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Solar Smash is a planet destruction simulator, it allows the player to use a variety of different weapons to destroy the planet. These include nuclear missiles, lasers, and asteroids.
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Aug 18, 2022
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Solar Smash APK:

Solar Smash APK is an amazing simulation game in which you can use devastating weapons in order to determine the fate of a planet in outer space. The weapons are grouped into 5 primary categories and you have a wide selection of weapons to pick from.

The ability to quickly demolish a planet will therefore be given to you, and aliens will also assist you in doing it. Be aware of the worlds you can enter and unlock all at the same time.

Solar Smash Features:

There are some amazing features of the Solar Smash game that have been described as follows:

Components capable of Destroying the Planet:

The gameplay of the Solar Smash Apk is based on the way you would demolish a planet. You can utilize numerous unique powers and weapons for this purpose. You may pick weapons that can instantly demolish a planet as well as learn about each weapon’s unique characteristics. The weapons that you will utilize in the Solar Smash game are shown on your screen’s right side.


You must choose it and then use it in a location on the planet that you decide to damage. In the meantime, the Solar Smash game includes a joystick, allowing you to spin the camera and clearly select the assault spot. This title has an unlimited number of functions, therefore it works well when several components are used at once.

Unique and Powerful Weapons:

There is a wide range of unique and destructive weapons in the Solar Smash game. Any of these main weapons can be clicked to give a number of choices. The categories of these weapons comprise the extraterrestrial items that frequently appear in fiction movies, as well as lasers, rockets, modern technology devices and so much more. There is a chance of Earth colliding with meteorites, and black holes as well as the different planets. This collision can make a huge hole in the specified planet. When you click on the screen of your phone several times, it can open many rockets by using  missile weapons.

After all that, there will be some major effects on that targeted planet which will be exposed after you wait for a while. A satellite can be launched by using the latest techniques. The satellite can move near to a certain planet, shoot in the middle of the planet, and then it will burst in a short span of time. In this way, you will also get to know how to destroy the planet. The ultimate class of weapons is extraterrestrial invaders that can come in the form of worms, octopuses, as well as a man with tremendous powers.

Unlock the Achievements:

The Players in the Solar Smash game can destroy a wide range of planets. Every planet in this game has some relevant achievements that can be really helpful in unlocking several interesting planets. Those planets can be in the form of a sun, a donut, a snowman, and many other unique forms.

Solar Smash download:

To download the Solar Smash Mod APK for free on the Android smartphone, you just have to click on the link that is given on our page. You need to download and set up our Solar Smash mod APK file in order to play this game on an Android device. You just have to  follow the instructions that are listed below to download the Solar Smash Mod APK on your Android device:

  • You simply have to click the link that is provided on this page to download the Solar Smash Mod APK on your Android device.
  • To install the Solar Smash Mod APK on an Android smartphone, you must go to settings and enable the installation of unknown resources on your device.
  • After that, you have to find the Solar Smash APK file in the downloads of the file manager on your Android phone.
  • The Solar Smash Mod APK file that you have just downloaded on your Android phone must then be selected.
  • The Solar Smash Mod APK can be installed immediately if you click the install button on the Android phone. Now all you have to do is follow the directions displayed on the Android phone’s screen.
  • To finish the registration process, you must enter your email address or phone number.

You may now enjoy this game with all of its wonderful unlocked features for free with our fantastic Solar Smash mod APK. To download and set up the Solar Smash game on an Android phone and begin utilizing all of its fantastic premium features that are unlocked for free, you just need to click on the link given on our page.

Solar Smash pc download:

Users may still download the Solar Smash game using emulators, despite the fact that Pc Windows 7, 8, or 10 don’t fully support it. Using any of the several emulators, you may install this Solar Smash Mod APK on a windows pc 7, 8, or 10. We’ll discuss in detail the installation of one of these various emulators so you can play the Solar Smash game on your PC.


The “Bluestacks” emulator may be downloaded and installed by the users to run Android apps on a Windows computer. Mac OS users may also download the Bluestacks application. Using the Bluestacks program, the Solar Smash game can be downloaded and set up on a windows pc 7, 8, or 10. The following are the instructions for the installation process.
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Now let’s get into further detail about them:

  • You have to first download the Bluestacks 5 from the official site.
  • The installation process of the Bluestacks application is quite simple to do and comprehend. You may begin using Bluestacks as soon as it has been correctly installed on the PC.
  • The Bluestacks program’s first launch may take a little longer. However, you can visit the Bluestacks main page once it has been installed.
  • The Bluestacks program already comes with the Play Store. The Playstore may be opened by just clicking it twice when it shows on the home page.
  • Now you just have to find the app that you want to get on your PC. In this case, you have to look for the Solar Smash game and then simply download it on the computer.
  • By selecting the install option in the Bluestacks software, the Solar Smash game may be installed on your computer. The Solar Smash game will now be displayed in the Bluestacks installed apps list.
  • On Windows PC 7, 8, or 10, you have to click the Solar Smash mod twice in the Bluestacks application to launch that game. The Solar Smash game is now playable on a Windows Computer in the same way as it is on an Android or iOS device.

You may access all of the amazing premium features of the Solar Smash game once it is installed on your PC Windows. To download the Solar Smash game on the Windows Computer, you may alternatively utilize a variety of popular emulators including Nox Player, MEmu Player, and LD Player. By using the same method as described above, you can simply download these various emulators as well.

Solar Smash update:

When the developer of this game releases a new version, the Solar Smash mod will also be updated. Regular updates and new features are released by the developers of our Solar Smash mod. There was a glitch in this game that was resolved in the latest update. The most recent Solar Smash update does not contain any advertisements either.

Solar Smash online:

You can play the Solar Smash game online as well.  If users can’t get this game to install on their devices, they can simply play it online. On the miniplay website, you may play the Solar Smash online. All you have to do is visit the miniplay website to begin playing the Solar Smash game online.

Solar Smash all secret planets:

The secret planets available in the Solar Smash game are listed below:

  • Cube Earth
  • Ghost World
  • Donut Earth
  • Trick or Treat
  • Snowman
  • Block world
  • Gingerbread man
  • The sun

Now all these secret planets have been unlocked and are available in our Solar Smash mod. So you just have to click the given link on this page to have access to all these fantastic secret planets.

Solar Smash secret weapons:

Some of the fantastic secret weapons present in the Solar Smash game are listed below:

  • Blackhole
  • Nuclear Missiles
  • Rapid Fire Lasers
  • Space worm
  • UFO

Our Solar Smash mod has all these unlocked secret weapons. You can have access to all these secret weapons for free by simply clicking the link given on this page.

Solar Smash free

All of the incredible in-game premium features are available for free with our Solar Smash mod. We’ve unlocked both secret planets and secret weapons in our Solar Smash mod.


All of these wonderful features, as well as many more, are available to you without cost. Simply click the link provided on this page to download the Solar Smash game and take advantage of its free access to all of its premium features.

What's new

1.9.1 Bug fixes:
- remote missile crash fix
- freeze beam aimed away from planet fix
- ufo aimed away from planet fix
- lasersword aim fix

1.9.0 Release notes:
- new planet Starworld
- new weapons - Remote detonation missile, Missile platform
- camera aim range increased for new analogue stick
- Montenegro added to borders
- bug fixes



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How to install Solar Smash APK Download For Android APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Solar Smash APK Download For Android APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.

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