Touch VPN MOD APK Premium Unlocked


What is the Touch VPN MOD APK?

 VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. With the help of a VPN you can unlock geo restricted and can examine services like Fcbook, Youtube or keeping your online privacy active and security shall be enhanced as you will be surfing the web fully undesignated.Touch VPN permits all the  Android users to productively run the Features of VPN regardless any trouble.This app was developed in year 2014. Touch VPN is an emerging VPN in the cyber industry.

App Name Touch VPN MOD APK
File Size
5.0 and up
Last Updated
01 jUL 2022

VPN versus Proxy:

Although VPN and Proxy can both cover users’ identity by diverting the traffic of the internet and by altering your IP address.A Proxy server still baked on a browser as long as you use a Safari, a Chrome or Mozilla Firefox and may not be suited with definite web pages that run on non brower technology.In contrat to Proxy, a VPN  server encrypts all the traffic and allow you to work on all the web pages or the services that are based on internet.To conclude, a VPN server will licence you to all the online activities with more freedom by providing you the security.


Why does one Prefer Touch VPN?

Touch Vpn is entirely free, secured , easy to run and is secured.One can link to any  server whether in Sweden, Denmark, United States, France, Netherland , United Kingdom or Canada, hence its geographic independence to enjoy boundless online access freedom privately.By using Touch VPN you can ;

Approach any sort of website regardless of region.It bypass all geo restricted websites.You can get asees to the blocked websites or may be restricted by the government, workplace or school.Touch VPN enroute them with free VPN app.

Touch VPN protects you from hackers.When you connect your device to any public internet connection whether Hotspot or WiFi, your personal information like your name, passcode login location can be compromised.Touch VPN codes your information and facilitates you with a high level of security.

Touch VPN is just a click VPN Server.It consists of just one button.Button links you to numerous unknown servers at high speed in contrast to a web proxy.When one doesn’t run this app on their device, then it helps to save the  battery of the device.

Browse the Web In-Cognitively. Avoid being questioned  by one’s ISP or save websites for ad targeting.Touch VPN alters one’s IP Address  so keeping your online identification anonymous hence all your activities on the internet is out of reach to spying eyes.

Touch VPN for Chrome:

You can use touch VPN on Chrome as well.It allows you to unlock websites and seal many online threats. Touch VPN Chrome extension proves to be a safe VPN service for a Chrome browser. It grants you access to  blocked websites. It may allow a person to surf the internet confedientionaly.

  • Install Touch VPN Chrome extension by clicking on the download icon or one may get it from the Chrome web store.
  • Now click on  connect icon
  • There you go to utilise Touch VPN extension

Is Touch VPN safe to use?

Yes, it’s 100 percent safe and sound. No one can reach to your real identity. You can reach the site’s confidentiality.It locks your real information and allows you to work hiddenly.It uses their best  encryption robotics to keep you safe from any prying eyes.

Oldest Versions of Touch VPN:

Sometimes your devices does not fit the new version as your device is restricted by the software issue In many devices the old versions works with proficiency.Some of the oldest versions of Touch VPN are written below;

Versions (1.9.10)  (1.9.11)  (, (,  

Version (, has ruled much

Version(, ( (

Version (2.0.1), ( 2.0.2), ( 2.0.3),( 2.0.4), (2.0.5)

Latest Versions of Touch VPN:

The latest version of Touch VPN is 

  • Version. 2.0.6. And 2.0.7 
  • MOD Feature is Premium Unlocked.

The latest version is a paid one and may cost  Rs 1,150 to 8,300 per month.

How to download Touch Vpn on Android ?

  • Go to your Google Play store
  • Search for Touch VPN 
  • Then click on install icon
  • After installing the app Click on accepting policies
  • Feeding your information, Enjoy your VPN!

How to install Touch VPN for IOs?

  • Open your App Store
  • Type Touch VPN 
  • Click on install option 
  • After installing, feed the required information
  • That’s all!

 Reviews about Touch VPN:

Many users are satisfied while using this app.But this app creates many troubles for some users in Switzerland.This app helped a lot to connect the users to the websites that were out of reach to the users. The updated versions cost some payment, which makes it difficult to access the web links.But about 10000 million users are pleased with this VPN.


Touch VPN MOD APK Features:

These are the features that you must know before running the app.

  • Totally Free:

Yes, this app is totally free and the users can install it without paying a single penny. Just click on the link above and follow the mentioned steps above. 

  • Unlimited Resources:

This app is providing the users a chance to get the access with unlimited resources without any kind of restriction. There are no limitations or sessions. And the speed will be very fast.

  • Simple to use:

Touch Vpn Mod Apk is very easy and simple to use. You do not have to worry about the user interface at all. You can simply touch on the “Connect” button and the Vpn will be started. Now, browse on internet without any restriction of geographical boundaries.

  • Secures connection:

This app makes sure that the users connection to the server is authentic and safe. They secure the connection so that there wil be no boundaries or unavailability when the user wanna turn the VPN on.

  • 24/7 Questions/Help:

If you need any kind of support or the app is not running well then you can simply contact the! And they will help you as soon a spossible.



Is Touch VPN MOD APK safe to use?

yes, this app is completely safe to use and does not harm the user’s device i any way.

Is our identity hidden when using this app?

Yes, your identity is completely hidden and no one will know that you are using an unknown connection like VPN for unlimited access. 

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