Scribd Mod APK Download For Pc

Scribd Mod APK

Scribd Mod APK If you are a book reader and you love reading books then you are on the right platform as scribd is one of the largest online book reading libraries where you can get thousands of books by a single click. You just name the book and it will appear in front of you. In older times, people used to go to libraries in order to get knowledge or to read novels or short stories but now the era and trends have changed and people are so busy in their lives that they don’t get much time to visit libraries physically.

App Name Scribd Mod APK Download For Pc
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5.0 and up
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20 Nov 2021

This lack of time is creating a long distance between readers and the books but you can easily shorten this distance by installing Scribd Mod APK on your phones. In this way, you can carry a whale library with thousands of books with you. Scribd has a lot of books belonging to different categories and you can choose your favorite categories at the start so that you keep on being suggested the books related to your interest on a regular basis. You not only get books to read on this app but this app also provides extra features along with this such as:

  • E-books are also available on Scribd Mod APK.
  • You can also listen to your favorite books by using this app.
  • You can set timers so that the app stops automatically, in case, if you sleep.
  • The books are very easy to search and are huge in number.
  • Books with multiple languages are available.

But in order to enjoy these features you need to get the subscription for the original version of this app which will cost you around $8.99 per month which will be difficult or almost impossible for most of us. So the developers of Scribd Mod APK  came up with the solution for such users and introduced this version which is completely free with all the advanced features.

Scribd Mod APK Download For Pc

Features of Scribd Mod APK

This Mod APK is the best and convenient option for those who love books but cannot afford to pay for it. Along with all the key features of original version, Scribd Mod APK also comes with some additional features like:

  1. Sharing

Sharing of books has never been so easy but you can share books on Scribd Mod APK by just a single click.

  1. No Ads

It is an ads free version so you don’t need to worry about your flow of reading being disturbed by unnecessary apps.

  1. Premium features free

You will get all the premium features like all the books unlocked for free.

  1.  News Section

Along with books of different languages and categories, this version offers a news section to keep you aware about all the happenings in your surroundings.

  1. Recommendations

Scribd Mod APK gives you recommendations on a constant basis depending upon your reading history and chosen categories.

  1. Offline Reading

You can also download your favorite books, E-books or stories to read online if the internet is not available somewhere.

  1. Easy user interface

The interface is very easy and user-friendly and no complications are involved.

  1. Infinite books

You will get an infinite number of books belonging to different categories in just a single app.

  1. Music Library

A music library is also included in this app which enables you to enjoy the latest music for free.

  1. No root Required

You don’t need to root your device to download this app.

  1. Upload Documents

You can also upload your documents on Scribd and uploading will not cost you any fee even in the original version.

Scribd Mod APK Download

Scribd Mod APK is a sort of blessing to all those who are really fond of reading but are too busy to get books physically or cannot spend much on buying books. Mod APK of any app is basically the cracked version of any app developed for the convenience of users. You can download Mod APK on your Android, iOS devices or even on your PC very easily. But the download of Mod is slightly different from that of the official app as this version is developed by third parties. Additional steps that you need to follow to download this version are:

Scribd Mod APK Download for Phones

In case of phone whether Android or iOS the additional steps while downloading Mod APK will be:

Step1: You need to download an APK file first.


Step2: Now download the app on your phone.


Step3: Go to settings of your phone and allow unknown sources.


Step4:  Install the app and sign in.

Scribd Mod APK Download for PC

You can also use this app on your PC as well if you don’t want to use your phone for reading purposes. The downloading process for PC  is different from that of mobile phones or tablets and the step by step procedure to download Scribd Mod APK on your PC is as follows:

Step1: First of all, you need to download an Android Emulator on your PC such as BlueStacks to install this app.

Step2:Now you can download your app by clicking on the download button after clicking on the given link.

Step 3: Open the app through the Android Emulator and install it.

Step 4: After installing the app, allow required permissions and enjoy it.

