to uninstall it. Also, go to the Google Play Store and turn off auto-updates.

Step 2: Click on the link that we have shared with you and download the file of this app.

Step 3: Enable the Unknown Sources to successfully install the app. The third-party apps cannot get installed on your device if you have not enabled the third-party downloads.

Step 4: Install another app called MicroG APK. This will help you log in on YouTube Vanced Mod APK.

Step 5: Click on the downloaded file to get the installation process started.

Step 6: Be patient while the process completes. Once it is completed, an icon will appear on your device’s screen.

Open the app by tapping on the icon. Start exploring and enjoying this amazing app.


Is this app safe?

A lot of you think that just because an app is created by the third-party developer, it must be harmful to your device and that your device will get malware if you download it. This is not the correct approach. You can trust third-party developers but they have to be genuine. Always make sure that you download the apps from an authentic website like ours to mitigate the threat of the virus.

Is the White theme removed from the app?

No, it’s not. Every theme is available on this app. You can change the themes according to your preference.

Is there any special method to install YouTube Vanced APK?

No. You can install it just as you install any other apk file. If you don’t know how to, read the installation guide that we have shared.

Does it have an option of History?

Yes, it does. You must add ‘’ in the ad blocker.

Does PIP work with every version?

Unfortunately, PIP only works with Android Oreo and not any other version.

Wrapping Up

YouTube Vanced Mod APK is one of the great alternatives to YouTube. It provides you many exciting features that will be helpful to you. It also removes many issues like the problem of tons of ads on the official YouTube, the issue of songs being stopped once the user locks the device and many issues like that.

It is one of the apps that you should always have downloaded on your phone. The process of downloading and installation is very easy. So don’t waste your time, download YouTube Vanced Mod APK now and enjoy free videos without any interruptions.

YouTube Vanced Mod APK Review
  • YouTube Vanced Mod APK


YouTube Vanced Mod APK has some good features like you don’t get to watch ads and you can lock your device without thinking about the song getting stopped. This app does not let the songs stop and they can be played in the background once you lock your device.

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