Wattpad premium Apk latest version

Wattpad premium Apk latest version

Wattpad premium Apk latest version have you ever heard of Wattpad? No, then here I’ll tell you about this amazing reading and writing app. By reading I meant that the users will be able to read a million stories and enjoy their time. The stories present in this app are so good that you will become an addict in no time. You can even write your own stories in this app. If you are a writer and just need a platform to publish your work then you are at a perfect place as this app provides a vast platform for readers and  writers as well. You can publish your imagination by converting them into words and allow others to read your story. In addition to this, this app provides the users with plenty of stories that always catch the reader off guard as they consist of all the things that the reader wants. There are more than 32.2 million stories on this platform. The readers can read whatever story they want. They can read the story of any genre. There are so many genres available on this app that every reader can get the stories of his/her type. The stories have a great storyline, meaning and ending in them. The readers can even save the stories they like and read them over and over again.

App Name Wattpad premium Apk latest version
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25 MB
Varies with device
Last Updated
22 Jun 2022

The readers can even share the stories they kike to their friends so that their friends can even get access to these stories. This will automatically benefit the writer when his/her story is shared.About writers, there are so many writers in the world that have stories in their mind but they can not write it anywhere as there are only a few platforms that benefit them and a lot of people aren’t even aware of those platforms. So, here I will tell you about this platform that is a total benefit for the writers and helps their story grow and reach other people. Wattpad is a big platform for the writers as they can write their story in the form of chapters and wattpad will take their story to people who have the same taste in reading story. You can write without any limit of words or chapters. You can write in whatever genre you want. You can write a movie, a drama, or a series here without any worry. You can even write the new chapters way before publishing them and save them in draft and publish them when you want.

Wattpad premium Apk latest version

Wattpad Premium Apk Download

You can easily download wattpad premium Apk by following the steps given below

  • First, click on the “download” button present in this page.
  • Then wait for the file to be downloaded.
  • Then after downloading the file, go to the file in the file manager and open it.
  • Then, allow the unknown sources from the setting of your android device.
  • Then open the downloaded file and install the app.
  • After the app is installed, read and write amazing stories on this platform.

Wattpad Premium Apk Stories

There are 32.2 million stories on wattpad premium Apk waiting for the readers to read them. These stories are meaningful and have an eye-catching storyline. Stories can be fictional, reality based, thrilling, adventurous, romance, romantic-comedy, cartoons or even mystical books. This platform provides emotional, sad, action , horror, psychotic, obsessed and even detective books for the readers to read. The writers community is writing the books and the readers are reading them. This app is very best for people who wanna read fictional books with a large amount of smut as there are a large amount of books that are fictional based on Wolves, Vampires, Draculas, Elves, Demons, Devils and even Super heroes books. 

Wattpad premium apk readers

Reader have a great access to all these things

  • You can search the stories of your type , search the poemes and even publications of your liking and read them.
  • You can even filter the searches by the given categories . For example, filter by the latest news or the big hits of stories or the most popular book at the time or the most readed book about any specific topic. 
  • If you are confused that the book is not good enough to read, then read the reviews of the readers and know if the book is really worth reading or just a waste of time. 
  • After choosing the book you wanna read, customize the size of the font and even its size. Change the background of the text and even change the color of the text. 
  • You have an option to read the books online means that you can read the books when the data is on. But you can also read the books when you are offline. This can happen when you download the books and read them offline 
  • Many users are very much tired of the fact that they have to scroll the story when they are done reading the slide and wattpad made a way out for those users who are tired of scrolling. They can now scroll the pages of the books without putting any effort into it as the pages will scroll by themselves. This feature is known as the automatic scroll button.

Wattpad Premium apk Writers

Writers will have an access to these things

  • Writers can write many stories at the same time without any limitation. 
  • They can use the Wattpad’s interface to turn their imagination into words by writing the stories on this app.
  • They can even save the stories on this platform without publishing, and the story will be saved there and you can edit it again and again. 
  • If you are done writing a story and now you want people to read your story then post the story you wrote on Wattpad Interface and become a content creator on the vast platform of Wattpad. 
  • If your story is still not read by a lot of people then you can add tag in your story and more people will be able to read your story  and its finability will increase.
  • You can even get followers from the community of Wattpad known as “Wattpad Community”
  • You can even participate in a writing contest from where you can get a Watty award given to the writers to get recognized by the readers as best writer of the year. 
  • You can even get paid on this platform through Wattpad Paid Stories , because of this feature the writers can get money for their work from the people who read their stories(readers) and appreciate their writings. 
  • You can even collaborate with professional publishers as well as many wattpad books and promote your talent of writing stories to a great level. This is the publishing division of Wattpad.

