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Introduction of panda gamepad mod apk:

The panda gamepad mod apk is an android controller that connects via Bluetooth to your smartphone or tablet. It works with hundreds of games on Google Play. The panda gamepad has built-in joystick buttons and can be used in player 1 mode for many games, but it was designed with emulation in mind.

App Name Panda Gamepad Mod Apk
File Size 8.2M
Version 1.4.8
Requirement 4.4 and up
Last Updated April 2, 2021

When connected to a smartphone or tablet, it will function as a wireless Bluetooth controller for emulators on your Android device. The only real downside here is that you’ll have to buy the gamepad in order to play most games. I’ve used several different Bluetooth controllers with my phone (including a MOGA) and didn’t find them to be nearly as comfortable as the panda pad. There are also several other unique features on the Panda Gamepad like.

Panda Gamepad Mod Apk

Joystick button sensitivity setting – this option is really nice because it allows you to set the joystick sensitivity so that you can avoid sliding off while playing racing games. I’ve found this works really well when playing Mario Kart.


The gamepad is a device that comes with the console, enabling users to play games on the go or on their television. It has been designed for gaming and it does not have the function of playing music or videos like other Android devices. However, there are many manufacturers that offer add-on features to the consoles, features that can make your gaming experience better.

One of these features is an application called Panda Gamepad Mod APK. This mod enables you to use your android phone as a controller for your gaming console. Yeah, I must introduce you to a very funny gamepad mod apk, it is the Panda Gamepad Mod. Old school gamers will smile with nostalgia and today’s gamers will be impressed by the quality of games that can run on this simple little device.

How Does It Work?

Gamepad Panda is one of the best controllers for Android devices. It was specially designed to work with all types of games, whether they are simple or complex simulations.

You can configure it separately for each game that you have on your phone. The bad news is that this controller is only compatible with game emulators and not with the official Google Play Store. Moreover, you need a rooted device to be able to use it.

  •  Updating the gamepad make the gamepad more perfect and more suitable for your phone
  •  Adding the function of jump in games, so you can play games more easily and more convenient
  •  The screen is more clear with high definition technology, the screen resolution 1080p output
  •  This mod is designed for Android devices
  •  Supporting wireless control through Bluetooth 4.0 version 


Panda Gamepad Mod Apk is the app that is used to control your android devices. You can easily use this app on your smart devices. It comes with many new updates, which are really helpful to you. This gamepad is really an awesome app that you must use. The interface of this gamepad app has been designed very beautifully and its design is also very attractive. You can get this application from the Google play store or you can get it from its official website.

In this application, you have to use a virtual D-pad for playing games and for other purposes also. For playing games, you have to use joysticks, which are placed in the middle of the controller. It has very unique features and its features are really different from other applications.

It’s a paid application but there is no need to worry about it because the developers of this application have provided its cracked version on their website is free of cost. By installing it on your device you can able to enjoy all features of the panda gamepad app for free of cost.

In the panda gamepad apk, you have to connect your android device with a PC by using a USB cable in order to transfer any file or folder between two devices. In this application, you can also set path.

MOD Features:

Panda gamepad  is a very famous app for android. It is the best emulator among all so far. This app was launched by many websites and also trending in the google play store. This awesome gamepad helps you to play your favorite game on your android mobile phone smoothly and easily.

To make it more interesting, some people have developed some MOD features of the panda gamepad apk. These features are very interesting and they will definitely help you to enjoy the gaming experience on your android phone.


This is a great gaming controller, it has a very ergonomic design and its material is really great. It feels good to hold it in your hands and it gives you full control over the games you play. When you connect it to your Android device, it recognizes that you have connected an external controller and automatically configures the buttons for the games you have installed on your smartphone or tablet.


Q: Does this support rooted devices?

A: Yes, the latest version of the panda gamepad app supports rooted devices.

Q: What about non-rooted devices?

A: For non-rooted devices, you will need to install an app called “No Root Scripter” by Reza Alipour. The script is below in the “Installation” section. You can find the latest version on his website “alipouronline”.

Q: I want to use it with a ps3 controller, can that be done?

A: Yes you can use it with a ps3 controller if you have a Bluetooth controller adapter. 

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