Shadow fight 2 Mod APK v2.16.1 (Download Mod + Unlimited Money)

App Name Shadow fight 2 Mod APK
File Size  144 MB
Version V 2.16.1
Requirement Android 4.4 +
Last Updated Oct 27, 2021
Publisher       Nekki
Genre    Combat
Mod Feature  Limitless Gold
Price  Free

Shadow fight 2 Mod APK

Shadow fight 2 Mod APK

Fighting games have always been a hit in the market among geeks giving them the exact thrill and anxiety that binge them to the screens, and Shadow fight 2 Mod Apk is at the top of that list of spell-bound games. Although Shadow fight claims to be a regular fighting game containing few RPG elements due to its unique character appearance, varied martial arts moves, real-life graphics, the smooth learning curve led this to the most popular fighting game for mobiles and received great positive response from its user.

Shadow fight 2 Mod APK is an improved version of the original game. That gives players the liberty of using limitless coins during the game; easing their frustration; and worry over constantly unlocking weapons, moves, characters, or armors.

Shadow Fight 2 Game Plot

 The story of this game unfolds as a fictional film depicting a story of a fighter turned into a silhouette. To regain his forgotten honor and physical appearance, the shadow of the protagonist must look for the six demons that ran away from the shadow world when the protagonist stupidly and arrogantly opened the gates to the underworld of shadow in search of his equivalent opponent. Now he needs to send them back to their former world by fighting and defeating them into submission.

Looking to reclaim the demon’s seal and close the gates of the underworld again, he aimed to contain the evil and darkness he released upon the world.


 This game is unique for its varied stunning combat features that lure over 40 million users to download this exciting game on their devices. This tremendous number of successful downloads developed by Nekki studios has such a powerful impact that Mods have been created to evolve its attributes mainly the fighting stances, multiple arena choices, latest lethal weapons, subtle armor, stunning realistic lifelike martial art techniques in order to provide the player with smooth and easy to tackle fighting platform.

Extravagant Weapon

 It’s a roleplay fighting game that featured many versatile weapons. Those were completely free versions that had users drooling over its efficiently controlled fighting weapon and their availability.

Weaponry includes,

  • Lethal Swards
  • Nunchacku
  • unbeatable armor suits
  • Mystical Power
  • Helm

And much more exciting pieces of equipment.

Multi-player Mode

 Shadow fight 2 also features a multiplayer mode. Where players play in a form of the clan to destroy or defeat evil underworld bosses or their servants; you will match against the same ranking player in order to acquire rewards in the form of energy, coin, gems, high-level combat duel. You will be able to achieve a high level on the leaderboard by proving your strength worldwide.

Easy Navigation

This game is popular for its easy-to-navigate tools. Which are so very simple to play around unlike other fighting games, where a messed-up control pad led you to fail the level; simply because you are unable to kick, punch or jump due to navigation failure.

Here, such control tasks are easy to grasp as on the left you will find the movement pad whereas the other control is on the right.

Realistic Combat Animation

 Realistic combat animation is yet another striking feature of shadow fight 2 that sets it apart from its competitors. Throughout the game, you will be traveling from 6 different realms fighting all sorts of darkness and evil. Shadow fight is undoubtedly an action-packed game full of binge-worthy graphics.


 Gameplay is the backbone of shadow fight. Players take control of a shadow fighter who is fairly a beginner in the fighting arena but with the help of unlocking several new moves and fighting stances you will navigate your newbie shadow fighter from novice to expert within no time.

Its 2D function lets you control the fighter with a button on the left side of your screen and you can throw swift kicks with two buttons on the left side.

Also, the gameplay has one or two RPG elements. Which are count as one of the vital aspects of shadow fight as the character proceeds in level; it allows players to achieve a higher level with a new level of difficulty. It could only be attained, after playing the main mission and by upgrading tools.