Wattpad Premium Apk Features

These are some features of wattpad 

  • Read the content of various artists:

The best feature of this app is that you are able to read the content provided by various content writers. You will get to read the content and stories of different genres at a large level. There will be so many stories for you to read that they will never end. You can even interact with other readers through comments. Get inspired by the stories on this platform and learn a lot of things about other lives and life-styles existing on this planet earth. Get some information about some fictional creatures from the stories and read their life.

  • Different Genres:

 Choose whatever genre you wanna choose to read. There are so many genres of stories on this platform. Wattpad has 32.2 million stories and all of them lay in some genres. So, just select the genre you wanna choose and read their stories. You will love the stories that are written here and will get yourself so involved in them. Select the genre and read the stories and enjoy the app to its fullest. You have Horror, Comedy, Mystery, Romance, Sci-Fi and many genres for you to read.

  • Create your own stories:

When you read the stories on this app, you get ideas and sometimes you make stories in your mind and you want to turn your imagination into words so that other people can read them. So, you can write your stories on this app as Wattpad allows the users to write the content and edit it again and again. You can save the content you are writing without publishing it and the content will be saved on the app. You can even publish your content so that other people can read your story and support your content in many ways.

Write many stories, many chapters of any genre you want . Put tags in your story so that many people can get the link to your story. And your books can easily be found. Your book will be ranked by many readers and you will become famous among many readers. Become popular by writing stories on this platform.

  • Online Community:

You can also join the online community that Wattpad provides to its users. You can interact with many people of your type through this feature. You can join the community of readers and writers who are writing the content on their own. Meet with the friends online and if you can read the stories with them. You can share the ideas you have in your mind for a new story and even save the stories you like in your account’s reading list and everyone can see that list.

  • Libraries:

It happens a lot of times that when readers read a story they like it and they want to save it but they do not want other people to see these stories. For those people, Wattpad has created an option of “Libraries” where people can save the stories they want and no one can see those stories. There can be many stories as there is no limitation in saving a story. Save many stories and if they are ongoing Wattpad will send you a notification when a new part is updated. So, use this feature and save stories to read after some time. Stop reading at any position and it will save the page for you and you can start reading from the same location whenever you want. 

  • Amateur and Pro stories:

There are many stories with different genres so it is obvious that an amateur will be present as well. You can easily read these stories here and many of the stories have reached a large level and are even directed as Netflix movies. That’s why we are saying that Wattpad is the best platform for writers if they want their stories to be grown on another level. 

Wattpad premium Apk Features

Here are some premium features of Wattpad Apk

  • Ad-free:

You can now read the stories without barrier in the premium version. In the normal version, there are a lot of ads and the readers get distracted while reading the stories and this annoys them a lot. You can just get the premium version and there will  be no audio or video pop-ups and you will be able to enjoy your time app comfortably. 

  • Offline stories:

Sometimes, it happens that the readers do not have a data connection or sometimes they have very weak connections and the stories aren’t uploading. So, for them Wattpad released this feature of offline Stories. The readers can just download the stories they wanna read and these stories will be saved in the app and the users can read them whenever they want. You can read the stories without internet connection when you have downloaded them.

  • Bonus Coins:

Get various kinds of bonuses when you buy the coin packages from this app. There are some stories that only provide paid content and the readers can only read them by paying for the book. These features helps in getting free coins when you buy different 

  • Various themes:

You are even allowed to select different themes on your account. Customize the theme by choosing different colors and enjoy reading with different colors and personalize your account as per your liking. This feature is only available in the Premium version.

