Specimen zero mod apk Unlimited Everything


You wake up in an unknown place and the last thing you remember is being kidnapped. But something has happened in that strange place, something out of the ordinary ... something dangerous. You must discover the way to escape. Because here, you will only find death.
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Feb 21, 2022
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Specimen zero mod apk Unlimited Everything

Specimen zero mod APK:

Specimen zero mod apk The horror genre in gaming applications is getting more popular day by day among users. If you are someone who loves horror and scary gameplay and are not scared of weird and scary creatures, then this application is purely for you.

Today we are talking about an amazing and scary gaming application, which will blow your mind with its interesting and mysterious features. Just read the article to know more about the Specimen zero mod APK features and working mode.

Specimen zero mod APK gameplay:

Specimen zero mod APK is the modded version and an online application that offers the players a very scary storyline. The game is all about dark shady places with mysterious and creepy creatures. The players have to complete their tasks while being safe from all the spooky and creepy creatures which can attack them at any time in the gameplay. So, you have to play safely in the game.

Moreover, the player will get stuck in these shady and dark buildings. The major task of the players is to escape these places while being safe from all the evil creatures available in the gameplay. Solve all the mysterious puzzles and obtain every stuff you need to escape these shady and scary places.

These buildings have a large number of rooms through which the players have to search for the necessary items, clues, important stuff, and key to get escape from this area. Just be careful while moving through the rooms that you are not making any noise to alert the evil creatures around you.

Explore this shady and scary building and face all the challenges coming your way during the escape. You will love this adventurous ride of fun and excitement, I bet.

Specimen zero mod APK Features:

Some of the features of this modded APK application are as follows.

Mysterious and spooky gameplay:

The gameplay of Specimen zero mod APK is pretty much mysterious to challenge the players to handle all the scary stuff in this game. The player has to face a lot of scary and spine-chilling monsters and evil creatures which will come in your way of escape from this building.


In this scary building, you will have to find the necessary stuff to escape this place while being cautious every time you are moving through different rooms. In case you can handle scary-looking creatures with shady places giving spooky vibes, then you are welcome to download and play this gaming application.

Obtain much-needed items to help in escape:

In the gameplay of Specimen zero mod APK, the player gets stuck in a building full of mysterious activities. Now for making a safe escape the player has to search for the clues, keys, and puzzles to solve the mystery which will ultimately help the player to find the right path out of this building.

In case you download this game, then get ready to show some mindful tactics to save your life from the monsters without getting caught, moving freely in the building.

Search for life-saving items:

In the gameplay, the players get a chance to find the missing pieces of the puzzles by freely moving through all the rooms. But don’t forget to make all your moves in silence to protect yourself from any kind of difficult situation.

Variety of levels:

What makes this Specimen zero mod APK

More interesting and attractive among the players is that there are a series of different levels in the gameplay and each level has to offer different and challenging quests for the players so that they can solve any mystery by finding the missing pizzles of the story.

The mysterious things coming your way will make the gameplay more amazing as the players have to get ready for any upcoming challenge during their escape without knowing what is coming their way.

Specimen zero mod APK – Free Multiplayer mode:

This gaming application is an offline game in which you can invite your friends from all over the world to play the game with you so that you can have a good time during the game and also, you will not get frightened by the sudden exposure to monsters and evil creatures.

In case you are considering this feature, then you have to keep in mind the following point.

  •  Both of you are using the same version of the gaming application on your android devices.
  • Because of the scary and spooky voices, you must wear headphones, and keep the privacy of other people in mind.

Enjoy the spookiest gaming application to date and have an amazing and friendly experience by playing this game with your friends by entering into multiplayer mode, and without spending any charges.

Easy interface with understandable control systems:

In this gameplay, the interface is quite easy so that the player can enjoy it without facing any hurdles. Moreover, the gameplay has been provided with a good resolution camera through which the player can easily analyze the situation in his surroundings. You can easily rotate the camera by just rotating the fingers on the screen of your device.

On the left side of the screen, you can find a joystick through which you can move easily. On the right side of the screen, there are options for a flashlight and crouch. In such shady and dark places of the buildings, you will need a flashlight to lighten your surroundings and can make all the movements so easily.