Game type

 The game itself is fairly easy to learn along the way, and with so many levels, bosses, bodyguards, demons, and versatile martial art moves make it a must-have recommendation. In addition to its being completely free act as a cherry on top. Although it does have a waiting time to boost energy level at a certain point. However, that waiting period is relatively short and within no time your shadow fighter is recharged and fully pumped with exciting energy to kick nasty demon butts. By unlocking new modes and storylines you will be able to explore more such as,

  • Tournaments
  • Survival
  • Challenges
  • Duels
  • Eclipse

Shadow fight Mod APK version

 Shadow fight 2 MOD APK is an improved version with all features upgraded. Those were regarded as a mode bummer previously due to limited access and plenty of annoying hurdles. In this version of the shadow fight 2 games, you won’t be looking for possible ways to earn rewards or coins as this upgrade is entirely about unlimited money and resources that are essential to keep up the fast pace of this thrilling game.

This Shadow Fight 2 MOD helps players to enjoy role-playing this incredible fighting game without any pause and enables them to enjoy realistic ninja and sumari fighting up against all types of evil, enemies, bosses, underworld apprentices by providing them every necessary weapon and power needed to win against those magical beings with the addition of some code to unlock premium features.

Shadow Fight Mod APK Exclusive Features

By getting this version of Shadow Fight 2, you will be able to get many exclusive features that are worth giving this Mod a short, such as

  • Add free Version:

 To earn more through ads. It is quite common for games to be littered with loads of ads that are constantly annoying and distract players greatly, but this version is best for its added free feature, and not a single ad can be found throughout the game.

  • Unlimited Energy:

 This shadow fight 2 Mod brings the exciting part of the unlimited energy option you don’t have to worry about draining all of your energy and then wait for a limited time period to resume playing. It will give the liberty of unlimited playtime without spending money to buy it.

  • Updated Equipment:

High-quality, top-level weapons; and armor suits will be available in this version of shadow fight 2 for free. Which will ultimately help fighters to win against the magical powers of underworld bosses.

  • Limitless Gold:

To win the growing difficulty level of the shadow fight 2 games, gold or money is required, to better equip fighters against unbelievable difficult battles and buy more lethal strong armor or power but not anymore; in this version, you will be given unlimited money.

  • New Story Chapter:

 This version entails an exciting new chapter added to the actual story that depicts the past of sensei and adds about10 hours of gameplay.

  • Reset game progress:

 This feature lets players completely erase their progress if they wish to restart their game. Just click the reset progress button in the cheat menu and you are all set to a fresh start in this game.

  • Advanced Interface:

This modified version appears with better graphics and sound quality. There are several advanced features added to this Shadow Fight 2 MOD APK to improve players’ engagement during fighting with warriors with enhanced and mesmerizing graphics that will give you a real-life feeling.

  • Upgraded Moves:

In this version, it is so very easy to acquire upgraded or improved fighting moves. Upgrade your gear and accept challenges by participating in tournaments to prove your strength and fight against a powerful boss.  Shadow Fight 2 MOD APK provides you with the best fine-tuned lethal moves to help you succeed.

  • Modified Game-level:

All game elements are improved at the highest level and all of the levels are free to unlock with exerting little to no effort at all.

This MODE APK will surely blow your mind with so much to take on as free. The fighting addict will definitely binge play this till the end of one go with this feature unlocked freely.

  • Preferred Technical Upgrade:

The irritating aspect of a game freezing or unmoving at some point had always been a complaint by players. However, this upgraded version has made progress by making the playing experience smooth and unhinged. Now players can play to their heart’s desire without paying any attention to such technical glitches.

  • Daily Updates:

Another striking feature of Shadow Fight 2 MOD APK is, it provides daily updates on features and new hacks available on this version. So players who are constantly hooked to this phenomenal fighting game would be delighted to find this amazing feature included to quench their mesmerizing martial art fighting hunger.

  • Installation Procedure:

there is no specific procedure to follow while installing this Shadow Fight 2 MOD APK. Just install it like any regular APK. If you have already installed any APK version and looking to update, just install your required version without removing any existing APK MOD

  • Shadow Fight 2 MOD APK for Android:

Installing this Shadow Fight 2 Mod APK seemed to have people search for advice while downloading it on any android device. Although it is pretty simple and easy; nothing to worry about for facing any intricate process. You don’t even need to boot your device or install any other specific app to get this completely free version of Shadow Fight 2. Just download and install on your device directly and enjoy the unforgettable experience of this fictional escape.

