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Dominate your criminally insane rivals in extreme head-to-head drag races!
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Oct 12, 2022
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Top Speed APK:

Boot up, manage it, and catch up! Racing games are getting more popular with every passing day. People from every age group love to play racing games, whether they are bike racing, car racing, or some other racing game. People love racing games as they have to consider the other people on the road while increasing the speed of the vehicle because of the fear of hitting the other vehicle or an accident. If a person rides a vehicle in a virtual world, he does not have to consider the other vehicles on the road. So, they can fulfill their wishes of flying a vehicle at increased speeds. 

Top Speed APK

Top Speed Apk is also a game that presents racing gameplay but with some uniqueness and exclusiveness and it has minor similarities with Crazy for Speed This is a car racing game in which the player is acting the role of a policeman who has to catch the mafia bosses. These mafia bosses are destroying the cities or districts in the Top Speed Apk game.

The player, as a policeman, has the responsibility of chasing and catching these mafia bosses. So, the player drives a car and participates in car racing to chase the opponents with each victory, the player will get gifts, bonuses, and rewards. The level will be ranked up with each triumph. Almost five districts are available in the Top Speed apk game where you can race and explore while chasing your rivals. The best thing that will prevent you from boredom is that each district is entirely different from the others. This game allows the player to get an experience of driving different models of vehicles. 

Top Speed APK Download:

You must install the Top Speed apk on your device if you have an interest in driving cars. The complete procedure for the installation of this game is elaborated in the given paragraph. 

  •  Use the link shown above to download the APK file on your device. 
  •  Confirm the security option of your android whether it is enabled to permit the installation or not. 
  •  Open the folder of the device in which you have downloaded the APK file of the Top Speed. 
  •  Tap the Top Speed APK file to install it on your device. 
  •  Enjoy driving the latest models of cars. 



Top Speed apk Game has five districts or cities to explore or discover. Each of these districts has unique gameplay and colorful and kaleidoscopic backgrounds or themes. The lights and the roads are different in each district. The names of five districts are mentioned. 

  •  Docks
  •  Highway
  •  Downtown
  •  Little Asia
  •  Suburbs

Each district has a different opponent and the strength of the opponent. The player, who is a policeman, has to fight, chase and race against the rivals of the district. After defeating the rivals of each district, you can make victories and get achievements unlocked. 


Almost twenty overlords are available in the Top Speed apk game. These overlords will let the player get free rewards if the player passes them. With each clearing overlord, the player will attain a special bonus or reward that can be used to get upgrades. 

Graphics and Controls:

Graphics are 3D and aesthetic. The roads, cars, color themes, backgrounds, night and day changes, cities, and buildings in the districts are precisely pictorial and give the player attentive gameplay. The controls are just like normal cars. Press the accelerator and touch the steering to move and start racing. 

Top Speed APK


A speedometer has been shown in the Top Speed apk game display. The needle on the speedometer will tell you the speed of the vehicle. If it is on the right green side of the speedometer, you should not get bothered. If the needle denotes blue color, it will need to increase the speed of the vehicle.

Free Game:

Top Speed apk game is free if you install it or play it. The player will not have to pay any money to get game items or purchase upgrades. Everything is free and unlocked for every player. 


The system of every vehicle can be customized and replaced to make it fit the player. Different components of the car models are available in Top Speed apk that can be modified and altered. You can modify the wheel, starter, engine, steering, nitro, turbo, transmission, or body. The color of the car can be changed by repainting it. 

But, all these changes are possible only when you have enough game money. 


Top Speed apk requires the following things to fulfill. 

  •  A device with 4.4 OS (Operating System) or above. 
  •  Storage clearance of 200MB or more. ( Vary with android)

Top Speed 3D:

The games that are in clear graphics become more popular as they attract more audiences. Three-dimensional games have more fan following. Top Speed is one of these high graphics games and has got fame in less time. 

Top Speed Cars:

Top Speed game has 69 cars or vehicles in it with different models and specifications. But, the speediest car in the Top Speed game is Bugatti Veyron. 

Top Speed Aircraft:

The best aircraft which is included in the Top Speed game is the X-15. Another one is Lockheed SR-17, and it will gain speed to 3500kph. It will help you to win the race and to become a Pro gamer in the Top Speed game.

Top Speed Cubes:

Five cubes are the best and have high speed. The top-ranked among these five cubes is the Magnetic Cube. The 2nd ranked is Stickerless Cube. 

Top Speed Energy:

Energy in the Top Speed game is required in the form of fuel. In the typical version of the Top Speed apk, the fuel in the vehicle is filled, and it will be exhausted with time. If you don’t want the fuel to get depleted in the mid of the race, you can use the premium features by paying money. 

Top Speed APK

Top Speed Lamborghini:

Like other models of cars, the latest model of the Lamborghini is presented here. But, it will be unlocked when you have uplifted your game level or rank. The max speed of this vehicle is 221mph. 

Top Speed Simulator:

This is a simulation game and fully functional in which you are freely driving the best model of the car. It s life-like as the damage to your vehicle will be shown with hits or accidents. This is one of the simulator games. Others include 6IRACING, 4-Factor 2, etc.  

Top Speed Swift:

High-speed Swift is also available in the store of the game with a maximum speed of 165kmph. It shows that the Swift has a 5-speed engine. 

Top Speed APK Latest Version:

The newest version of the Top Speed apk was updated on Aug 29, 2022, and it was v1.42.4. The latest version came with additional features such as unlocked more models of vehicles, unlocked districts, and upgrades. 

Top Speed APK Developer

The application is developed by T-Bull, who has created many applications and games of exciting gameplay. 

Top Speed APK Size:

The size of Top Speed APK varies with every device. It depends upon the operating system of the device. 


Top Speed apk game entertains the people with its exciting gameplay and graphics. The controls are also easy and life-like. So, this game gives a real-life experience of driving cars to the player. This game is safe and free of advertisements. A variety of models and cities make the game more enthralling and beguiling. The achievements and chasing of the rivals increase the rank of the player account. The high-speed driving on straight roads excites the player and releases adrenaline to make him happy.

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How to install Top Speed APK Download Free Unlimited Money APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Top Speed APK Download Free Unlimited Money APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.

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