Vanced Microg apk

Vanced Microg Apk

Ever heard of Vanced Microg apk ? No, no need to worry I’ll tell you about what Vanced Microg is . Vanced microg is an open source which works the same as Google play services does. Google play service sometimes does not allow some apps to be installed or used on your service in that condition you must need this Vnaced microg. 

App Name Vanced Microg apk
File Size
4.4 and up
Last Updated
04 March 2022

In addition to this, Vanced microg even allows you to sign into google account even though android phone does not have any google-services. You can just install this app and you are free to sign into your google account or even apps that are not allowed on your systems.And it even helps when an app requires google authentication.  And if you are a Vanced youtube user then you must download this Vanced microg because without it you will not have full access to the things Vanced Youtube allows you to use. These things include 

  • Subscription
  • Playlists
  • Likes
  • History
  • And more

And it is a must-have app for the users of Vanced apps as they can only get full access to the app only when Vanced microg is installed in their androids.

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Vanced Microg Download

You can easily download Vanced Microg on your devices by following the given steps

  • For a better experience , you have to download the latest file from the link given above. 
  • Now you have to open the file manager present in your device and find the Apk file that you just downloaded.
  • Now select the “Unknown Sources” option in that file and you have to enable the downloaded source from the Drop-down menu present there.
  • The file will be downloaded and accepted by your phone, now open the “Vanced Microg Apk” file  and install it. 
  • Now just wait and installation of the application will be done.
  • And now click the “done” option 
  • Now , in order to log in to Google account you have to download any of our Vanced apps.
  • You can select the latest or even an old version by this method.


Vanced Microg apk

How does Vanced Microg work?

Vanced Microg apk is actually a better and improved version of the old official Microg which was used to work with Vanced apps. Whatever app wants the google verification Vanced Microg will help in that. The main purpose of Vanced Microg is to remove the ordinary Google play services from our phone and android devices and help us to get better and major Google services. These major Google services include 

  • Gmail
  • Accounts
  • Play Store
  • And more

The most known app for Vanced users or android users is Youtube Vanced. 

Just download the Vanced microg and enjoy these major services. 

Vanced Microg Safe

People are mostly scared or insecure about the harm an app makes. But no need to worry because Vnaced Microg is completely and free to use. It is actually an open source and you can even check the whole of the code on Github. Your device will not bw in any harm with this app. So, feel free to download and install this app. 

Vanced Microg old version

Vanced Microg apk old versions are still present and you can use them if you want. Sometimes, the new versions of Vanced Microg does not work properly on your devices because of the system incapability but no need to worry because you can still download the old version and they are almost same in features and functions. 

Vanced Microg latest version

When Vanced Microg apk was released it never remained the same as it was released because Vanced Microg team always worked on more new and useful features and updated the new versions from time to time. These new versions are present in the link and you can easily download them.

The latest version of Vanced Microg  17.03.38  was uploaded on  March 1, 2022

Many changes were occurred in the new version such as

  • It is no longer a system application
  • The package of Vnaced Microg’s name has been changed . Now, it is com.mgoogle.andriod..gms. And before it the name was
  • Many of the functions have been removed that were totally useless
  • Google Car
  • Wallet
  • TapandPay
  • Analysis
  • Advertisements
  • Droidguards
  • Firebase
  • Exposure Notisfications
  • Feedback
  • Games
  • Maps
  • Recovery
  • Safety nest
  • Self test
  • Search
  • Wear API
  • Registering Application permissions
  • And it also removed the permissions that are not for the Google Authentication
  • They also added translations.

Vanced Microg apk

Vanced Microg Battery Optimization

Vanced Microg apk show the feature of Battery Optimiztion in case a user wanna optimize his phone battery and keep it on power saving mode. It is present on the desktop. But this feature is not present for every ROM as it is only available for Huawei. This feature is also known as Icon hider.

Vanced Microg iOS

Vanced Microg apk is mainly downloaded on ipad and iphones to get to the Vanced Youtube’s features. It includes many features that are not available on normal Youtube . These features include

Dark Mode:

This Vanced Youtube has a new feature of dark mode that reduces the light coming from the device so that it does not strain the user’s eyes and it even saves battery.

Ad- free:

This version allows the users to block the ads even before coming like the users can block the ad option and even after this any ad appears they can be able to block it right away. So, get ready to enjoy the Youtube songs or whatever you wanna watch without any ad. No audio or video ad will pop up on the screen to disturb you.


You can even customize the youtube account according to your taste and liking. If you want to do things like

  • Never watch comments
  • Never see likes
  • Never see stories
  • Never see movie

Then you can customize it and it will do as you want it to do. 

Vanced MicroG Notification

Vanced Microg notifications are bugged and they annoy but you can also customize them according to your liking and do whatever you want . 


Vanced Microg apk is actually a good replacement of febal Google play services. This application allows the users to have a better authority on the major features of Google. These features are not available on normal versions and are only present on this Vanced Microg app. You can even enjoy the YoutubeVanced or other Vanced apps that have a lot more features than the real version.

These versions are actually here to replace the normal google from the said android phones and other devices as well. They actually provide good services. You can easily download Vanced Microg from the link given below.Thanks for reading my article and now install the latest or even an old version of Vanced Microg on your mobile phones. 


Is Vanced Microg safe and secure?

Yes, it is completely safe to use the app. There are no viruses or malware in it.

Is Vanced Microg free?

Yes, it is totally free to download and use the app on your device. However, you have to pay a subscription fee to remove ads from the app.

What does Vanced Microg offer?

You can get access to many features from this application such as:
Speed Test: This feature allows you to test how fast your computer is running and what kind of speeds you are getting out of it at any given time.

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