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Introduction of solitaire grand harvest apk:

Solitaire Grand Harvest Apk is a very interesting game. The rules are pretty simple: You have to put cards in descending order from King to Ace and make sure that King goes on the left and Ace on the right. After you have done it, all the cards will disappear, and you can start again.

App Name Solitaire Grand Harvest Apk
File Size 171MB
Version 1.105.2
Requirement 4.1 and up
Last Updated 3 January 2022

The rule might sound easy, but you will find it hard when it comes to the time limit. That is because there will be no time limit when you first play this game. So, you can take all the time you need to figure out which card should go where. But after a couple of times, the game will become more challenging. The cards will start moving by themselves when your reaction skill comes into play. You will have to be as quick as possible because, as I said before, there is no time limit.

Solitaire Grand Harvest Apk

Difficulty Level:

As mentioned before, you should place cards in descending order from King to Ace and make sure that King goes on the left and Ace on the right. Apart from the cards being moved by themselves, your task is to get rid of all of them before they cover up your entire screen. The difficulty level in this game depends on how fast the cards move, so if you want an easier gameplay experience.

How does it work?

Solitaire is one of the most popular games in the world. It is a game that uses a 52-card deck, which is one of the most basic card packs. There are different rules and variations of this game. The following is an introduction to one of the solitaire games that are quite engaging.

 Grand Harvest Solitaire:

It is called Grand Harvest Solitaire, and it’s played with cards from a standard 52-card pack. Two to four players can play this game, so it’s great for parties or family gatherings. It requires more skill than many other solitaire games because it’s possible to make different types of moves by using strategy and planning.


This article will introduce you to the rules of Grand Harvest Solitaire, which are easy to learn. Before you know it, you’ll be a pro at playing this solitaire game!

The grand harvest is a card game that requires players to match the cards on the field to those in their hands. It is a variation of the solitaire game and can be played with one or two decks of cards.

Tiles are turned to form stacks of four cards in descending order, with the card face up, and the others face down. The game’s object is to move all of the cards onto four foundations at the top of their respective decks. Players can move cards from their hand onto an empty foundation or stack cards on top of existing stacks when all the suits and ranks match up. When no more moves can be made, players deal another row from the stock until all 52 cards are dealt out. The game ends when all cards have been played (or if there are no possible moves).

Grand harvest is almost identical to another popular solitaire variant, spider solitaire, with one major difference: grand harvest allows players to move multiple consecutive cards as long as they’re in descending order. However, if preferred, a great harvest can also be played without this restriction.


Bubble Breaker-style gameplay with Grand Harvest twist! Hundreds of levels – hours of great fun! Amazing graphics and music! Different backgrounds to choose from! Achievements badges to unlock! Leaderboards! Share your scores on Facebook, Twitter, Email and more! Earn coins while playing the game, then use the cash in the shop to buy boosts and power-ups! Google Play leaderboard integrated into the game so you can compete against your friends for high scores!

The gameplay is simple: you must remove all cards from the table and get an extra 100 points for each new free cell at the end of the game. The cards can be removed by forming stacks of cards in descending order, starting with the leftmost empty cell and ending with the rightmost one, regardless of the suit or color of the card (ace can be placed on a two, two on three, etc.).

MOD Features:

The design is pretty good. You have a choice between two modes: Relax mode and Challenge mode. The Relax mode is boring, but I enjoyed playing in Challenge mode. But the best part is that there are different backgrounds to choose from and you can even change the playing cards. In conclusion, Solitaire Grand Harvest is a very addicting game, with which you can kill time and have a great time doing it!

  1. The numbers are added to the deck of cards, and you can shuffle the cards at any time.
  2. There is an indicator showing the current number of the card (the x-axis is the number of each column). This can help you quickly find out what numbers should be placed on which columns.
  3. In this version, you have to fill up all columns before getting a new deck of cards. So you will never get stuck with no moves!
  4. You can use as many decks as you want! Just click on them, and they will appear in the bottom left corner. You can also click on “New deck” to get a new deck of cards if you want to start over!
  5. If you are tired, click on “Restart,” and all columns will be filled with random numbers again

How to download and install?


  • Click on the download button 
  • Your downloading will be the start
  • Go to setting and enable unknown resources
  • Unzip Mod File
  • Install Game
  • BOOM, Enjoy!


Solitaire Grand Harvest is a premium game that can be played for free on your computer or smartphone. This game includes several levels and is considered one of the best games in the market. You can play this game whenever you want to, and you will enjoy every second of it. This is a time management game, so be sure to keep an eye on the clock when you are playing it. It is also very simple because you have to make stacks of cards to clear them from the board.


Q1: Can I get the full version of Solitaire Grand Harvest after download?

A: Yes, you will get the full version of Solitaire Grand Harvest after download. You can play it as long as you want.

Q2: Is Solitaire Grand Harvest free?

A: Yes, Solitaire Grand Harvest is free.


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