Netflix Mod Apk for PC | Download its Latest Version for PC for free

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 Netflix Mod Apk for PC [Latest Version]

Netflix, actually the best streaming app or website in the world where the users can easily get their favourite shows, movies, programs etc. But the main issue is that the Netflix official is paid and it demands monthly subscription every month from the users to watch their favourite shows. Netflix Mod Apk for PC is the best solution for the users to get the chance of watching for free.

Netflix is the streaming website or apk which has the millions of customers/users but this is paid. Most of the users cannot enjoy the Netflix because of its paid issue. Netflix official has the high subscription charges which everyone cannot afford this.

So the Netflix Mod Apk is the mod version of Netflix official which has the ultimate extraordinary features with completely free access.

Netflix MOD APK Download for PC

Netflix Mod Apk for PC is the unlocked version of all premium features with all access free for the users, but it cannot be available on the Google lay store.

Now days, Netflix is the most trending app or website in the world which is used by millions of customers. Customers can easily watch their favourite TV shows, movies, web series etc. by purchasing the Netflix monthly subscription which is quite high in rates.

Apk like Netflix is paid apk which is quite expensive and everyone cannot afford it. So, for the Netflix users who do not have the available resources to purchase the subscription plan, they indeed, have the two free options. Either the users use the Netflix Cookies or they use the Netflix Mod Apk which is totally free.

Netflix official has the different three plans which have the users most. It starts from 8$ to 20$ every month. It demands monthly subscription every month from the users. Majority of the Netflix lovers have to pay the subscription charges to enjoy the favourite content.

Netflix Mod Apk for PC is the ditto/duplicate copy of the Netflix official which ultimate has the full access to all premium features of Netflix. It is somehow the hacked version of Netflix which has the free access to all Netflix premium features.

The Notable features of Netflix Mod Apk for PC are as follows, which are quite interesting for the users:


Free Download

Users can easily download Netflix Mod Apk for free from anywhere. It is not available on the Google play store It is not like the Netflix official where the users must purchase the subscription plans to enjoy the video content. But the Netflix Mod apk is completely free and easy to download.

Enjoy Apk Free

Users can use this Netflix mod apk for free. Users do not have to spend any single penny for this. It has the all ultimate premium best features of Netflix for free and the users do not have to worry about this. Netflix Mod Apk for PC has the all extra features of Netflix and they can enjoy the all movies, web series, TV shows etc. for completely free.

No User Login Required

As we all know, Netflix official required the username and password login for access. But in the Netflix Mod Apk for PC has no requirement of login details to enter the Netflix. It surely has the best premium features of Netflix and has complete access for free. Users can easily enjoy the video content without enter any login details.

Ads Free

The most important and amazing feature of the Netflix Mod Apk is complete ads free version. There will be no worry for the users of ads. The other application of streaming video has so many ads in between their video content that so much irritated the users, annoying for the users.

But in the Mod Apk version of Netflix, there will be no ads during watching video content and users can watch all their favourite programs with tension free.

Premium Video Quality

Netflix Mod Apk for Users has the best highest video quality for their users. Users can enjoy the all video content in ULTRA HD resolution quality which will give the immensely fell to the users. In this mod apk version, users can enjoy all programs, movies, web series etc. in premium 4K quality for free.

Watch Unlimited Movies

Netflix Mod Apk for PC assures the users to enjoy the unlimited quantity of movies and other video content. Users can watch all the movies, web series, TV shows, and programs in no numbers for free. There is no restriction for watching the content. Users have the unlimited choice to watch their favourite content.

No Buffering Issue

Users can enjoy the unlimited movies, TV shows, programs etc. with no buffering issue at all. In Netflix Mod Apk for PC, users have no any issue regarding the buffering. Users can enjoy the video content as much as possible with no limitation and buffering. Users will not be going to face any buffering issue during watching their favourite video content in Netflix Mod Apk version.