Scribd Mod APK Sign Up

The sign up for Scribd Mod APK is free and no sign up or subscription fee is required. The sign up procedure for this app is very easy as you just need to first click on ‘New to Scribd’ and then click on sign up option where you will see a username or password required box and a password box which you need to fill t make a new account on Scribd

Scribd Mod APK Sign In/Log In

After creating your account on Scribd and signing up you can now log in or in other words sign in to your account any time by just entering the username or email account and password that you used to sign in before. Scribd can be your best friend at lonely times as it can relax you with its amazing music collection, can give you knowledge with its unlimited collection of books and can keep you updated by giving you latest news about your surroundings or worldwide.

Scribd Mod APK Free Account

You can enjoy thousands of books online by just signing up to Scribd Mod APK which is totally free. Scribd offers usage of a single account by three people and this can be done by sharing credentials of that particular account. You can also delete your Scribd account if you want to create a new one or if you are done reading books or are not interested anymore. For deletion of your account:

  • Log in to your account
  • Click on upper right corner
  • Click on my account
  • Scroll down and click on more options
  • Now click on delete account and your account will be deleted permanently

Scribd Subscription

The original version of this app is available on Google Play and Apple Store but it is not free and you need to pay a subscription fee in order to enjoy features of this app. The subscription costs you $8.99 per month and you get to read three books each for free each month. This subscription allows you to read each and every book and you can also save your favorite books to read them offline. In addition to this, you can even get your favorite documents printed or can share them with your friends.

Scribd Books

Books from different categories and of various languages are available on Scribd and you can get easy access to those books instantly. You can even save or download your favorite books by just clicking on save or download button. Various categories of books include:

  • Science fiction stories
  • Crime based books
  • Fantasy 
  • Religious books
  • Home decor books
  • Gardening tips books
  • Literary Fiction
  • Books to enhance your personality and much more
  • E-books

Apart from reading, audible books are also available which you can listen to gain more information in less time or to complete your favorite book in less time.

Scribd Email

You need your email account to sign up for Scribd in order to enjoy its unlimited features regarding your personal library. You can even change your email by getting help from the app’s help center. By adding a single email account and password the same account can be used by 3 people at a time and you just need to share your email and password which you entered to create your Scribd account.

Scribd Free Trial

Scribd offers a free trial of 30 days to all its new users to give them an experience which they will never forget and which convinces them to get its subscription in order to continue enjoying its perks. In these 30 days, you can access unlimited books and can read as much as you can. The process for free subscription is very easy.

  • Just log in to your Scribd app
  • Click on the free trial and get started

Scribd Logo

Logo is the trademark of any app or firm which represents its identity and main idea behind it. The logo should be very precise and unique in order to attract users towards itself. Script logo is a modified S with black font color and white background which makes it more visible and clear. There is no other text involved and you can say the logo of Scribd is somewhat its abbreviation.

Scribd Library

It would not be wrong to call Scribd as one of the largest digital libraries of the world having thousands of books, E-books and audiobooks which are of various types and categories. It is your portable library which you can carry anywhere with you and there is no need to keep quiet in this library as per demand of all libraries, rather you can also listen to your favorite music while reading books. Libraries are becoming extinct as people don’t get much time to visit them and they prefer digital medium rather than a physical one. In Scribd, you can even make your customized library where you can add or save books as per your choice and flavor.

Scribd Review

Scribd is becoming popular among the people due to its premium features and unlimited books variants. Till yet, it has secured overall ratings of 4.4 stars with a lot of positive reviews and feedback. Scribd can be a good option for you if you are a fast reader but if it takes you months to complete a book, then paying $8.99 per month will be sort of a waste of your money.

Scribd vs Audible

Audible has been the first choice for a lot of people due to its astonishing features. If we compare Scribd vs Audible then:

  • Audible owns a more huge and vast library than Scribd.
  • The audio quality of books is much higher in the case of Audible.
  • Audible allows you to own a certain book of your choice.
  • Scribd has lower monthly income than Audible.

Scribd Mod APK Download For Pc


Can I share Scribd content with my friends?

Yes, Scribd allows you to share your favorite content with your friends by just a single click.

Does the Scribd Mod APK contain ads?

If you are using Scribd Mod APK then it will be an ads free version and also it will be ads free if you buy the subscription.

Can I upload documents on this app?

Yes, there is an option to upload your documents on Scribd.

What is the Scribd Mod APK?

Scribd Mod APK is a cracked version of the original app which has all the premium features unlocked for free and bears no subscription fee.

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