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Tie-dye mod apk

Creative and artistic simulation gaming applications have been in demand these days. In this modern era where everyone is so busy that they cannot take some time out to relax after such frustrating, long, and tiring games. One way to relax is to enjoy doing your hobbies like painting singing or anything you love from the artistic world.

App Name Tie dye mod apk
File Size
6.0 and up
Last Updated
10 Jul 2022

One needs some relaxing activity to show their artistic side to the world. Want to know about some relaxing and creative showcasing games? Then just dive into the article with us to know more about the facts and features of the gaming application.

Tie dye mod apk interface

This game is from the simulation genre and was published by crazy labs ltd. In this game, the players enjoy the freedom of creating some masterpiece straight from the world of their imagination. The player can dye any shirt, clothing, bag, or any necessary as per his or her choice in a tie-dye manner. The dye mode of painting is a type in which the article is dyed with rainbow colors or a fusion of any specific colors which appear on the article as the waves of the water coming out from the center.

You can make any unique pattern in the article. Crazy labs have already been famous in the world of gaming applications because of the games like ASMR slicing or foot clinic. The reason for their popularity is the attractive, easy, and relaxing gameplay. Revive your hidden fashion designer and show your creative instincts with the help of this application

Tie dye mod apk

Tie dye mod apk gameplay

This game is all about the complete method of dying the clothes with all the steps given in the gameplay. As it is a simulated video, you will feel the essence of real life.

Starting the dying process, you have to tightly roll the clothing article and then bind a rubber band on the center. Make the dye solution by mixing the dye color into water and then dip the part of the clothing article inside the rubber band into this solution. Repeat this dipping part a few times to dye it more perfectly.

In such a way, you can convert your boring and dull clothes and other articles into exciting and vibrant pieces.


  • Meeting the needs of customers.

You will have four to five customers daily in your shop. they will ask you to dye their clothes according to their demands. You have to try your best to make the article according to their chances and satisfy your clients. You can enjoy the freedom of choice in case of patterns are achieved.

  • Colors available in the gameplay

The gameplay offers 15 shades of color and the rest of the colors, you can achieve by mixing and matching techniques. You just have to play with colors and assume the article as the frame of your canvas. Spread the colors and create an aesthetically pleasing masterpiece.

  • Dealing with VIP customers

There would be some special customers coming to your shop. They will not ask for some special accommodations in case of their article but they will offer the prices for your services way too high than the normal one. This price is almost five to six times the original one.

But the main issue to collect this payment, the gameplay will ask you to watch ads for this purpose. This feature is quite annoying for the players. In case you don’t want to watch ads and waste your time, you can ignore these extra bucks and these VIP clients.

  • Unlocking the locked features

Completing your given task with hard work and dedication will give you the fruit in return. If the client is satisfied with your artistic work, he will give you stars. The maximum star any client can give is three stars. You can collect all these stars and then redeem the stars with unlocked features like outfits, and new and updated levels of the gameplay.

  • Gameplay collection of all valuables

The library of this gameplay has 9 outfits, 7 product rolls, 12 solution barrels, and 12 rubber bands. You can choose these things whenever you want them in their shop.

  • Decorating the shop

You can decorate the shop according to your choices, making it eye appealing for people. The people will come to your shop to see your artistic sense. You can upgrade your shop from a small basic shop to a lavish building in any high-standard mall.

  • Graphics and visuals.

The developer of this game has always focused on the smooth and relaxing graphics of the game as in the previous games. The main focus is to relax the frustrating state of the mind of the people due to mundane and monotonous routines.

The graphics and visuals during all the process from the dissolving of the solution, dying the articles in different patterns, d drying them in sun have made it very pleasing to the eyes and alluring, giving almost the realistic vibe to the gameplay.

Tie dye mod apk premium features

The mod apk version has always provided the player with all the amazing features of any gameplay free, unlimited, and unlocked. In this modified and updated version of this gaming application, you will be able to enjoy unlimited dye vials, rubber bands, and water basins. No need to worry about watching ads, purchasing the upgraded features, and unlocking the levels by digital currency.

Just grab a white t-shirt and start playing with colors and your creative skills.

Tie dye mod apk cons.

The gameplay of this gaming application is not providing quality to its players. The game suffers a lot of glitches and lags. To avoid this annoying feature, the player has to exit the game and then restart it. On entering into the gameplay again, all the work you have done is lost unfortunate, unfortunately. This negative aspect of the game usually occurs due to playing the game.

Another con of this gaming application is the long duration of time it takes to download the application, while it’s addictive and alluring. 

Tie dye mod apk Download 

Now you know every detail of this colorful gaming application, you can download it to start your work of art and make your name in the world of famous fashion designers. Just imagine. Playing the game while putting all your creative and specialized skills into the gameplay and reducing your stress hormones is interesting. 

To download the app, see the rules given below.

  1. Click the link given and save the file named tie don mod apk in your devices.
  2. Then go to the menu of your devices then settings and then to security settings.
  3. Enable the downloading from unknown sources.
  4. Start to download the app.

It is as simple and easy as you can see.

Tie dye mod apk Online

This gaming software is available only when you are connected to good quality internet. There is no way or any hack to play this game while being offline.

Tie-dye mod apk reviews.

Some of the reviews given on google represent the pros and cons of the gaming application.

Review 1

I am totally happy with this game

Review 2

Love this game. ked well for me.

Review 3

This game is very good and reduces my stress.

Tie dye mod apk


Is this an online game?

Yes, this is an online game.

What is a special feature to download the game from the above link?

This modified version offers many unlimited free valuables and along with that, all bugs are fixed in this version.

Is this link safe to use for downloading?

Yes, this is safe.

Is this app free?

Yes, this is purely a free app.

What are the requirements for android devices?

The requirement for android devices is 6.0 and the version of this updated application is 1.3.6 apk 

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