If the more than one user tries to login with same username and password with different IP addresses, then Netflix official would ban the account. But in the Netflix Mod Apk, there is no such issue regarding ban. Users can easily access to Netflix with same login details with the Mod Apk version.

Unlimited User’s sharing

In the Netflix Mod Apk for PC, many users have the access to Netflix premium features with the same account. It has the unlimited screen’s sharing in which unlimited users can share the same account easily. But in the Netflix official, the premium account holder can also share its screen to 4 persons only.

Watch More Than 4K Video Qualities

Netflix Mod Apk version gives the users best video quality which is quite promising.  Netflix never set back to their users in video quality perspective. Netflix Mod Apk for PC has the quite interesting feature of providing the 4K video quality to the users. They can also download their videos in 4K quality and watch them in later.

Offline Mode

Users can watch their favourite video content in offline mode also. They can watch and then download their video content easily and can watch them in offline mode also in Netflix Mod Apk. Users can watch the latest online streaming episodes of different seasons later by downloading them and can watch in offline mode also.

Regional Languages

Language has been the most sensitive issue in online streaming websites for years. But in Netflix Mod Apk, there is no such issue regarding the language. It supports the multiple languages also. In case, if the users want to watch their favourite video content in their perspective/native language, than they have the option to choose this.

Users can watch their favourite movies, TV shows, web series, programs etc. in their desired language in which they want. So this is very easy for the users to understand the language of content.


In the Netflix Mod Apk for PC, users can change the language of basic subtitles in which they want to read. His is the best option which the mod version gives the users. This feature will surely help the users to understand the favourite content easily.


Apk Info and Requirement:

App Name Netflix MOD
File Size 15 MB
Version 7.72.7
Last Updated May, 2020

Download the Netflix Mod Apk for PC/Laptop

Netflix Mod Apk was only introduced for the android devices but it can be downloaded and install on PC/Laptop by using the Android Emulator Bluestacks. Users have to firstly download the Android Emulator on PC/laptop and then download the Netflix Mod Apk.

The whole procedure for download and install the Emulator and Netflix Mod Apk on PC are as follows:

  • Firstly, users have to download the Android Emulator in PC.


  • Then download the Netflix Mod Apk in PC through any of this link:


  • Bluestacks emulator allows the PC/Laptop to download and install Apk on your device.
  • By using the emulator, PC/Laptop will work as Android Device.
  • After downloaded the Apk file, go to the downloaded folder in your computer/laptop and do right click on this.
  • Open this apk file through the Bluestacks Emulator.
  • Then click on the install button and installed this.
  • After the installation process, click on file and launch the apk file.
  • Now, the users/customers can easily access the Netflix Mod Apk on your PC and can eased have the unlimited movies, TV shows, programs, documentaries, web series etc.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it safe to use Netflix Mod Apk for PC?

Yes, it is completely safe and secure to use the mod version of Netflix on PC. Users are free to download and use the Netflix Mod Apk for PC.

Do the users need to pay any amount for mod apk?

No, the users do not need to pay any charges, amount for using the Netflix Mod Apk. This is all in one free version of Netflix mod apk.

Do the users need any username or password for mod version?

No, users do not have to type any username and password to login in mod apk version. It is the mod apk version of Netflix official which means it surely does not require any type of username and password for login.

What type of devices supports the Netflix Mod Apk?

  • Netflix Mod Apk is compatible with these devices, which are as follows:
  • Android Smartphone
  • PC/Laptop by Android Emulator
  • Android Smart TV
Wrapping Up
Netflix Mod Apk is the most finest and great mod of the Official Netflix version. It has the all premium updated features of Netflix. There are many advantages for using the Netflix Mod apk on your devices. The best and important advantage is that the mod apk is completely free for users. Users can enjoy unlimited video content for totally free. So we can say that the Netflix Mod Apk for PC servers great to users in many ways.

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