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Pure Sniper is an exciting and realistic sniper shooting game with a massive campaign mode that can be played offline and a realtime multiplayer PvP combat mode.
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Pure Sniper Mod APK:

Pure Sniper Mod APK is a shooting game that anyone can play. It is not only fun but also challenging at the same time. You will have to kill your enemies in the most creative way possible.  Pure Sniper Mod APK is a unique shooting game with straightforward and easy-to-understand gameplay. It offers you a chance to play as a sniper character who has to complete missions by eliminating enemies from the map.

The player can choose from different characters in the game, each of them having unique abilities and weapons. This will allow you to have more fun while playing this game. In Pure Sniper Mod APK, you can use bombs to destroy your enemies and other types of weapons like rifles, pistols, machine guns, etc. You will also be able to use grenades in this game which are very powerful and effective in eliminating your enemies instantly.

Shoot your opponent’s:

Pure Sniper Mod APK for Android provides you with unlimited ammunition, which means you can shoot as many times as possible without having to worry about running out of ammo. You also get unlimited money in this modded game version, so you can buy or upgrade any weapon or item in the store without worrying about a lack of funds. The main objective of this game is to shoot your opponent’s target with a highly accurate shot. The player must carefully choose the right weapon that suits their play style because each weapon has pros and cons.

Pure Sniper Mod APK

Choose the difficulty level:

The main character in this game is a sniper, and the player must use their skills to shoot down their enemies. The player can choose from many different types of guns, such as rifles, pistols, and shotguns. This game has many different levels, so you can select the difficulty level that fits your skill level. Pure Sniper Mod APK has many features that make it very interesting.

First of all, this game has many different levels, so you can choose how difficult or easy it will be for you to play the game. Secondly, there are many different kinds of weapons that you can use to kill your enemies.  Thirdly, many different types of enemies also come into play during each level. They must be killed before they get too close to your base or vehicle because if they reach it, they will destroy everything around it, including yourself.

Different types of skins and clothes:

You will be able to shoot different types of enemies in this game. There are several types of weapons that you will be able to use in this game. You can also customize your character by using different types of skins, clothes, and accessories for your character. This enjoyable and fast-paced shooting game offers you an exciting experience when playing it.

You can play this game on your mobile device using an app that has been made available for Android and iOS users. Maybe you like these similar game Cover fire. The graphics of this game are pretty good and look realistic when you are playing it on your mobile device or computer screen. This means that you will not have any problem playing this game on your computer or mobile device because it looks so realistic compared to other shooting games today.

Multiplayer mode:

The multiplayer mode in Pure Sniper Mod App lets you play with your friends or random players worldwide. You can also create teams and compete with them in challenging missions. To start playing, you need to choose one of these two modes: Deathmatch or Team Deathmatch. 

In deathmatch mode, you have to kill all the opponents on the map; in team deathmatch mode, you have to kill all your teammates before they kill all of your teammates. You can also use different types of weapons like pistols, shotguns, or rifles to kill enemies in this game mode.


This game has over 100 levels, varying from easy to very difficult, depending on what kind of mission you will be performing. You will face many different types of enemies, such as snipers.

Pure Sniper Mod APK

Aim at target:

The game is a shooting simulation where you can take control of your sniper rifle and try shooting as many targets as possible. The gameplay of Pure Sniper Modded APK is straightforward. You don’t have to do anything but aim at the targets, then shoot them. You need to get as many points as possible so that you can unlock new levels and unlock new weapons in this game.

The graphics in this game are also perfect. There are different kinds of maps you can play on this game, with varying conditions of weather and so on. The game’s music is also excellent and makes you feel like you are playing real-life shooter games on your mobile phone.

What's new

New Campaign Zone 13 - Casino
● 40 New Campaign Missions
● 7 X New Weapons
● New Manhunt & Contract Missions

New Zombie event modes for Solo and Clan play.
New line-up of male and female player characters.
Show off your leaderboard and league achievements with Medals and Crowns on your player character.
Improved Comms: Liking and Bragging.



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