This shadow Fight 2 Mod APK is so very famous for its characteristic of being simple and with the type of interface that suits almost every device in general. So no matter which gadget you are using to play this interactive, highly engaging fighting game; you will be able to smoothly install and enjoy it on multiple devices such as mobile, PC, Android, IOS, etc.

This article aims to target every nook and corner about this Shadow Fight 2 MOD APK but still, it is so widely played and admired by over 50 million players that this free version had players head spin with such an incredible opportunity, which in turn led to many many questions every person has according to their own experience, location, condition of the device, and many other oft-faced troubles that could be a stumbling-block between you and your addiction.

Worry not, we have you all covered and pampered. Below is the list of commonly asked questions of all types regarding Shadow Fight 2 MOD APK. Sit back and relax because we have dug quite many. So, you are about to hook!!



Does Shadow Fight 2 Mod APK have unlimited money?

Definitely, In this modded version you will be getting over the stress of running out of money whenever you upgraded your skills or armor. With this feature being unlimited you will truly rock through levels.

How to download the latest Shadow Fight 2 Mod?

That is simple with this article we have provided you with the most reliable and advanced links of Shadow Fight 2 MOD APK. So, just click and download and immerse yourself in the world of shadow fighters.

Is it necessary to root my device, playing Shadow Fight 2 Mod?

Not really, rooting your device to play this free version of Shadow Fight 2 is not necessary. Just have to download and install your APK file.

Is it Safe To Use Shadow Fight 2 Mod Apk?

Shadow Fight 2 MOD APK version is guaranteed reliable and safe. You can download and install any version through our link without any worry of getting dupped as whatever we suggest our reader is tried and tested by our experts’ team. Your safety is always our priority

Can Shadow Fight 2 Be Hacked?

In this day and age, with the help of ever-evolving technologies, almost nothing is unbeatable, and everything is so very possible. If this is keeping you not enjoying your Shadow Fight 2 playing, you just need to install Shadow Fight 2 MOD APK ASAP.

What Will I Get in This Mod Apk?

If you have already played this game and looking for some ways to relieve your tension of limited access, then the answer for those players is simple. You will break through all barriers that are keeping you on your toes within no time.

As for the beginners, we have described all features in detail in the article above. Surf through that, and trust us, rewards and free features are gonna blow your mind.

How is Max level unlocked in this modded apk?

Through this free version of Shadow Fight 2 MOD APK, you will be able to play max 52 levels without losing energy. It will give you an ample amount of time to fight longer, beat your enemies, and close the gate.

How do you get unlimited gems in Shadow Fight 2?

Shadow Fight 2 MOD APK version lets players have limitless excess to coin or gem to flay through the game without facing any delay.

Is it legal to use Shadow Fight 2 MOD APK?

MOD APK is completely legal as it is a modified version of the original Shadow Fight 2 game. However, it doesn’t connect to the original game. So, it is legal from both ends.

How to Fix Shadow Fight 2 Showing Data Error?

The first time when you open through this MOD APK free version of Shadow Fight 2 it might show some kind of data error. To get over that problem you simply have to restart the game by turning it off and then on again, and you will be able to enjoy its full features.

This thrilling, edgy Shadow Fight 2 game is so very exciting that had people searching for solutions for their anxiety over certain locked features. For which publishers have come up with this free MOD APK to enjoy all features without any delay.


Wrapping Up

We hope that the material we sum up about this fantastic Shadow Fight 2 MOD APK for you will help you download this game successfully without facing any trouble as this article is quite elaborative and expertly researched to find the best possible answers to any query, you might have.



Shadow fight 2 Mod APK Review
  • Shadow fight 2 Mod APK


Fighting games have always been a hit in the market among geeks giving them the exact thrill and anxiety that binge them to the screens, and Shadow fight 2 is at the top of that list of spell-bound games. Although Shadow fight claims to be a regular fighting game containing few RPG elements due to its unique character appearance, varied martial arts moves, real-life graphics, the smooth learning curve led this to the most popular fighting game for mobiles and received great positive response from its user.

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