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World Flipper APK:


Do you like to play pinball games? Do you like to make friends? Do you like RPG games? Do you like action games? Undoubtedly yes, because all these sorts of games are very interesting and grab one’s attention. We are very well aware that all of you love to play action games, fight games, RPG games, pinball games and of course you guys will also love to make new friends. So what if we provide you a solution that has all these things in it? Of course, you will be overjoyed. So yes dear users! Kindly take a deep breath as we are going to talk about a very demonstrative and a very explicit game application, named “World Flipper APK”. Let’s talk about it in detail.

The World Flipper APK is an adventurous game, in which there are different opponents in front you. But first of all, let me understand the game’s title. The word World is used in this game’s title, because in this game the opponents you face are from the different corners of the world. If we talk about the word Flipper used in this game’s title, so basically the flipper means paddles. That means you have to defeat your enemy (that may be from any corner of the world) through these flippers or paddles.

World Flipper APK

The other important thing is, the World Flipper is not that kind of game, in which you can play or fight alone. In fact, in the World Flipper APK game, there are a total of 3 members in your team. This game has many characters in it that are even beyond your thinking. Your team is there for your help. With the help of your team you have to defeat your enemies. You can also recruit your members, in order to make your team more powerful. Because a powerful team will have a very unique and more powerful impact on the opponent. So, you can add members into your team. 

The World Flipper is a type of RPG (Role-Playing Game) game. As in this game almost every country is included, so the backgrounds of the World Flipper are designed in many worlds. In each background there are lots of mysteries for you. Not only this, each and every character of this extraordinary game also has so many discoveries from their worlds in it. There are many discoverable events in the backgrounds for you as well. You have to explore all those mysteries, to make your standard in the game. 

Now let’s talk about how you can play this game? So dear users! You have to push the pinballs in order to fight with your enemies. But keep it in your mind that there will also counter attacks on you from the enemy’s side. So you have to take every step very wisely and carefully. You also have to take your team with you, because your winning is in your team’s winning. 

It’s time to pay gratitude to this game’s developer “Cygames”. Because they have brought very astounding innovations in this game’s Terrain. The term Terrain is basically linked to the piece of land. You will see a variety of terrain while playing, because you have to compete with the different world’s competitors. So the more you explore the game, more chances are there for you to explore the world and its piece of land. In hard levels, there are many hindrances or obstacles at the land. This is because, you will have more challenges and hence on the accomplishment of each challenge there will be more rewards for you. 

The most unique and fascinating thing about this game application is the presence of a combination system in this game app. Through the combination system, you can combine all the powers of all the characters and hence cause bigger damage in the enemy’s terrain. Beside the combination system, there is also an availability of support characters. As the name indicates Support characters, it will provide you support by providing you different effects, and hence you can upgrade your character in the game. 

There are following attributes in the World Flipper’s game app:

  • Thunder attribute
  • Wind attribute
  • Light attribute
  • Water attribute
  • Dark attribute
  • Fire attribute

Above all, this game will definitely raise your mood and take away all of your tiredness. This stunning application gives you a very thrilled feel on the accomplishment of every challenge. So users! Don’t wait anymore, just go and download this stunning, graceful, multi-featured, blockbuster game application.

World Flipper APK

Features of World Flipper APK:

The most astounding point about any gameplay is its features. So let’s have  a look on its attributes:

Recruit the members:

This game can’t be played by a single player only. There is a need for a team, in order to win this game’s fight. There are 3 members in your team. But if you want to make your team more powerful, you can add more members in your team. Having a strong team will have an immense impact on your competitor, and it will also become a reason for you to win your fight.

Stunning and beautiful Backgrounds:

The World Flipper apk game has so many country’s players involved in it. That is why this game has backgrounds of almost every country in it. That’s why this stunning game gives a variety of beautiful sights. Each and every background of this extraordinary game has so many discoverable things and mysterious events in it according to every country’s characteristics. 

Characters of the game:

There are so many characters in this game that are even beyond your thinking. This game’s every character has a very unique speciality in it. You will experience its every astonished character when you play this game. 

Combination system:

The incredible combination system of this game will surely fascinate you the most. Having its combination system will multiply your power even 10x times. Because the combination system of World Flipper Apkgives you the power of every character existing in the World Flipper APK. Hence, making you the most powerful person in the game and then you can also defeat your enemy with the biggest harm. 

Support Character:

There is a savior option for you. You can take help from the World Flipper’s support characters. There are different kinds of support characters for you. Each support character will give you a different effect and a different power. Henec due to the support system, you can use your own tactics and tricks in the game and even upgrade your character in this action game application. 


This unique game has unique graphics. The homepage of this game application has 2D graphics but the graphics used in battle are extraordinary. The graphics used in Battle are Pixel Graphics, which gives your screens a very well furnished and realistic look. You will feel like you are battling in real life. 

