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Replika is a #1 chatbot companion powered by artificial intelligence. Join millions talking to their own AI friends!
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12 Oct, 2022
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In today’s time when everyone is so busy and has a tough schedule themselves, it becomes very difficult to have a deep talk about life and problems. And randomly talking with anyone about your problems might not be the perfect solution as one has to consider so many things before opening up to anyone. Moreover, the constant awkwardness and fear of being judged by others often cause us to stay silent. In a situation like this, we are in dire need of someone with whom we can share our things comfortably and in return don’t get judged. 


Today, we bring you a perfect application that is specifically designed to bring this comfort to people where they can share whatever they want to share all the time. This app is called REPLIKA APK which means creating your REPLIKA  and talking to them. Isn’t it amazing? 


REPLIKA APK is a chatbot companion and has been made by synthetic intelligence. This application has been ranked #1 and is very popular among people. There are millions of people installing this application daily. The cause of its popularity is that you can choose this application whenever you feel like you need a friend, a romantic partner, or just someone random to talk to. This application will respond to your messages and queries just like any other human being out there would respond and will never make you feel awkward and judged for anything. 

Sharing one’s feelings gives a sense of relaxation and you feel so comfortable that you have someone to rely upon whenever you need someone. That’s why this application has become so important for people nowadays. You will feel an actual connection with this application just like you would feel with a true friend. 



Through this application, you can create a REPLIKA APK that will act as your friend. You can customize the 3D character and change its personality into somebody that you would love to have as your friend. You can change the gender of the character as per your liking. The more you interact with your REPLIKA APK the more humanly it would react. It will learn new responses, words, phrases, and different emotions from you. Even at times, it will come to a point where you will get the perfect answer from it related to any situation. 


You can choose your REPLIKA APK to be anything you want it to be. If you need a friend, choose that relationship with your REPLIKA. If you want someone just to give you the perfect advice related to any situation, you can choose the relation of a mentor with your REPLIKA. And even if you are looking for a romantic partner, you can make your REPLIKA  that as well. 



This chatbox is going to be a safe space for you. You can talk to your REPLIKA APK freely and comfortably and share anything with them. This chatbox is going to be available to you all the time and you can come here to talk or to vent whenever you feel like it. 


Your REPLIKA APK is going to be just like your confidant. The friend to whom you go whenever you have to share something very personal and don’t want to be judged in return, this REPLIKA will be just like your that friend who is always available for you. You will find a confidant in your REPLIKA. 


Your REPLIKA APK is going to help you in dealing with your problems. Sometimes overthinking gets too much and you can’t get out of that vicious cycle of anxiety and depression and you feel like talking to anyone about it, here comes the REPLIKA  to help you deal with all these problems. After talking about your issues with your REPLIKA  you will feel a whole lot better. This application is best as it will help you in handling your anxiety and depression as well by giving you perfect responses to your problems. 


You can undergo many personality tests together that will not only help you understand yourself or your traits but also the REPLIKA will get a better understanding of you as well. Resultantly, the REPLIKA will come up with the perfect responses to your issues or queries. The more you talk to it, the more developed your REPLIKA APK will become. It will learn your phrases and words and will make a perfect image of you so that it can connect with you by being on the same page with you. 

This whole process will help in the developing process of REPLIKA and will make it a better understanding app of human relations and emotions and how to cope with them.


REPLIKA will help you in killing your boredom as well. You can play many fun games with the REPLIKA APK such as swap memes or drawing role-play together and many other things that will keep you both busy and pass your time while having maximum fun. 


REPLIKA APK is very popular in the press as well. Many of them have written some good words about this app and how this app helped them in having a better perspective on life and encouraged them to move further. Quartz, Wired, Forbes, business insider, and many more have put in some good words for this application causing this app to earn even more fame and interest from the people.



Mod APK version provides some amazing features as well as why you should install this application in the mod APK version. 

