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The #1 multi-dimensional grandson fighting simulator in the galaxy is back and better than ever!
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Oct 13, 2022
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Rick and Morty Pocket Mortys APK:


Dear users! Here we are going to introduce a full dramatical and technology based comic game. If you have gotten tired of playing simple ordinary games then here is the solution to your problem. May you wonder how a game can have comic sense in it and how it is based on technology? So, let me introduce you to the most famous scientific comic game application which is Rick and Morty Pocket Mortys APK. This game is for technology and science lovers.Maybe you like these similar game app MODERN AGE 2  If you like watching scientific experiments then this game is going to entertain you at a big level.

Rick and Morty Pocket Mortys APK

The graphics and the animation of the game are up to the mark and you will enjoy the game for sure. This game is based upon an imaginary scientific adventurous life of a grandfather and his grandson.

Let us have a look at the main storyline of the game. The story has two basic characters.

  1. Rick is a genius evil minded scientist who always remains busy in doing abnormal experiments.
  2. Morty is the grandson of rick who is fretful and a good-hearted person.

In this game, you are that mad scientist who performs experiments and you have a grandson named Morty. Morty split the time between inter-dimensional adventures and domestic life. The game starts from the point when you (Rick) are performing an experiment and you start yelling at your grandson (Morty). When you are yelling at Morty, suddenly a strange trick pops out from the portal. He starts trapping you in strange dimensions where you discover that Rick and Morty Pocket Mortys APK is fighting and doing unusual stuff. That is how this wonderful game begins. Is it not making you feel more curious now about this amazing game?

Features of Rick Morty Pocket Mortys APK:

As the game Rick and Morty Pocket Mortys APK is full of wonders, its features are also very unique. If you are looking for the mind-blowing features of this game application then you don’t need to go anywhere as we are going to make you fully familiar with this game application. Dear users! Here we are presenting some important features of this game application for you.

Comic sense:

The comic sense in this game is a feature which you will not get in all games. While playing this game you will not get bored at any point as it is full of comic scenes.

Technology based game:

This is a technology based game and you can say that it has a scientific touch in it. There is no other game which is based on scientific experiments and has such an adventurous story as well. So, you can call this game a masterpiece where you are getting that many things at one place.

Best animation:

This game is different from others not only on the basis of storyline but also on the basis of remarkable animation. The developers have worked so well with the animation that you will get so involved in this game. After some time you will not take it as a game, you will feel it as the essential part of your entertainment.

Rick and Morty Pocket Mortys APK

3D Graphics:

The graphics of this game are also worth watching as they have left nothing questionable for their users.

Sound effects:

Sound effects and the voices of artists seem to be real. Some games have sound tracks that you just don’t like and want to keep the game on mute. But the sound effects in this game are worth enjoying.

Different versions of Morty:

There are different versions of the grandson named Morty available in the game. These versions include Car Morty, Pickle Morty, and Cronenberg Morty. You can customise your Morty according to you by adding different features according to you.

Multiplayer Mode:

This game also has multiplayer mode. So, if you want to play with your friends then this adventurous and staggering game is going to be full time fun for you.

Non-Morty stuff:

The game is not only about Morty. You can also enjoy the non-Morty stuff in it. You can battle across the multiverse for your freedom in the campaign. Moreover, you can also play by doing multi-tiered challenges.

The version of the game:

The Version of this fantastic game is v2.29.2.

The number of downloads:

The total number of people who have downloaded this application is more than 10M. Now from this, you can easily think about the level of this game. What is stopping you to avail this moment? Download the app from the given link in this article and become one of those lucky 10M people. 

Rick and Morty Pocket Mortys APK

How to download Rick and Morty Pocket Mortys APK:

After going through the main story and features of this game everyone wants to download this epic game application. If you also want to make your life full of entertainment then carefully follow the following guideline and then you can also enjoy this game without any hindrance on your phone and other devices. To download this game application follow these steps.

  • To download any app, first you should have enough space in your device. The size of this gaming application is 91.77MB.
  • Second and most important thing is to have Android 5.0 and any latest version to download this application.
  • You should also have an APK file on your device. If you don’t have an APK file on your device then you will not be able to download this application.
  •  So, to download this gaming application first you need to download and install an APK file on your device.
  • After fulfilling these all requirements now you can easily install this game in your mobile phones and other devices.

Installation Commands:

  • You can install this gaming application by clicking on the given link under this article.
  •  After clicking on the link you will automatically reach the INSTALL APP key of the application.
  • Before installing make sure that you have permitted all the unknown resources in your device settings.
  • Tap on the install app option and the app will start installing.
  •  After a few seconds, you will see the app on your homepage.

Now the app is installed and you can enjoy this game with just a click.

Latest version of Rick and Morty Pocket Mortys APK:

The game was updated on Apr 29, 2022. The latest version of this game has come with some exciting updates in it. There was an issue in the previous version in which the text on Morty’s screen was missing. Now, this issue is solved. Moreover, new signalling is added for Swap Shop and Fight pit for Morty’s lock.

Release date of Rick and Morty Pocket Mortys APK:

This epic game was released on Jan 13, 2016. It was offered by [adult swim’s] games.

Developer of Rick and Morty Pocket Mortys APK:

The developers of this gaming application are Owlchemy Labs and Other Ocean Group. They have designed the privacy policy so well that you have an option to request your developer to delete your data. They also claimed that your data is not going to be shared with any third party. The efforts of the developers are appreciable.

Advantages of Rick and Morty Pocket Mortys APK:

There are many advantages to this video game. As it is said to be an adult game, anyone can play this game without the age restriction. There are many other advantages of playing this video game. You should have a look at the following.

  • The main advantage of this game is that it is a technology based game.
  • A scientist is doing an experiment without considering the consequences that may lead you to the result of what kind of actions can result in destruction.
  • In this way, this game is a lesson for those who don’t think before their actions and then blame others for the consequences.
  • This game is full of adventures so if you are an adventure loving person then you are going to like this game application.
  • This game also has some comic scenes so that’s why it will not let you get bored anytime.
  • Like all games it’s a sort of entertainment so if you will take it as a fun then you are going to definitely enjoy the whole scenario and tasks.
  • It is also said that this game also contains some horror components so this will be a full package of thrill and entertainment.
  • As you start playing with the passage of time you become a master of this game and in this way you can teach others also who want to play this game but have no idea about how to play.
  • In the end this game is also an informative one. Whether the information is regarding the scientific world or any other daily life activities.

Rick and Morty Pocket Mortys APK

Disadvantages of Rick and Morty Pocket Mortys APK:

Everything has advantages and disadvantages. Access use of anything is bad and can give you disadvantage. Here are some common disadvantages you may get by using any game.

  • If you have become very much used to a game then this will have a bad effect on your health as well as your mental peace.
  • Games have the ability to make you so much engaged in them that you just forget about your daily life and always remain busy in thinking about the game.
  •  Never try anything related to your game in your real life.
  • The game is designed just for fun purposes so you don’t need to get too serious about the game.
  • Don’t let any game ruin your productive life as games are just for entertainment so play them in your free time just to relax.


Rick and Morty Pocket Mortys APK is one of the well-known games of the internet as millions of people like playing this game. The game is about a scientist and his grandson who are busy doing different tasks. This game is providing so much together in a pile. Everyone has easy access to this gaming application. This game has a single player and multiplayer option so you can choose it according to your choice. Moreover, the game is designed so well that you will see the best graphics and animation here.

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2.29.3 - Hotfix for AB issue in 2.29.3



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