TerraGenesis MOD APK all unlocked

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TerraGenesis MOD APK

TerraGenesis MOD APK From the beginning of human life there is an unceasing suspense and curiosity about one unsolved mystery. The mystery of other planets in the universe, about their existence and about the possibility of life on other planets. Humans have always fantasized about living on other planets but is it possible to live there? This question has not been answered yet, but scientists are constantly trying to find a way to live there just like our home “earth”.  Most of the scientists believe that one day humans will be able to live on other planets with all resources but there is no evidence or confirmation in the favor of this theory till now.

App Name TerraGenesis MOD APK all unlocked
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6.0 and up
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05 Jul 2022

Assuming that humans are able to take control of all other planets, the “Tilting Point” has released a flabbergasting and unique game called TerraGenesis. This game is like a fresh breath in the world of gaming because it has introduced a new genre of games which is related to science, technology and research. TerraGenesis is based on the actual research by NASA so we can say that this game is not fictional at all and it contains a large portion of reality and facts. Moreover, this game contains all professional techniques for studying and gathering information in space.

TerraGenesis MOD APK

Terragenesis Gameplay

At the start of the game you will be able to access the four planets i.e Mars, Ragnarok, Moon and Venus. You can choose any planet from these four planets in order to start playing the game. However, the Mars planet is the easiest to transform according to the environmental conditions suitable for humans because it has many similarities with our planet earth. So, it’s easy to play with Mars and that’s why most of the players choose to play with Mars. but if you like challenges and puzzling gameplay then you can select other planets because they are very difficult to play.

The main aim of the game is to construct, exploit and research. You have to focus on the essential elements of human life such as water, temperature, oxygen and biomass etc. If these elements are present on your planet then there is a possibility of human life otherwise you cannot live there and can’t take advantage of the resources present on that planet. Every planet has its own plus nature and you have to transform that planet by your hard work and a lot of money. After making it suitable for human life you have to start researching the latest technology through which you can exploit resources of that planet. You can use the technology to acquire rare and expensive resources like diamond and rhodium etc.

Features of TerraGenesis MOD APK


This game allows you to create your own planet and to manage that planet in the light of modern science and technology. TerraGenesis provides you with all the guidelines about creating a suitable planet according to the needs of human beings.

Through this game you will learn about “Terraforming”. Terraforming is the process of enhancing and modifying the environmental conditions in order to make it feasible for human life.

Ecosystem of planet

You have the opportunity to look after a newly born planet, so you will encounter various daily tasks to start a new life on the planet. First of all you have to start with bacteria and other little creatures like reptiles and other animals. When these creatures are flourishing on the planet without any issue then you can add human life to the planet. You will be able to add and remove any creature from the planet but you have to be careful because the elimination of some creatures may result in the destruction. 

Knowledge base

TerraGenesis enables you to access the substantial database of knowledge regarding the universe and planets. You can search and access all the information that you want to know about the planets. As you are responsible for the management of the whole planet, you have to learn and apply the research knowledge in the game.

Terragenesis Cheats

Terragenesis full unlocked apk

In the official version of the TerraGenesis game you have to pay for acquiring planets, creating outposts, installing mines, starting a new life and every other game item or feature. It costs about $0.99 to $149.99 per item.

Hence it’s too expensive to play that version, that’s why we are providing you with the modified version of this game which enables you to access all features and items of the game without spending a single penny.

TerraGenesis MOD APK allows you to have a completely unlocked access to all planets, premium features, money, gold, coins and all other resources.

Terragenesis MOD APK Free Shopping

Through this mod version you can purchase unlimited game items from the game store without any cost. You don’t have to pay real money against game items, resources and all exclusive features of the game.

TerraGenesis MOD APK download

You can download the TerraGenesis MOD APK for free with all unlocked and unlimited resources in the game from our trusted website. In order to download this game you just have to follow the simple process written below:

  1. Download the TerraGenesis MOD APK file by clicking on the “Download” on this page.
  2. When the file is downloaded, tap on the file to install it.
  3. If you see any warning of permissions from unknown sources, allow the installation because this file is completely safe.

After installation, enjoy this remarkable game of planets. 

Terragenesis Guide

The complete guide to play terragenesis game is given below:

  • In the TerraGenesis game you have to install a maximum number of mines in your outposts in order to find the rare minerals on the planet. After searching the rarest elements through the scanner, you have to look for common elements and then carbon.
  • You should keep upgrading your mines, always keep looking for the mines that need upgrading and upgrade them as soon as possible.
  • You should increase your net income and make yourself profitable by achieving the game targets and participating in the game events.
  • Always focus on the necessary things while spending the culture points and don’t waste them on the things you don’t really need to prosper in the game.

Terragenesis Biosphere

When you are starting a new life on the planet, the Terragenesis game provides you with the 26 types of phyla and 64 kinds of genes to initiate the life of various creatures. Let them thrive in the land and aquatic biospheres in order to create a new world full of life and possibilities.  

Terragenesis Discord

Terragenesis has its own official discord server to engage, unite and inform all the Terragenesis players at one platform about the game, its events, news and latest updates. This server has more than 18,000 active members with whom you can chat, interact and discuss about the terragenesis game. The invite link of Terragenesis official discord server is given below:


TerraGenesis MOD APK

Frequently asked questions

How many planets are there at the start of the TerraGenesis game?

There are five unlocked planets at the start of the game (Earth, Moon, Mars, Venus and Mercury). More planets can be unlocked by completing the game missions.

Is it free to play TerraGenesis MOD APK?

Yes, it is free to play TerraGenesis MOD APK but the official version requires payment to access various items, game currency, planets and pro features of the game.

Is it safe to download TerraGenesis MOD APK?

Yes, the TerraGenesis MOD APK is free from all kinds of viruses or malwares as it is scanned and tested by our trusted platform. 

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