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OCULUS MOD APK Are you someone who is always into new games and loves to play newly launched games but on any application providing you the hint of reality? Want to have access to virtually real experience while playing games or watching some movies and TV shows on this app? So stay tuned. We are going to tell you the details of this super famous and amazing app with spectacular features in this article. Just dive in to acknowledge the wave of information about this application.

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08 Aug 2022


Oculus is an online store where you can find games, apps, and accessories for VR devices, and software and hardware for VR devices. You can also update this store for new features like new updated VR devices. Before having a deep insight into this app, there are many people who don’t know about VR. so, in that case, you don’t need to panic.

VR is an abbreviation of virtual reality which is an advanced technology in which users can be able to create their computer-simulated environment with all the 3D effects and visuals, through which you feel yourself being immersed in the gameplay or movie.  This app has a head-mounted display with virtual reality features. At first, it was only being used for playing games but the developer has improved the software and attracted the attention of users by launching the feature of enjoying any video, movie, or even a song on it. People are being crazy about this app at the time of its launch.


This application is all about a platform where you can watch movies, TV shows, any seasons, or play games of your choice and of any genre without the usage of VR sets for some real experience. This application makes use of the feature named virtual reality which enables the users to enjoy the game or any movie with realistic features in the vicinity of their home. The virtual world basically resembles our real world and allows the users to feel their imaginary world. You can make a visit to the world of your dreams with the help of this device set.



This device in which this software is installed has a head-mounted display. The users can wear the headset on their head and can adjust it with the adjustable strap on the backside of the head. Now you can feel your virtual world which is between your eyes and the real world.


After wearing the headset on your head, you will feel yourself being immersed in a whole other world. The device has in-built lenses to focus the provided image and then deliver it to the person’s eye. The device has two lenses, one for each eye which makes an overlapping image on the screen of android or iPhones.


There is an in-built motion tracking system in the device through which users can control the movements in the games or other apps by the movements of their heads.


The main reason people are loving this headset is the fusion of two advanced technologies. One is a computer-generated environment and the other is a 3D headset that the players wear on their heads. With these two features in a single device, the device creates the most amazing and the best experience for the players using it.


You can play any game of your choice with your friends and can enjoy the company of your friends while being away from each other.


This app doesn’t ask for any personal information while logging into it. That is why it is considered very safe by the players for entertainment purposes.


You can connect with your friends from all over the world by connecting your VR sets. In this way, being in any part of the world, you can create your world of imagination with your friends and play the games with them in multiplayer mode.


This app and device are not restricted to games only. You can also enjoy movies and other TV shows with your friends in your virtual movie theater, which gives users the essence of being in the movie with all the roles and characters.


The app has a wide variety of customization options available for the users to enjoy with this app to the fullest.

There are hundreds of apps and amazing games available on this app that you can choose according to your taste.


The app also has the option of a wide variety of accessories for VR devices from which you can update your VR device. You have to buy these accessories for upgrading. Accessories like quest 2 elite strap with battery and carrying case, link cable, fit pack, power adapter, and exclusive oculus products and accessories.


Being a third-party application, some third-party software is offering their download, but we will not recommend you to fall into this trap as this software is not working due to some absurd issues.

In case you are finding a safe and free link to download this amazing application, you can have a look at the link given below.

The steps are usually the same.

  1. Click the link and save the file on your devices.
  2. Because of the third-party app, you have to enable the option of downloading from unknown sources from your settings.
  3. Then find the file on the device and start the process of downloading.
  4. Now you will have the app on your mobile phone to operate. The method is very easy and convenient.

Now just open the app and start discovering your imaginations in the virtual world.


There are thousands of games already available in your library for free but some of the most interesting and exciting games are available in the purchasing section.

You can purchase the games through your debit or credit card and then these games would be added to your library and then you can have unlimited fun with these games too. The detailed purchasing method is also told in the buy games section.

But in case you don’t want to spend some extra bucks for doing some online games, you can also install the mod apk version which provides all the premium features for free and unlocked.

The list of games available on this app are grand theft auto, bone lab, resident evil 4, rec room, star wars, the climb 2, vox machine, Jurassic world, echo combat, lone echo, lies beneath, eve-valkyrie, marvel united VR, medal of honor, lone echo 2, Asgard’s wrath, stormland, the path of the warrior and many others.

These games have been launched in different years but received almost the same degree of appreciation from players all over the world.


Coming straight to the topic, these files can be downloaded very easily. To download, you have to enable the development mode in your device browser. Make the VRsideloder ready. Now you can install the files on the oculus apk.

After installing, to open apk files, you have to connect your oculus device to the computer through USB. then after all the necessary permissions, log in to your device. Now you can download the oculus apps on your device. After the file has been loaded in VRsideloder, keep the app there.


Oculus mod apk cracked version is basically the upgraded and premium version where you can have all the premium and locked features for free and unlocked.

The cracked version features are

  1. Unlocked premium.
  2. Unlocked pro.
  3. Unlocked VIP.
  4. Free.
  5. MOD paid.
  6. All bugs present in the previous versions have been fixed.
  7.  Unlimited money.
  8. Upgraded version.
  9. No virus is present.