Wattpad Premium Apk Latest version

The latest version of Wattpadis 9.68.0 and was released on June 26, 2022 and has more updated features than the old version. Wattpad has become a worldwide app and is famous among readers of different countries all over the world. Wattpad provides the readers with 10 million free of cost books and more than 32.2 million stories for the readers to read. These stories are of different categories including Sci-Fi, romance, thrill, action, Fanfiction and amateur. 

Wattpad Premium Apk Old Version

Wattpad Premium Apk has gotten popularity among millions of users and is gaining more and more popularity day by day. This app is providing the users with a lot of features that are well appreciated by the users. You can read any story you want there and enjoy your time. Because of its popularity, Wattpad Team is continuously working on this app to make it according to the latest measurements. The team has updated Wattpad so many times and all its versions are present on the internet. But some updated versions are not liked by some users because of its features so these users prefer the old version. For those users , old versions are present on the internet and they can install them all the time. 

Wattpad Premium Apk Offline Stories

By offline stories, we mean that we can read the stories even when we are not offline and we can get all the access to these stories without any data. But for this feature we must have a premium account so that we can download the stories and read them anywhere, anytime. No need to worry about internet connection, when we have an advanced feature of reading the stories when we are offline known as offline stories. Just download these stories and then read them comfortably.

Wattpad Premium Apk Unlimited Coins

You can get access to unlimited coins by downloading the apk version of Wattpad premium and read all the locked stories by this feature. Pay the writers by the coins and then download the story or even read the story online. You can get access to the coins in the premium apk version. 

Wattpad premium Apk latest version


Wattpad Banned in Pakistan

Yes, Wattpad is banned in Pakistan and you can not get access to it when you are in Pakistan. But, we have solved this problem for you. You can still use Wattpad by VPN. Yes, you can use Wattpad with the help of VPN. Vpn will dislocate you and you will be able to use wattpad even in pakistan. Just download Vpn and open it. Then open the Wattpad app and read the stories you wanna read at the fullest.

Wattpad Login

You can login into your Wattpad account by putting the details that are required. You have to put in the “Username” and “Password” and you will be able to login into your Wattpad account. And if you have forgotten your “Username” you do not have to worry as Wattpad allows you to login even by your Email address. And if you have forgotten your password as well. You can restore it with the  help of your email. 

Wattpad App Dp

The dp size for Watt pad is 1920 x 600 pixels and we can even put our own picture as the dp. But most of the people put aesthetic dps on their dp and that looks so mesmerizing. Writers mostly put the dp of the people they are writing fanfictions about. You can put whatever dp you wanna put wattpad allows all pictures. 

Wattpad Books

Wattpad provides the users with 10 million free books to read without paying a single penny. Wattpad is a vast platform that allows the users to get access to many stories. Only the counting for free stories is 10 million and the total count is more than 32.2 million stories. You can easily get access to these stories by getting a premium account.

Wattpad BTS

You can read many fanfictions on this platform as well. You are able to read fanfictions on different members. There are a large amount of stories written on each BTS member for you to read. You just have to search “BTS Fanfictions” in the search bar and you are done. You can even search specific member’s fanfiction from the search bar by typing their names “Kim Taehyung’s fanfictions” , “Jeon Jungkook’s fanfiction” , “Park Jimin’s fanfiction”, “Min Yoongi’s fanfiction”, “Kim Seokjin fanfiction”, “Jung Hoseok’s fanfiction” and “Kim Namjoon’s fanfictions” and you will be given the results. 

You can even search the names with a specific genre and read the fanfic that comes in the result. You can search action, romance, mafia and many genres with their names and read them with full interest. 

Wattpad Cover Size

The Wattpad cover size is 512 x 800 pixels. The picture you wanna get as cover must be of this resolution or else it can’t be applied.

Wattpad History

Wattpad history can be updated again and again as per you want. If you want to keep your history safe then you can keep it safe. If you have read a story and then forget its name then you can search for the name in the history if you haven’t stopped the function of history. 

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Wattpad is an app that allows the reader to read and write stories on a big platform. The users can read the stories of any type and genre and they will have full access to the features of this app. They can even download the stories and read them without any internet or data connection. You can even change the theme according to your type and save many new stories as per you like. You can even get access to libraries and your reading list. In libraries, the stories can only be seen by you and in reading lists the stories can be seen by anyone on the internet. 

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