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Introduction Of SkyTube Apk

SkyTube Apk is a popular android application that allows you to watch videos and movies on your phone. It is one of the best movie streaming applications in the market. It is well known for its good user interface and many features. SkyTube Apk has been developed by SkyTube Apk Inc., which is an American company that develops mobile apps for Android and iOS devices. 

App Name SkyTube Apk
File Size
4.1 and up
Last Updated
16 March 2020

The app was initially launched on Google Play Store in August 2016, but due to some legal issues, it was removed from the store after a short period of time. Later it was re-launched by SkyCube Inc., as SkyTube with all its features intact. It is one of the best video downloader apps available in the market today and it has millions of users around the globe who use this application daily to watch their favorite movies and TV shows without any hassle.


SkyTube Apk is a video streaming app for Android, iOs and Windows 10 devices. SkyTube Apk offers its users unlimited access to the best anime and cartoon videos online. With this application you can watch your favorite anime in HD quality and with great subtitles. In addition, you can also create your own playlist with your favorite episodes so that you do not lose them when you change devices or reinstall the app.

SkyTube Apk

In addition to streaming content from the internet, SkyTube Apk allows you to download the videos so that you can watch them offline at any time. This application also has a search engine that allows you to quickly find videos on the internet and play them directly from within this application without having to leave it to go searching on another page or website.


The app offers a wide range of features that allow you to browse videos, playlists and channels as well as listen to music while you browse videos. Below are some of the main features of SkyTube APK:

Browse videos from all over the world

The app allows you to browse videos from all over the world and even create your own playlists so that you can watch them at a later date. You can also search for specific content by keyword or category, which makes it easier for you to find what you are looking for quickly. You can also mark videos as favorites so that they appear at the top of your list every time you open the app again.

Playlist feature

The playlists feature allows users to create their own custom lists with their favorite videos on them so that they can watch them whenever they want without having to go through dozens of other videos just to get there. This feature is especially useful

Cloud Downloading

The first thing that you need to know about SkyTube is that it allows cloud downloading. This means that you can download videos from your computer, smartphone or tablet at any time and any place.


Apart from allowing cloud downloading, SkyTube also allows users to create playlists based on their preferences and interests. You can create different playlists based on genres such as music, sports, comedy or movies among others or even by adding favorite channels to the list. This makes it easier for users to find what they want from their favorite channels without having to search through a lot of other things that they do not like or enjoy watching at all.

How to download: 

  1. Download the SkyTube APK file from our website or any other website that provides such files.
  2. Open the file manager on your device and find the downloaded APK file. Here we will use ES File Explorer as an example, but this method works with most other apps as well.
  3. Click on the downloaded file and choose “Install” from the menu options (or just tap on it if you’re using a smartphone).


SkyTube is a great extension, it’s really easy to use and very handy. What I love in this app is the wide range of channels you can choose from; there are mainly sports channels, music ones and even news. I don’t have any complaints about it, everything runs smoothly!


What is SkyTube?

SkyTube APK is a free video streaming app that allows users to watch their favorite movies and TV shows online. The app has a huge library of content with over 1,00,000 videos available.

How do I download SkyTube?

The best way to download the SkyTube app is through the Google Play Store. However, if you want to use it on an Android device that’s not connected to Wi-Fi or mobile data network all the time, then you’ll need a working internet connection to get started with this app.

Can I download SkyTube for free?

Yes! The SkyTube can be downloaded for free from several websites online but there’s no guarantee it will work as expected so it’s always best to use official sources for downloading apps such as Google Play Store or Amazon Appstore for Android devices.

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