Oculus Quest is a handset that can be used alone without the smartphone or any device being attached to it. You can enjoy all the features of the Oculus application without connecting it to your computer or mobile device. This invention has made the app popular for a very less time and the number of downloads has also increased drastically due to its vast features and user convenience. While the usual oculus app has always demanded the users to connect their devices with this oculus set to have an amazing and unreliable virtual reality experience.

On the oculus quest 2 mod apk, there are an immense number of amazing and exciting games almost for 300$, which is a bit less in comparison to other apps but still, people find it quite expensive. There are some games also present on this app that are totally free. You can totally enjoy these games for free.


While all the other improvements, the developer has done to this app. He has also launched a new feature called Oculus Quest 2 through which the users have all the amazing fun while users can connect his app to other Android or iOS devices through their mobile phones.

To install the oculus mod apk quest 2, the process is similar to that of other versions of oculus apps, keeping in mind that these are third-party apps. Some of the games available on oculus mod apk quest 2 are grand theft auto, bone lab, resident evil 4, rec room, star wars, the climb 2, vox machine, Jurassic world after, and many other exciting games.


This app can also be installed on a PC very easily. the PC windows must be 7,8,10. You can use this app on your devices anytime but working on this app with a PC, the app will open up the full range of all the contents related to the PC.


  • Some of the best browsers which can be used with the oculus app and VR devices are as follows:
  • Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, servo, google chrome, and chromium.
  • Once there was a firefox reality browser that was working well for VR but it was closed and replaced by another VR browser named wolvic.

The features ‘opera’ are providing are

  1. Support 360-degree video.
  2. Detects the headset automatically.
  3. Built-in VPN service
  4. Light and fast

The features Mozilla firefox’ is providing are

  1. Web VR standard
  2. Availability on mac computers
  3. Respects privacy
  4. Non-profit company.

The features ‘Microsoft edge’ are offering are

  1. Better webVR standard support
  2. Supports chrome extensions.
  3. Currently available only for windows mixed reality
  4. Smart screen support

So, now we have listed some best browsers for you to enjoy the oculus interface even more. Choose any of the above options to make your experience even more amazing.


There are many amazing games available on the oculus mod apk which are available only if you buy them.

In order to buy these games, you have to open your oculus app on your devices and then go to the search bar present at the top of the screen. Search for any game of your choice that you want to buy and then choose the game. Then click on the buy option. Then add your debit card or credit card details to it. By paying the relevant amount, the game will be added to your library directly.


This app offers a wide variety of games with hundreds of different and exciting genres to choose from. Some of the games are echo combat, lone echo, lies beneath, eve-valkyrie, marvel united VR, medal of honor, lone echo 2, Asgard’s wrath, stormland, the path of the warrior, and many others.

Coming to boxing games, games of this genre have attracted the attention of players the most. Playing boxing games through VR devices will give you an epic realistic experience of some WWE rings. The thrill of the fight is the most loved and downloaded game from this app. This game is a virtual boxing game, giving the players a real kick to fulfill their thrilling and adventurous thirst of being in a real boxing game.


You can cast the oculus app on your tv or any other device.

Before casting, make sure both devices are on the same internet connection. For castings to your devices, you can follow the following steps.

  1. Open your oculus app on your device.
  2. Give your device permissions, if the device will ask for any.
  3. Go to the ‘cast to’ section, and choose the device to which you want to do the casting.
  4. Tap on the start button and it will start working.


After all the discussion, the question comes up how can someone create an account on the oculus app?

To create the account, you have to open the oculus app on some compatible and supported device. Now you have to sign up in the oculus app. And when you have created your Facebook account, enter your name on which the Facebook app has been created and in this way, your account will be created on this app. Although you can make your oculus account without Facebook, we will not recommend you to do this because it will limit your available features.

You have the freedom to show or hide your name on your virtual devices.

Only the oculus quest 2 is the version of oculus, on which you can make an account without Facebook. But with the versions, you can use your Facebook account to create the account.


The developer of this game has also created a feature for users who also want to become developers of this application to make some advanced changes.

The main works of the developer are:

  1. Coding
  2. 3D modeling
  3. Digitalization
  4. Designing

The skills required to be an efficient and skillful developer are managing the project with all his capabilities, facing and solving all the problems being displayed, and being creative with each version of the game.

On this platform, any developer of any genre can publish their apps whether they are related to the virtual industry or not. To register as a developer with the oculus developer platform, only the following requirements are needed.

  1. One should meet the guidelines given by oculus developers.
  2. Submit the application following the guidelines.


The Oculus app works by connecting the VR devices to compatible VR gear devices. The compatible VR gear devices are galaxy S9+, galaxy S8+, galaxy S8, galaxy 9, galaxy note 8, galaxy FE, Galaxy A8, and Galaxy A8+.

  • While in the case of PC, the windows must be 7,8,10.
  • And in the case of macOS, 10.10+(86)



Avail this amazing application and have fun with all the unique features of this app. So don’t wait any longer just install the app.


Is this link safe to download?

Yes, this link is totally safe.

Is this app free?

Some of the features are free but you have to purchase some. To avoid all the purchasing, you can download the app from the given URL.

Download links

How to install OCULUS MOD APK Premium Unlocked APK?

1. Tap the downloaded OCULUS MOD APK Premium Unlocked APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.

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