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Oct 25, 2022
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Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds APK:

Relinquish yourself into the anime world full of mysteries or enigmas. Many animated games are entertaining the audience with their enchanting covers, graphics, and gameplay. Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds APK game also depicts the animated world with alluring scenery and view. The game is based on a story of a teenage boy who is on a quest to find his lost mother. The name of this boy is Oliver, and he has lost his mother in an enchanting wonderland. This wide world has much for exploration and discovery. Oliver tries hard and wonders in this immense world, but finds nothing. 

Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds APK

Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds APK will offer Oliver a large land to discover new things. He will be lost in the beauty and charm of the land. Meanwhile, the wonderland will be captured and ruled by evil. Bad luck! Evil will make the people of this land slaves and will destroy them. The people will become enemies and attack one another for their survival of themselves.

Oliver is not a small-hearted person and acts as a savior or hero for the inhabitants. Many other heroes with Oliver work together to eradicate the witches from the land and make the people satisfied. After protecting this beautiful virtual world, Oliver will meet his mother. The game is just like an ocean in which the player feels lost. It has some similarities with the Clash of Clans. The game will offer the classes of the heroes for selecting the game character for the player. 

Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds APK Download:

Follow the given procedure very carefully to get the game on your device. 

  •  Press the APK file link that is shown above this article. The link will get you to the download of the file. 
  •  Allow the security option of your phone to permit the installation of apps from third-party resources. 
  •  Open the File Manager on your android phone. Access the folder of the downloaded files. 
  •  Tap the APK file for starting the installation. 
  •  The app will be installed within an instant as the APK files don’t take time to install. 


Classes of Heroes:

Five classes or groups of heroes are present in this game. 

  •  Mage
  •  Engineer
  •  Destroyer
  •  Trickster
  •  Swordsman. 

Every class is differentiated from others by their skills or abilities. 

Oliver – The main Hero:

Oliver is the main character or warrior of the game who starts protecting the wonderland. He also works with other warriors to save this world. He also meets another girl character Rania, who will support him till the last. Oliver will find his mother when he has completed the task of protecting the wonderland and its inhabitants. 

Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds APK

Game Modes:

There are 2 modes in this game. 

  •  PvE – This mode allows the player to combat alone with the enemies. 
  •  PvP – it permits the player to play with other players. These players may be friends from real life or the online world. 


The map of this game is a beautiful landscape with different locations. The map was beautiful when the game starts, but later it became a burning landscape or desert because o witches. This map consists of items, easter eggs, characters, descriptions, etc. 


The characters of this game are included in the given list. 

  •  Swordsman – Heroic Fencer
  •  Destroyer – Giant Warrior
  •  Witch – Magician
  •  Rogue – Archer
  •  Engineer – Damage dealer

Strongest Characters:

  • Swordsman 
  • Destroyer

Weakest Characters: :

  • Engineer
  • Witch 

System Requirements:

This game requires, 

  •  A device with 4GB RAM. 
  •  Android with 5.0 API (Application Programming Interface). 

Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds APK

English Version:

This is a Korean game that is now available in English. The languages were not in the first version of the game, but now the language can be changed in the game settings. The interface is easy, and the player does not find any difficulty in changing the language for their convenience. 


The review of this game is good so far, as it has offered amazing gameplay for gamers. The game is available for both android devices and PCs. The game is safe, and the graphics are incredible. It has no crash issues. 

Release Date:

This game was first released in 2019. But, the latest updated version of the app was uploaded on Aug 20, 2022, and it was v1.10.10. 

Download on PC:

To get this android app on your PC, you have to download the BlueStacks – an emulator software. 

  •  Download the APK file from the above-given link. 
  •  Open the BlueStacks and try to install the APK file with this emulator. 
  •  This emulator will perform the role of an android. 

Switch platforms:

This game is available for both Android and PC. The features of the game can be cross-played and switched to support this game on both devices, either a PC or an android phone. 


There are some Familiar codes for getting the battle effects and items in this game. 

  •  100ninoguesswho – familiar coupon code gives five summon familiars. 
  •  happy100thanks – four capsules for familiars. 
  •  1KOLCROSSWORLD1 – familiars bonus items for free. 


Chest Locations:

The chests are included in the collectible list of the game. You will find almost three chest boxes on each map of the game. The locations of these chests are the following. 

  •  Southern Heartlands
  •  Golden Grove
  •  Allegra plateau
  •  Winter Wonderland
  •  Burning Desert
  •  Woebegone Wilds
  •  Eastern Heartlands
  •  Serene Forest
  •  Cloudcoil Canyon
  •  Glittering Grotto
  •  Witch’s Woods
  •  Rainbow Valley. 

Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds APK

Coupon Code:

The game codes are being used for obtaining the pets, combat items, and titles, for the game. Some of these coupon codes are shared below. 

  •  higgledysogoldgift: gold (50K)
  •  100ninoguesswho: five coupons for familiar summons
  •  thankyou100nino: almost 100k gold. 
  •  happy100thanks: four capsules. 
  •  higgledyshappy100: gold (50k)
  •  enjoywithfriends: five drinks & territe aroma. 
  •  Thankyou4Ninolive: Dice gift. 
  •  SUPERTEN: pose chest superstar. 
  •  LUCKYDRIVER: bean pods (10) two-star chests (10)
  •  2WORLDTHELIVE: free resources. 
  •  1CATCH4SPARKEE1: free game bonus. 

App Size:

The APK file of this game is very large and may put a burden on the android device. But, you have to match the compatibility of the device with the game for the smooth running of the game. The game size is almost 1GB which makes the game heavy. 


Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds APK game has presented a unique storyline with colorful animations. Make your farm beautiful with trees, flowers, and plants. Embellish the parks, gardens, and the whole kingdom. Build and join your favorite kingdom to help the people. Become the best protector of the virtual world. The game will rank the players as the top savior. Any gamer who makes his kingdom beautiful and enthralling will be the top-ranked player. 

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