OmeTV APK Mod Download For Android


OmeTV APK Mod Download For Android Do you like to meet new people and make new friends? Our world has become a global village due to advancements in technology, now you can talk to anyone from another corner of the world without any hassle. Technology has eliminated all the distances and now we can make audio and video calls to any friend or family member living abroad. 

It gets better: now you can chat, video call and meet any stranger from any part of the world in seconds by using the internet and various apps. One of the best apps to meet and chat with random strangers from all over the world is known as “OmeTV”.

App Name OmeTV APK Mod Download For Android
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4.1 and up
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17 Jan 2022

Ome TV enables you to meet and make friends with new people from all over the world. It is basically a video chat app which is known for its feature of calling any strangers from any part of the world, these strangers are also using this app in order to meet new people so this app is actually a medium between all the strangers who want to meet new people and make friends with them.  Besides making new friends it is also used to mingle. If you are a single person and want to meet someone to have a relationship with, then this app is a must have app for you. This app is different from other dating apps because it is not only for dating purposes, it mainly focuses on video chat and making a bond through on-camera interactions.

OmeTV Main features

The main features of Ometv are discussed below:

Clean Interface

Ometv app has a very smooth and clean interface, it can be easily used by people from any part of the world. You can easily connect with anyone you want with a single tap and easily swipe left or right any person you want in order to chat or swap.

New people everyday

Unlike other social media apps, Ometv provides you the opportunity to connect with new random people everyday. This app can be used to make new friends abroad, to master any new language or to find a date for you.


Ometv does not require any registration to use this app. This feature is to protect the privacy of app users, it totally depends on you whether you want to reveal your name and identity or not. The purpose of the app is to have fun while chatting with strangers. You never know whom you are talking to, it could be any famous celebrity too.


It is 100% safe and secure to use because it has a dedicated team working for this purpose. Its team is continuously monitoring the chats and if they find anything offensive and against their community rules they take immediate actions. Team will warn the voilaters and then ultimately block them for lifetime, so that you can use it without worrying about harassment or other security issues.

OmeTV Chat

OmeTV is one of the most pre-eminent chatting applications, it has more than 50 million downloads on Google play store. You can find millions of people from almost every country of the world to chat and talk on the OmeTV app. This app will never let you feel bored as it contains many chat options like message chat and video chat. So, don’t wait and download this app in order to meet new people to talk, make friends or mingle.

Ometv live

OmeTv allows you to do live video chat with strangers, this is an astounding feature as you don’t know which random person is going to talk with you on cam and from where in the world he/she belongs. This live video call is full of fun and  entertainment because you both are meeting to find new people on the internet.

Moreover, you can talk about anything you want like any specific hobby, interests or you can have an intimate chat with mutual desire.

OmeTV APK Mod Download For Android

OmeTV APK Mod download

OmeTv MOD APK is a modified version of OmeTv which contains additional and premium features of the app. If you download the OmeTv app from Google play store you can only access the basic features of this app and in order to access the premium features of this app you have to make in-app purchases. These in-app purchases cost you $11.99 per item.

Here’s the good news: OmeTv MOD APK gives you all premium and paid features without paying a single penny. Enjoy the OmeTv app with every premium item and feature unlocked for free by downloading OmeTv MOD APK from our website.

The top three premium features of OmeTV app are given below:

Ometv Unblocked

This mod version of OmeTv app is completely unblocked. Sometimes when we use the modded version of any app, there are chances to be blocked by the official developers and this leads to the permanent blocking of your account. This app is completely ban-proof and cannot be the reason for your blocked account.

OmeTv Hack

This version provides you complete access to all basic and premium features of OmeTv without any cost. This version is also known as the hacked version of OmeTv because of its ability to hack paid features of the app and provide them to us for free.

Ads free Feature

Ads are the most annoying part of any app. Especially when we are chatting to someone and an ad appears suddenly, it feels very frustrating but it’s not avoidable in the official version of the app. But there is a good news for you, OmeTV APK Mod enables you to do unlimited video chats without watching a single advertisement.

In order to download this app for free on your phone follow these steps stated below:

  1. First of all, open the settings of your phone, go to the security tab and allow installation of apps from unknown sources.
  2. Then download the app file by clicking the download button below
  3. When it’s downloaded, tap on this file to start installation.

After installation, enjoy this wonderful app.

OmeTv Download PC

OmeTv can be accessed through your PC as well. You can download it easily and use it on your PC without any hassle. For this purpose you need to install any desktop emulator on your PC. If you already have any emulator installed on your PC then it’s fine, otherwise install bluestacks on your PC first.

After installing bluestacks on your PC follow the steps stated below:

  1. Open bluestacks on your PC
  2. Sign in to your google account
  3. Go to the google play store
  4. Search for “OmeTv
  5. Click on OmeTv app in order to install it

After installation, go to the desktop of your PC and click on the icon of OmeTv to start chatting with new people.

OmeTv for ios

You can download and use OmeTv app on your ios device without any issue. This app is completely compatible with all ios devices including iphone, ipad, ipad touch and mac. You can download it easily from the Apple store for your all ios devices. 

Ometv Online

You can use Ometv online with your browser without even downloading it. You just have to open your browser and visit its official website

From its website you can easily find random strangers to video chat by the following method below:

  • Select your country or gender if you want
  • Click on start button 
  • Ometv will randomly select any person to chat  
  • You can chat with him/her 
  • Click on the stop button to end the chat.

OmeTv Review

“The only bad thing is that this app keeps blocking you from using it and charges you a ridiculous amount of money to unblock you. I got blocked twice for simply showing the Ukrainian national anthem playing on YouTube and another time I was having a good laugh with someone and was blocked for just making funny faces. That’s am absurd. I demand my money back which I spent. And apparently there is help and support in the app where you can get help from.”

Review by : Daniel Oliveira

(Source : Google play store)

Alternate Apps

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OmeTv Old Version

It is common that the latest versions of some apps do not work on some devices due to incompatibility problems, especially on older devices because the latest versions are not necessarily compatible with all older devices. Until the developers look into the issue and make the latest version compatible with all devices, you can use the older version of the app. If the latest version of OmeTv App is not working on your phone then you can download and use the older version of this app from our website.

OmeTv Apps

There are several apps available on the internet similar to OmeTv app and can be used as an alternative to OmeTv app. These apps may differ with OmeTv in some aspects like some features or payment etc.

Some of these apps are listed below:

  • Meet me
  • Omegle
  • Monkey
  • Azar
  •  Camfrog
  • Bermuda
  • Holla
  • livU
  • MeowChat
  • ChatHub

OmeTV APK Mod Download For Android

Frequently asked Questions

Is OmeTV better than Omegle?

Yes, it’s a more enhanced and professional app than Omegle and it contains more authentic people as compared to Omegle.

Is OmeTv monitored?

Yes, it’s being monitored on a continuous basis by its team in order to keep it free from any harassments, vulgar content, nudity or porn.

Can OmeTv track your VPN?

 If OmeTv detects any VPN usage by the users, it automatically blocks their accounts permanently without any warning or notice. You should avoid using the OmeTV app with the VPN.

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