Readera Premium APK free download

Readera Premium APK APK

Readera Premium APK free download Do you love to read books? The books are the best companions any person can ever have, because they give us the best company to live with. They are full of information and words of wisdom which are necessary to live our life to the fullest. That’s why when a kid reaches the age of three or four years we teach them alphabets to start learning how to read, in order to become successful in life. Now the times have changed, so has our lifestyle. In today’s world Paper books are being replaced by digital books and they have so many plus points like we don’t have to carry them as they are saved in our mobile phones or computers.

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13 May 2022

If you want to know the best source for acquiring all kinds of books for reading them on your phone or PC then let me introduce an outstanding app to you. The name of this wonderful app is “ReadEra”, as the name suggests it provides you with all types of books and other readable stuff. You can find any book on ReadEra by searching it and you can easily read it without an internet connection.

This app enables you to read your favorite books in the most convenient way. You can personalize it according to your need, if you are reading on your phone then you can use the kindle format and for PC you can use the PDF format. Moreover, if you are reading at day time you can use in day mode and at night you can use read with the night mode in the app.


Readera Premium APK free download

Features of ReadEra

The salient features of ReadEra App are discussed below:

All formats supported

ReadEra allows you to read books in each and every format like PDF, epub, kindle, MS word, txt, odt, chm and fb2 etc. You don’t have to worry about formats and you don’t have to convert them to PDF in order to read.

Books Management

This app will find all your favorite books, you can download them to read offline. This app also arranges all the books in a systemized manner so that you can find any specific book from hundreds of books in seconds. All  books are sorted according to a specific group or author in order to avoid confusion while finding them.

All Favorite books in one place

In the ReadEra app you can create your own books collection. You can add all your favorite books and magazines in your collection to access them with comfort and ease. You can add books from all genres and categories of your choice and you can add one book to multiple collections as well. Moreover, if you want to read another book before completing the current book you can save the page of the current book and start reading another book. Through this way you can save a lot of time searching that page again from where you left reading.

Personalization settings

Through this app you can completely personalize your reading experience. You can read in day and night mode according to the time of reading, you can choose any font size to read, you can set the page margins according to your desire, you can adjust the brightness level, you can zoom in and out in order to increase and decrease the content size and many more detailed customizations.

Ads free reading

You can read as many books as you want without watching a single advertisement. It is really very annoying and disturbing to see ads while reading a book, as the person needs to be comfortable and focused to read and enjoy a book to the full extent. ReadEra allows you to read your favorite books peacefully and offline without any banner, picture or video ad.

Add value to your life

By developing the golden habit of reading books you can change your life. It helps you in relaxing your mind, learning new skills, increasing your knowledge and other countless benefits. As our body needs food to nourish and grow, our mind and soul also needs knowledge and wisdom to flourish and prosper.

ReadEra Manual

ReadEra how to use

If you have books stored in your phone memory or you want to read them online on ReadEra app then follow these simple steps:

  1. Open the ReadEra app
  2. Search any book you want from your phone or the app
  3. Organize the books by the author
  4. Add any book you want to read in the “to read” collection
  5. Save the book pages and search any word in the book from the search bar
  6. Select any color mode to read like Sepia, twilight, night mode etc.
  7. Enjoy your most loved books and magazines.

ReadEra Bookmark

In order to highlight any specific area of books you can add them as bookmarks on the app.

  1. Open the ReadEra app
  2. Tap on the book part you want to bookmark
  3. Click on the bookmark button from the bottom
  4. You can add any text or voice note about the bookmarked section 
  5. Tap on the save button

The bookmarked section of the book will include a bookmark sign and you can find it easily from the bookmarks section of the “book navigation” button.

ReadEra Premium

ReadEra premium is the premium version of ReadEra app or it can be called as full or paid version. This version contains additional and special features which are not accessible in the free / basic version. In order to access the ReadEra premium you have to pay $10.99 in the form of in-app purchases. In ReadEra premium app you can enjoy all premium features of the app, these premium features are discussed below:

ReadEra Premium Features

  1. Auto sync all books and documents with your reading status, bookmarks, and reviews etc on your google drive.
  2. Exclusive section of “Quotes and Notes” which contains all your notes, quotes, bookmarks and reviews of all your documents in one section.
  3. You can import the fonts of your choice in order to read books in your favorite font.
  4. All books are sorted beautifully with their thumbnails in your customizable library.
  5. You can easily find any page of a book you are reading through thumbnails of every page.

ReadEra Premium Review

“This app has been thought through beautifully. It does very nearly everything I could ask for. This is probably the best book reader available. It handles large libraries with ease (as large as 5000 books, of a wide variety of formats), and it doesn’t put too great a load on memory or processor resources. Can’t speak too highly of this reader. Really good job!”

Review by David Nelson.

(Source: Google Play store)

ReadEra Premium APK Free

ReadEra Premium APK is a modified version of ReadEra premium app which provides you all features of ReadEra premium without any cost. The modified or cracked version is normally a customized version of any app that provides the additional benefits in the app for free. These versions are not available to download from Google play store due to copyright or some other issues. If you want to access the ReadEra premium app without paying any charges then download this ReadEra premium apk for free from this website now.

ReadEra Premium APK Cracked

This version contains all basic and paid features of ReadEra app which includes:

  • Ads free reading
  • Offline books
  • Automatic synchronization with google drive
  • All fonts unlocked
  • All premium features unlocked 

ReadEra Premium APK Download

You can download the Readera Premium APK with all its premium features by following these simple steps below:

  1. Open settings of your phone and go to security tab
  2. Allow installation of apps from unknown sources
  3. Download the Readera Premium APK file by clicking the download link given below
  4. Tap on the file (when it’s downloaded) to begin installation
  5. After installation, open and start reading your most loved books.

ReadEra Windows

You can read your favorite books on your PC using the ReadEra app. In order to download this app on your PC you need any desktop emulator like bluestacks or LD emulator. In the absence of any emulator on your PC you can install bluestacks on your PC and follow the steps given below.

Readera Premium APK free download



ReadEra Download for PC

  1. Open bluestacks emulator on your PC
  2. Sign in to your google account
  3. Open the google play store
  4. Search for “ReadEra”, you will see two apps i.e ReadEra and ReadEra Premium
  5. Click on any ReadEra app you want to download
  6. After installing, go to your desktop and double click on the ReadEra icon to start reading.

Readera iOS

Unfortunately, the ReadEra app is not yet available to download and use on ios devices. But there are many alternatives available on the Apple store like FB reader.

Readera Premium APK 2021 & 2022

Readera Premium APK 2021 version (v21.06.10+1500) was last updated in 2021 with many new and improved features like:

  • Enhanced margin trimming of pdf files
  • Japanese vertical writing supported
  • Galician language translation feature
  • Text direction feature
  • Read manga from right to left

Readera Premium APK 2022 version (22.05.05+1660) was last updated in 2022 with the following new and improved features:

  • Improved files and document management
  • Now you can edit, rename, move and copy files from “about document” segment
  • New languages translation added (Telugu and Gujarati)
  • Now you can Scan only selected books and documents.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Is it safe to download Readera Premium APK?

Yes, it is 100% safe to download Readera Premium APK from this site because it is completely scanned for viruses and tested by hundreds of users online.

Can we import books in Readera Premium app?

There is no need to manually import books from your phone to Readera Premium app because they are already present in the app automatically.

Can we download the Readera Premium app on iphone?

No, the Readera Premium app is not yet available to use on iphone and ipad.

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