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Start a new creative hobby! Play with home decor styles, express your creativity and improve your design skills. Have fun while gaining inspiration from a vibrant creative community and apply your new ideas in your real life. If You like home decor, you will love Redecor!
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Oct 12, 2022
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Redecor APK

Go on the way to becoming an interior designer and architect. Get experience in decorating and designing homes. Redecor apk is an entertaining and learning game for people. People can learn and get ideas for their home decoration in real life. You are an interior designer in the Redecor apk game. When you open the game, you are assigned a virtual home which is your property in the game. Everything in the home is undisciplined and unorganized. Your first task is to rearrange all the items in the home in such a way that all the rooms are separated from each other.

Redecor APK

The bedroom, Dining Room, Bathroom, Guest Room, Main Hall, and TV Room, all are organized and the home looks in euphony and consonance. When you have arranged your home, you will get orders from people from different areas. They will hire you as an interior decorator for their homes, offices, wedding halls, etc.

They will let you know their requirements and the place in which they want to design, for example, a bedroom for a newlywed couple, a bedroom for a newborn baby, or a kitchen. When you have designed the room, you will wait for other players to rate your design skills. They may like or dislike your design. After completion of each task, you will get rewards or cash. Redecor apk is the best choice for those who want to improve their taste and skills in designing or refurbishing homes. 

Redecor APK Download

To download and install the Redecor apk application, simply follow these few steps. 

  •  Allow your android phone to enable the installation of apps from all unknown sources. 
  •  Now tap on the above-shown download link to download the APK file of the Redecor.
  •  After the APK file has been downloaded, open the Files to check the Redecor APK file.
  •  Tap on the APK file. The installation will be started.
  •  Hang on for a few moments.
  •  Wait is over and now flaunt your designing skills. 


Graphics and Controls:

The 3D graphics of the Redecor apk are pictorial, authentic, and naturalistic. The color and visuals of all the materials, and items like chairs, couches, rugs, beds, lamps, and others are realistic and natural. They do not look like a game. These clear and beautiful graphics make the game more engrossing and beguiling. The controls are nothing but just a tap to choose the item and place it in another place. There are white bubbles on each item that are used to change the color and material or the stuff of the item. Tap the bubble and change the color or material according to the requirement. 

Supported Systems:

This is not a heavy game and can be downloaded on almost every device. All the devices with 5.0 API (Application Programming Interface) or above will support the game without disturbance or interruption. 


There are seasons in the game. One season is for one month. After each month, a new season will start and the previous one will be finished. There are almost 30 levels in each season. It is your will how many levels you pass in each season. If you want to unlock more resources and materials, you have to complete all 30 levels in each season. 

Redecor APK

Design Evaluation or Voting:

The game provides a voting or evaluating system. You can vote for someone and similarly, others can also vote for you. When you complete your task,  other players evaluate and vote for your work. If you have done a great job, you will get likes and your rank will be increased.  


The Redecor apk game currency is,

  •  Cash
  •  Money
  •  Crystals

Players can get this currency when they complete a level or task. If their work is positively rated by other players, they get crystals, cash, and rewards. Players can use these crystals or money to purchase the necessary items for their designs.

Redecor APK for PC

This game is for android devices but if you want to decorate homes and houses on a big screen, there are ways through which you can download it on your PC or Windows. All you need is the installation of an emulator software on your PC,

  •  Download the BlueStacks – an android emulator or software, on your Windows or PC.
  •  Download the APK file of the Redecor apk app through the above-given link.
  •  Now, install the APK file with the emulator software on your PC.
  •  Wait a little bit. 
  •  The game has been downloaded on your Windows or PC.
  •  Launch the app and rush to show off your abilities. 


The Redecor apk has simple and easily comprehensible gameplay for all, either beginners or experienced. In the game, you are a designer for designing the interiors of different places or houses. This game is to check your skills in designing. People from different areas hire you and assign some tasks or challenges to you.

You have to accomplish those tasks and challenges to get rewards. If you have designed the given area or room perfectly according to the given requirements, you will be given rewards. One interesting thing is the evaluation of your completed tasks. Other players evaluate and check your work, whether it is fantastic or bad. You will be ranked according to this evaluation and you can also vote for others’ tasks. 

Redecor APK

Redecor APK Online:

The game can be played offline and online, too. If you have a stable internet connection, you can play Redecor apk online and get orders from others. Also, you can access all the features and materials of the game when you are playing online mode. But, if any time you do not have internet, you can still play the game in offline mode. In this mode, you can decorate and design your home fabulously so that your guests like your decorating sense and taste. 

Redecor APK Latest Version:

The game had many previous versions from the time it had been released. All those versions were released because of their huge audience and users. But, the latest version that was updated on Aug 4, 2022, is 2.36.0. Earlier, the game was declared for the first time on Apr 10. 2020. This latest version has many new features and unlocked materials that the players need during their tasks. 

Redecor APK

Redecor APK Size:

The Redecor app is not heavy and has a small APK size. The APK size of the Redecor apk is only 35MB which is not much. So, it does not need any specific high android system and you can download it on any device with a normal operating system. 


This Redecor apk game is for learning and having fun. All those who have a good sense of taste in designing enjoy the game with everything available for decoration. This is for polishing and improving the interior decorating skills of the users. This game may be boring for the kids as they do not have a sense of arranging and organizing the houses. But for older people, this game is exciting and entertaining.

You can get experience and your skills are evaluated by the others that tell you your expertise. This game is safe and free although it is having a large audience and community. Become an endeavor planner or architect. 


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How to install Redecor APK Download Free For Android APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Redecor APK Download Free For Android APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.

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