Stickman Dismounting Mod Apk [Unlimited Coins/Money]


Perform amazing stunts, crash into walls, break bones, destroy vehicles and have the fun!
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Jul 30, 2021
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Stickman Dismounting Mod Apk:

About Stickman Dismounting Mod Apk revdl is an android game Simulator. It was recently launched on Google Play. During the first month of its launch, over five thousand players have installed the game on their phones. As a result, the game has been immensely popular among them. The success of this game shows that it is indeed a game that can be played and enjoyed by people of all ages. This is why many people are trying to know more about this game and about its development.


The story of Stickman Dismounting Mod Apk revolves around a fictional character named Jack. Jack is an orphan whose real name is John. He lives in a run-down house with no furniture and therefore, he has to look for work in order to earn enough money for his expenses and also so that he can have some fun time playing with his friends.

One day, John gets a phone call from his friend Eric who informs him that a mysterious man called Number 11 has sent him a mysterious message. The name is very similar to that of the developer of Stickman games which has made the character famous. Naturally, John is curious to know what the message contains. To his dismay, he learns that his friend has sent him a stickman dismounting 2 mod apk files. The file seems to have been written by a person called Number 11 and given to him for free as a trial.

John eagerly downloads the mod, and after installing it, he gets to see a message saying that he can play the mod with the help of an internet-connected computer. Apparently, this means that John has to go online and access the internet using his new Stickman Dismounting PC mod. Before he does that, however, he gets to notice that the mod has changed. Instead of using his mouse, John now uses his keyboard. This is the last thing that John sees before the screen goes black. John stands frozen in place as he plugs the keyboard and notices that there is a picture on the screen of an old-looking man who is standing beside him.

Immediately, John gets the feeling that something is weird about the situation. Then, he turns to his computer and discovers that there were two files on his desktop – one with a different name and one containing a lot more files. Apparently, when John accessed the “stickman falling apk” and downloaded it, he got a modified version instead of the one that he actually had before. Apparently, John was not the only one who noticed these changes; several gamers are reporting similar things.


  • The mod also includes new vehicles for the player to use.
  • One can purchase a new vehicle for John and use it during the whole campaign.
  • A few of these include a tank, an armored personnel carrier, and even a limousine.
  • There are also some that allow you to access a few new characters including a sheriff and his dog, and an agent.
  • Aside from the new vehicles, the newest content in the Stickman Dismounting PC mod apk adds is the Halloween mode. As soon as you download and install the mod, you will notice that it adds a new level of difficulty to the gameplay. In this mode, the protagonist has limited weapons, he cannot move quickly and if he runs out of lives, he will automatically be killed.
  • In addition to this, since all of your lives are already used up, when you are defeated, you will not be able to move or fight anymore. This adds a thrilling and more exciting feel to the entire game.
  • Aside from this, the stickman dismounting mod version also includes the ability to unlock new characters for you and your players to enjoy playing. For instance, if you want to play as the sheriff, you can do so.
  • Likewise, there is also an option for you to control three new characters namely, Dora, Stinky, and Bo Peep.
  • Apart from that, there are a lot of other new features that you can enjoy from this exciting mod version. These characters will help you in experiencing the fun and exciting campaign that are sure to make you smile.

What's new

- online levels
- cloud save



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How to install Stickman Dismounting Mod Apk 3.0 [Unlimited Coins/Money] APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Stickman Dismounting Mod Apk 3.0 [Unlimited Coins/Money] APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.

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