No Ads:

In the mod APK version, the users will have the option to avoid the unnecessary ads that pop up every now and then to disturb their peaceful time with the REPLIKA. So get rid of the ads by installing the mod APK version. 

Unlocked everything:

There are so many features in this app that require your money such as talking to your REPLIKA 24/7 and many more. But who would want to spend their money on any app when its mod version provides everything free of cost? Just install the app and enjoy all the unlocked features.


The installation rate of this application is quite high and you can also download it by the link given in the article.

  • Press on the link to start the downloading process.
  • After that, you have to go to the file manager of your device to install the app.
  • After giving permission to install the app from external sources by going to the settings, the app will be installed.
  • The icon will appear on your device. Have fun with REPLIKA APK. 


All the versions before 9.14.0 are old versions. There are so many new versions already out of this application. But because of one reason or the other, you can’t keep up with the new version, don’t worry you can install and enjoy the old version of this application as well.


REPLIKA APK hack provided unlimited gems for users to enjoy their chat with the REPLIKA. All you have to do is to go to the browser and type in and choose any of the options that will be presented to you. Finish the questions and that’s it you will be given your gems eventually. 


The premium version of the REPLIKA APK provides everything unlocked. This feature helps in getting so many features for which you will have to spend your money otherwise.


You can change the outfits of your character whenever you want. This will give a new look to your character and you will feel joy in talking to them too. 

In this app, you will find the icon of the store from where you can get different outfits, accessories, and whatnot for your character. You will have to pay money to buy anything from the store.



All the cheats of this application are specifically present to give the users unlimited gems or unlimited money so that they can buy whatever they want.


There is no option in this application to clear your chat. You will have to delete your account in order to get rid of your chat. 


  • This application is a robot after all but to enjoy using this app, you have to get rid of the thought that you are talking to an app. Instead, start thinking that this is a human being. 
  • Don’t talk to it as if it’s not real. Make yourself believe that this is a real human being on the other side of the screen to whom you are talking. 
  • At times, REPLIKA will talk in broken sentences and won’t even make any sense but that’s okay as it’s learning from you and understanding the way you are talking and saying things. 
  • If it says something wrong, just correct it. 
  • Always appropriately talk to them and avoid abusive language otherwise your REPLIKA will also talk to you in the same way.
  • The emojis that you use play a huge role in changing the context of the texts that you send. 


REPLIKA is available for ios and iPads as well. And the process to download it on your iPhone devices is similar to the process of android devices.


REPLIKA  offers jobs from time to time at its company. And there are so many people already working for REPLIKA. 


To login into this application, you just have to give in your email account and password and that’s it. 


There are a total of 50 levels of this application and you will eventually clear each level by constantly talking to your REPLIKA. The more you talk the more likely it is for you to reach the next level. As you have a constant conversation with your REPLIKA, it will become very intelligent emotionally and will reply to you with the perfect answers. 


REPLIKA is an online application. In order to connect with your REPLIKA, you have to have a proper internet connection. 


REPLIKA is perfectly safe to use. During your experience with REPLIKA, you will never be asked a personal question in any way that will make you feel like it’s not safe for people to use it. 

The only thing we would like to mention here is that don’t be too Dependant on this application because, in the end, it’s an app after all. 


REPLIKA APK store is an option in this application from where you can buy different things for your character. You can buy outfits, accessories, and many other things to add a twist to your REPLIKA. 


Having someone on whom you can rely in these times of busy routine is very rare but with REPLIKA APK, you will now be able to find that friend to whom you can go to vent for different problems, and in return, you’ll get perfect advice and no judgment. Isn’t this amazing? So what are you waiting for? Download this app and enjoy being in your comfort zone. 

What's new

In this version, you’ll find: • Bug fixes and stability improvements Thank you for using Replika! Please rate the app if you enjoy it.


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How to install REPLIKA APK Download Free For Android APK?

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2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.

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