Real Chess Mod Apk

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Introduction of Real Chess Mod Apk:

The main purpose of Real Chess Mod Apk is to provide you with a platform where you can play chess against your friends and family members. You can also play against people from around the world. The game has been designed in such a way that it will keep you engaged for hours at a time. Real Chess Mod Apk is a popular game for Android devices. This app has been downloaded more than 10 million times and has a rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars.

App Name Real Chess Mod Apk
File Size
4.4 and up
Last Updated
3 March 2022

Real Chess Apk is a free app that you can use to enjoy the classic board game on your phone or tablet. The game is played by placing two armies against each other on a chessboard with 64 squares. Each player takes turns moving his or her pieces in an attempt to capture the other player’s king or checkmate it, which means putting it into an impossible situation where it has no legal move.


Real Chess Mod Apk is a popular game that is played by millions of people. It has been downloaded over 50 million times on our website, and it has been downloaded over 5 million times on the App Store.  Real Chess has a lot of features that make it an interesting game for both casual gamers and professional gamers. If you are looking for a new chess game to play, then this is a great choice for you. The Real Chess Apk also has many different types of boards that you can play on, including standard 8×8 chess boards and 10×10 chess boards. 

Real Chess Mod Apk

There are many different pieces available in the Real Chess Mod as well, including rooks, knights and bishops as well as pawns and queens. You can also choose from different board sizes depending on how much time you have available to play the game or how much time you want to spend playing it each day! The Real Chess Apk also comes with different difficulty levels so if you are new at playing chess games then this is going to be the perfect choice for you because it won’t be too difficult but will still give


Tactics and strategy: Use tactics and strategy to outsmart your opponent in this classic board game!

Beautiful graphics: Watch as your pieces glide across the board with realistic animations!

Easy controls: Control your pieces using simple gestures on your mobile device!

  1. Customise your avatar!
  2. Chat with other players!
  3. Watch live games!
  4. Invite friends to play!
  5. Chat with other players!

Mod Features:

Unlimited gold coins: You will have unlimited gold coins in this game, so you can buy any item you want without any restrictions at all.

Unlimited diamonds: You will also have unlimited diamonds, so you can use them for buying anything you want without any limitations at all.

  1. Unlimited Gold Coins
  2. Unlimited Silver Coins
  3. Unlimited Gems
  4. Ads Removed

How To Download:

Downloading Real Chess Mod Apk is very easy. You can do it on your Android mobile. So, you have to follow the below steps.

To download Real Chess Mod, you will have to go online. If you do not know how to do it, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the website (Real Chess Apk) where you want to download the game.
  2. Click on “Download”.
  3. Click on “Download” again when the download window appears on your screen.
  4. The downloaded file will be saved automatically in your phone memory if you select this option in the drop-down menu before starting the download process.
  5. The file will be saved in a folder called “downloads”.


Real Chess Mod Apk is an amazing game which is popular all over the world. This game is developed by Real Games and it is available on Google Play Store. This amazing game has many features. You can download this app from our website.

In this article, Real Chess Mod Apk is an amazing game which is popular all over the world. This game is developed by Real Games and it is available on Google Play Store. This amazing game has many features.  Real Chess is a really amazing mod apk for the game of chess on Android. The modded version of this game has got a lot more features than the original one. This game has got some awesome graphics and it also has some pretty good gameplay as well.


Is it legal to use Real Chess Mod?

Yes, it is 100% legal. In fact, you are allowed to download and use this mod apk as long as you have a rooted device or emulator on your PC.

Can I install Real Chess Mod Apk on my Android device via Google Play Store?

Yes, you can install this app through Google Play Store. However, we highly recommend you to use our installation guide above because it is faster and safer than the process provided by on our website.

Where can I download Real Chess Mod Apk?

You can download Real Chess Mod Apk from our website, which contains all our latest articles about Android apps and games updated daily with new content so that our readers can get what they want easily and quickly without any hassle at all.

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