World Flipper APK

Combat System:

The combat system in any game is basically a connection between the environment or machinery and the players. So, if we talk about World Flipper’s combat system, it has a stunning and very helpful combat system. You can use its combat system to maximize your energy as well as maximize the damage on the enemy’s side.

Best Weapons:

At the initial stage, you might face difficulty in getting weapons. But you can use the available weapons. You can also unlock the boss weapons by spending your gold coins. As your team grows, there are versatility of weapons for you.

Multiple Languages:

This is the most fascinating point that proves this action game’s integrity. This extraordinary game application is available in the following languages:

  • Korean
  • French
  • English
  • German
  • Thai
  • Spanish

World Flipper APK Download:

Let’s talk about  how you can download this blockbuster action or battle game application. To download this adventurous megahit game app, you just need to follow the below mentioned simple steps:

  • First of all, make sure that your Android device is 5.0 and plus. Because the blockbuster World Flipper APK game app is compatible with Androids 5.0 and plus versions. 
  • After that make sure that your device has an empty space of only 1 GB. Yes, because this battle or fight game application requires 82.31 MB of space in order to download.
  • As this is an APK version, you need to confirm whether you have downloaded and installed your APK file or not. If not, then download and install the APK file.
  • After that, Go to our website’s link (website link is given at the bottom of this article).
  • In the search menu you just need to write, “World Flipper APK download”
  • Then let this demonstrative game app to download. 
  • After that, just install this game application.

Installation commands:

In order to install the World Flipper APK, you need to do:

  • You need to go to your mobile phone’s settings.
  • Permit all unknown resources to install this battle game application.
  • Then press the Install App key.
  • After that, you need to install the World Flipper APK.
  • In just a few seconds this adventurous game application will be added to your mobile phone’s home screen. 
  • After that, just open and enjoy this game application.

World Flipper Beginner Guide:

We are providing some guidelines so that you can win your fight smoothly:

  • At the start, just focus on your team building. 
  • Choose players for your team very wisely. 
  • Always play in a group.
  • Avoid using too many weapons.
  • In the hour of trouble, use the combination system, to maximize your power. 
  • You can also take help from the Support system. 
  • Try to fight with unique opponents, so that there are more chances for you to explore the world. 
  • Recruit members sensibly.
  • Try to participate in every event. Because each event has so many rewards for you. 
  • Complete all the quests.
  • Find ways to level up your team.
  • Complete all challenges within the given time. 
  • Visit boss shops every month.
  • Explore places.
  • Use a combat system. 

World Flipper Water Team:

Introducing the best water teams of World Flipper game application:

  • Kaiyu Sharon’s Sub Unit, a 3-star character in the game.
  • Sharon Main Unit, 4-star character in the game.
  • Liesel Cypher’s Sub Unit, she is also a 4-star character.
  • Cypher Leader, a 4-star character.
  • Walter Sonia’s Sub Unit, a 3-star character of this game app.
  • Sonia Main Unit, she has a very distinctive character of 3 and 4 stars.

All these water team characters are here in the game in order to restore HP and work as a party healer.

World Flipper APK

World Flipper Release Date:

This fabulous action game was released on 07-09-2021. 

World Flipper Team building:

In the gameplay, you are free to choose any character for your team. But keep it in mind that you have to create your team very sensibly. There are many characters available for you, but choose the best suited character for your team. You have to keep every factor in your mind while team building. Here we are guiding you how you can build your team through some points:

Choose the best suited leader for your team:

In the beginning of the game, there are very few characters available for you in the game store. So, in that situation you should select a 4-star ALC commander for your team. Because the ALC commander has the best attacking powers, and in the beginning you have just a few characters from which we advise you to choose the ALC commander. 

Build a team that support every trait:

Now when you have a strong grip on the game, and also reach the advanced levels. So, this is the best time to prepare your team for every attribute. So that in every situation you have a team totally ready for the battle. This is indeed the most catching point. There are following attributes in this game application listed as:

  • Dark attribute
  • Thunder attribute
  • Water attribute
  • Wind attribute
  • Fire attribute
  • Light attribute

You should prepare yourself for every kind of situation. So that you always remain on the next step from your enemy. 

Choose a leading character for your team:

Visualize every character in the game, and then very carefully choose the best suited character for your team. You should choose those characters which are trending at that time. This may have a very powerful impact on your opponent. 

Arrange your team character wise:

This is a very focusing point while character building. You should arrange your team very well, and work with the same arrangement while fighting. Your arrangement should be like this:

Leader > Maine > Unison.

In short, always choose those characters who can resist your opponent, and proves a savior for you in the battle.