Specimen zero mod APK Download:

Calling out all the scary theme lovers, if you are someone who is done with the monotonous and dull gaming application, you can anytime download this application to have maximum fun and entertainment as this requires constant attention and mindful skills to pass all the obstacles faced by the players in the gameplay.

To download the application, you will have to

  1. Double-click the given link of the website and save the file obtained by this link.
  2. Open the security settings on your device and then, the security settings on your device.
  3.  Then you must enable the option of downloading from external sources, other than the google play store, in case of third-party software.
  4. Then open the file, present in the storage of your device. And do tap on the file which will initiate the process of downloading.
  5.  After a few seconds, now you will have the downloaded application on your device.

Enjoy the extreme spookiness, offered by Specimen zero mod APK and solve all the mysteries through the scattered puzzles available in different rooms of the building:

Specimen zero mod APK Latest version:

The latest version of Specimen zero mod APK is 1.1.1.

The latest and the most updated version of Specimen zero mod APK is all about modded features of the application as modded versions are also considered hacked versions of the original application.

The latest version of this application offers amazing features to the players so they can have maximum fun while playing this game.

Some of the modded versions, the latest version can offer the players are as  follows:

  1.  Unlocked all characters.
  2.  Unlimited everything.
  3.  No ads
  4.  Improved interface and easily understood by the players.
  5.  No need to root the device.
  6.  Unlocked all maps.
  7.  Unlocked menu colors.
  8.  God mod
  9.  Enhanced speed.
  10. Unlimited ammo
  11. Sleep amo
  12. Free Shopping
  13. Hide from the enemy.
  14. All keys are available easily.
  15.  Unlimited wood.
  16.  Unlimited torch battery.
  17. One shot kill.
  18. Fire rate
  19. Bullet type
  20. Telekill
  21. Mass kill
  22. ESP includes Lines, Boxes, Health, Distance, and Enemy type.
  23.  Unlimited create game limits.

Specimen zero mod APK – Supported by all devices:

Specimen zero mod APK can be downloaded on all devices.

In android devices, download the application by enabling unknown sources.

In IOS devices, download the application by connecting the device to the computer.

On PC, download the application using an emulator named BlueStacks.

Specimen zero mod APK Unlock all characters:

Specimen zero includes a large variety of characters that can help the players to get the way out of the building. Every character is unique in its way with specialized skills and abilities. You can choose any character according to your mood.

But in the original version, these characters are locked and cannot be available for the players easily without paying a lot of charges or completing any task assigned in the gameplay. In case you have downloaded the mod version, you can enjoy all the characters of this list unlocked. Now make your game more easy and alluring with a lot of help from these characters without paying any charges.

Specimen zero mod APK Unlimited everything:

The latest and modded version of Specimen zero mod APK allows the player to enjoy all the premium features which are usually not available in the unlocked version, needed for you to escape through these scary buildings.

You can enjoy the feature of unlimited everything by downloading this hacked version of Specimen zero.

Unlimited everything includes wood, torch battery, create game limits, and ammo.

Just imagine, that playing the spookiest game with features unlimited will make your gameplay more interesting and exciting without facing any obstacles on the way out of the building.

Specimen zero mod APK – IOS:

Along with the android devices, you can also enjoy this modded version of the application on your IOS devices. To install the application on your IOS devices, you just need to follow the following steps by keeping in mind that this is a third-party application and cannot be downloaded from the app store available on IOS devices.

  1. Connect the IOS device to the PC through the data cable.
  2. Then open the iTunes applications on the PC.
  3. Then search Specimen zero mod APK on iTunes applications.
  4.  After finding Specimen zero mod APK, tap on it to download.
  5.  Then transfer the gaming application from the PC to your iPhone devices.

The process is quite smooth and free. So, don’t wait and download the application instantly to have the missing fun and excitement of your life.

Specimen zero mod APK Code:

In Specimen zero mod APK, the players need codes for the doors to open them, enter any room, or exit from the room. The players with the mod version can enjoy bypassing this feature of codes to make the gameplay easier.

Just download the application and roam around the building without worrying about the codes of the doors for entry and exit from the doors.

