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Let’s talk the concept of True Skate

Skateboarding is a very popular street sport across the world. If you go for a stroll on the streets or at the park, you’ll spot skateboarders. It’s a fun sport for all ages, and anyone is able to learn and enjoy it. If I have a skateboard, and a sufficient space, I can enjoy an enjoyable and relaxing afternoon. Skateboarding can be not possible if your park isn’t open or the weather isn’t ideal. If you’re a huge fan of skateboarding and would like to skate anyplace, True Skate is a excellent option for you.

App Name True Skate Mod Apk
File Size 102M
Version 1.5.47
Requirement 4.1 and up
Last Updated
February 28, 2022

The most realistic skateboarding simulation game

True Skate is the best mobile skateboarding simulator game for mobile devices that I have ever played. The game is where you’ll begin your journey as an amateur to becoming an experienced professional. Be a street artist and be a top league winner. The skateboard is your closest companion, and it will be with you on your arduous journey to training.

The things that make True Skate easy to beat other games that simulate skateboarding are the stunning graphics and the physical movements that the player can experience. High-quality 3D graphics that are simulated in great detail give you the experience of skating in real-life.


In contrast to the skateboarding games are often seen that you control is the skateboard and not an athlete. With just two fingers, you are able to steer the skateboard in a controlled manner while trying to keep it in balance, but making sure that it doesn’t flip. When you swipe to the back, to make the skateboard move forward. Then, swipe the display to make similar moves. There are a variety of skateboarding tricks like backside or kickflip can be achieved if you’re skilled.True Skate Mod Apk

A variety of terrain types

The aim of every person who plays skateboarding is to take on danger some positions like railings or steps in the street. True Skate is a large sprawling park with all the things you’d like to see. I believe that it’s best to begin by tackling the small, flat obstacles before tackling the technical aspects of a professional.

In reality, True Skate has a number of things to do. It is a great way to spend your time exploring the world of the game and also learning new techniques for skateboarding. There are many things that make it simpler for players to play the game. Skateboarding tournaments can be very enjoyable to play against other players online.

Unlock new skateboards

True Skate’s collection of skateboards is a great option to anyone who is interested in the sport. Apart from mastering difficult techniques, having modern, elegantly decorated skis is the goal of many athletes. In addition, you can purchase skateboarding lessons or access specific areas.


  • Modified boards

With this game, you can modify your skateboard according to your preferences. We all love things that can be customized every day, you can return to this game with excitement as you’ll have a brand new personalized board every day.

  • Skating rings of various sizes

You may also choose the skating ring you like, and you could decide on the places as well.

  • Press to ground with the finger

The game is quite simple in its controls. You can simply tap the game screen to push it to the ground.

  • Soft graphics

We all love stunning graphics and this game offers exactly what we need.


  • Breaking down the missions

This game will throw amazing opportunities at you. You will have a blast completing the task.

  • Slow motion is a movement

The game offers a variety of different moves you can master in order to win the game.


The application is accessible via Google Play, and is available on Google Play store however, there are other ways to download it in the event that Google play is not working. The steps are like this:

  • The first step is simple and quick , and that is to use Google Play Store Simply type “name of app in the search bar, then open the app.
  • A different option is to look up Google and then click for the download button.
  • Visit your phone app and prepare your phone for installation by selecting the security option and then enabling your unknown source choice.
  • Allow the download to complete , as it might take several minutes.
  • Finally, click the install button , and your application is now available for use.
  • You can now play the game with no anxiety


Q. Does this program cost nothing?

Unfortunately, not! The game isn’t free. You must be able to pay a certain amount.

Q. Do you require help in learning the game?

No! This game is simple and you can learn it on your own.

Q. Are you able to access it in all parts of the globe?

Yes! The game is widely available and you can download it from any location.

Q. What are the biggest issues you’ve encountered when playing this game?

The only issue is that it can be a bit difficult when you save the game.

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