World Flipper Thunder Team:

The Thunder Team of World Flipper apk is a very accepted team. It is most famous because of its incredible damage at the enemy’s place. Its name is clearly depicting its integrity. The Thunder means something that can bring storms to the enemy’s place. The Thunder Team is one of the most dangerous teams in World Flipper apk. The thunder team has the capability to defeat its competitors in just a few shots. That is why it is a widely accepted team. You can easily join the Thunder team. 

World Flipper iOS:

Let’s talk about its availability on the App Store. So, yes this fabulous game application is always available for iOS devices. But how can you download this flexible game application? So, respected users! You just need to follow the given steps:

  • It is mandatory that your iOS devices are 11.0 and above from 11.0 versions for this app to run smoothly. This game app’s compatibility is given below:
  • For iPhone:         It demands ioS 11.0 and up.
  • For iPad:             It requires iPadOS 11.0 and plus.
  • For iPod touch:  It needs iOS 11.0 and above.
  • There must be an empty space of 250 MB in your iOS devices. Because, this file requires 220.9 MB space itself to download. 
  • After that, Go to our given link at the end of this article. 
  • In the search menu just type, download the World Flipper APK.
  • If you do not have an APK file, make sure to download and install an APK file in your iOS devices.
  • Then download this megahit game application. 
  • After that, just install this adventurous game application (same procedure as for Androids).

Word Flipper PC:

You can easily download the World Flipper game application on your windows or PC’s. For this, you just need to do is:

    • Your PC should have a RAM of at least 4 GB
    • Your Microsoft window should be of window 7 or plus. 
    • Your PC’s processor must be an Intel or AMD Processor.
    • If we talk about the HDD, it should have 5GB of free space for the disk.
    • After that, just download and install an APK file on your PC.
  • Then you need to download the Bluestacks file.
  • Then you have to enter your Emulator Key.
  • After that, open up your PC’s Microsoft Store.
  • In the search menu just type, download the World Flipper APK.
  • Then download this game application.
  • After that, install this gameplay (same procedure as for Androids). 
  • After some time, it will be added to your Desktop.
  • Open and enjoy the most adventurous game application.

World Flipper All characters:

If we talk about World Flipper playable characters, in the Japanese version there are 380 playable characters, and in the Global version there are 201 playable characters. Let’s talk about the top rated characters in the World Flipper game:

  • Vyron 
  • Sha Susu
  • Celtie
  • Draconic Defender
  • Noenne
  • Leon
  • Ellya
  • Belsidia
  • Marina
  • Ice Queen Cipher
  • DareDevil Carla
  • Fluttering Heart Shwe
  • Aerial Ambassador Miguel
  • Inaho
  • Mormia
  • Suizen
  • Eclair
  • Nephtim

These are the most outclassed characters in the World Flipper game.

World Flipper Star Silver:

The Star Silver system in the World Flipper apk game is actually a Pity System. It is not that easy to attain. Because you have to spend an outclass amount on Star Silver, in order to attain this. In order to get Star Silver, you will also need to buy the Loadstar Beads. But the point to focus here is, you have to buy the loadstar beads with real money. And for 75 loadstar beads, you will get 1 star silver. And if you want to get 4-star in the game you will need to spend 300 star silver and if you want 5-star in the game it is mandatory to spend 600 star silver. But dear users! Get a chance to win a free star silver , if you download this game application from our given link. 

World Flipper Fire Team:

Another best team in the World Flipper apk action game. The quality of this game has been completely cleared from its name, Fire Team, which means it has something to do with Fire. so, yes users! This team has the capability to throw fireballs on its opponent, and hence defeat its enemy in seconds. It frequently bombarded fireballs on the opponent’s team and defeated him in a very bad way. If you want to join this team, you can easily join this game.

World Flipper Light Team:

Another amazing team with amazing features. So users! You can also join this team, as this team has highly damaging skills. So it will also help you in defeating your enemy.  Joining this team is very easy, when you download this app through our given link then each and every necessary detail will be in front of you.

World Flipper APK

World Flipper Best Teams:

There is a huge list of the best teams in the World Flipper game. So here we go:

  • Clarisse Main
  • Enni Main
  • Vyron or Adil
  • Lilial main
  • Sha Suzu 6-star Main
  • Rams Main
  • Celtie Main
  • Mia Main
  • Phiria Main
  • Hanabi Main
  • Soushiro Main
  • Marina Main
  • Regis Main

Beside these, there are also other teams. So dear users! Don’t get more delayed. Just go and download this stunning app now.


The world Flipper APK, is unquestionably the blockbuster, megahit and the most adventurous game application. You will never get annoyed while playing this action gameplay. This game application has many new and unique things for you like its team building sequence, its outclass traits.  Also, this stunning game application is giving you a chance to explore the world. So respected users! You must download this extraordinary and explicit game application, in order to get exciting rewards and surprises.

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