Specimen zero mod APK – Cheat Codes:

Cheat codes are some numerals that on redemption can offer a certain amount of free valuables to the player. These cheat codes have expiry values, so do check the expiry date of the cheat codes before using them.

Some of the cheat codes are mentioned below:

  1.  CAF63D2**** for getting founder pack.
  2.  8CB7814**** for getting Lisa’s’s’s Character.
  3.  679363B**** for getting George’s skin.
  4.  A257637**** for getting Marco’s character.
  5.  9423CFF**** for getting yellow menu color.
  6.  913C232**** for getting Elsa character.

Specimen zero mod APK Guide:

Specimen zero mod APK is a horror and scary gaming application in which the player one day, awakes from his sleep and finds himself kidnapped in a spooky and sneaky building from where the escape is quite difficult. The gameplay is quite complicated and the players, sometimes, need a proper guide on how to start or proceed in the game with ultimate ease and comfort.

To escape from the building, the major focus of the player is to find the key to the whole building. Start searching for the key in the room on the 2nd floor. You will most probably find the keys there. But in case, you don’t find keys at that place, then try to search for the keys in weird places like beneath the bed or carpet and above the cabinet and shelf.

For the rooms on the 2nd floor, you can find the keys on the first floor. The 2nd floor needs more attention as it has many rooms inside one room, from there the real task of the player starts. These rooms include the orange key card room, stairs, key stairs room, cable roll room 1, key two room, and cable roll room 2.

Moreover, finding the key is a difficult task and if you are not able to find the key easily, then there is no need to get worried as Specimen zero mod APK is a game full of shuffle spawns. For a successful escape from the building, the player needs an extensive map along with the keys. With the help of a map, you can visualize the situation and can make the move accordingly.

Specimen zero mod APK – Map:

In Specimen zero, a detailed map is given. The player should be extensively familiar with the map to analyze the critical situation of the building in the dark. You can also visualize the upcoming monsters and make a safe escape from that place, otherwise, the monsters and evil creatures will kill you. There are many extensive maps with high resolution available in the gameplay which is usually locked.

But in case you have downloaded the modded version, you can have all types of maps unlocked, free of cost.

Specimen zero mod APK – Key:

In Specimen zero, the player is in constant search of keys. These keys are used to open the doors of all the rooms. The main challenge of the player is to search the rooms for keys while facing difficult challenges on the way.


These keys are not available in easy places, but you have to be very mindful in searching for the keys as they can be present under any sofa or bed or available at the top of a cabinet or cupboard.

But in case you have downloaded the modded version, you will be able to enjoy the availability of keys easily, you don’t have to search for the keys in a complicated way.

Specimen zero mod APK – New update:

  • The newly updated version of Specimen zero mod APK is 1.1.1
  • Specimen zero mod APK – Reviews
  • Some of the reviews available on the internet are as follows:
  1. The Modded version has helped me pass all levels of the game, despite being complicated, says someone.
  2.  Enjoyed this version, says someone.
  3.  Unlocked and unlimited everything has made my life easy, says someone.

Specimen zero mod APK – Conclusion:

Specimen zero mod APK is an online and free gaming application with some unique gameplay. One day, you awake in any shady building being kidnapped and all you want is to escape this place in every situation. For this purpose, the real struggle of the player starts rushing from room to room on every floor in search of the keys and items which can help him to make a safe escape from those buildings.

But make sure, all your struggle occurs in silence so that monsters can’t get you and ultimately kill you. Due to this gameplay, it is one of the most famous horror gaming applications on the internet. Download the application and enjoy the gameplay with the spine-chilling creatures in the game.

Frequently asked questions:


Is the link safe to work with?

Yes, the link is safe to install and offers security against all viruses and malware.

What's new

-SPEC 043 visibility fixed
-New map added
-New monster SPEC 043 added
-New skins
-Bugs fixed
-Multiplayer(Alpha) added
-Tablet to control security cameras added
-Egg timer sound trap added
-Ghost mode added



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How to install Specimen zero mod apk Unlimited Everything APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Specimen zero mod apk Unlimited Everything APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.

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