Netflix Mod Apk For Pc latest version

Netflix Mod Apk For Pc

Netflix Mod Apk For Pc is an application which provides its users with a large number of movies, Tv shows, series , seasons , stand-ups and documentaries of many types. At this point, Netflix has spread worldwide and almost everyone knows about it. And if you are looking for your favorite shows and seasons you are at the right place. Netflix also releases its own documentaries and seasons that you can watch and enjoy your holidays. Usually, people go to visit different places on holidays but now-a-days people prefer staying at home and enjoying the holiday resting and watching a whole lot of movies. And if you are also the type of person who prefers staying at home and watching movies or family shows with your beloved ones then Netflix Mod Apk For Pc is the best app for you. It allows you access to an open world of dramas, movies, etc.

App Name Netflix Mod Apk For Pc
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4.4 and up
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22 March 2022

Moreover, this app provides you with more than one season of a show. If you liked a show you can watch more seasons that are directly related to the said show. A lot of people prefer Netflix Mod Apk For Pc over other streaming apps because of its services and high-quality. In addition to this , if you are watching an on-going show. This app notifies you when the next episode is updated. The episodes are released on a confirmed date and time. You can even search movies and shows of your own liking. By searching the genre , Netflix Mod Apk For Pc will recommend you with a whole lot of series of your taste. To get access to Netflix , you just need a device to download Netflix Mod Apk For Pc and then you are done. You can watch it even on Big-screens like Laptop, PC, LED and LCD’s .The quality of the movies and shows is so great. Netflix users have always appreciated its services. Netflix helps you to enjoy your free-time without getting bored.

Features of Netflix for pc

Netflix is an application with a lot of Features that are given below:

  • Unlimited movies and shows:

Netflix Mod Apk For Pc is a very big platform that gives you countless movies and shows for your boredom. Bored? No need to be , because Netflix has great movies that will ease your boredom and help you lighten your mood. Netflix content includes movies of different countries and shows. They contain dramas from various countries. You just have to select the option of your liking. 

  • Best quality:

If you are worried about the quality of movies you wanna watch on Netflix Mod Apk For Pc then that’s absolutely useless because Netflix is famous for its best quality service. You can even select the quality option according to your Data service. All the users of Netflix are the biggest critics of its quality. You can try watching a movie on Netflix to get the best experience from a streaming app.

  • Good at Suggestions:

Anyone can choose the shows of their liking in the search engine of Netflix Mod Apk For Pc. You can either search the genre or the movie you wanna watch . Once you select a movie of your choice , Netflix Mod Apk For Pc will search more movies and shows according to your taste and bring them in the suggested and recommended ones. This feature of Netflix Mod Apk For Pc is very useful because it provides you with new movies of your liking.

Netflix Mod Apk For Pc


  • Multiple profiles:

Apart from this, Netflix Mod Apk For Pc gives you five profiles in total. You can either use them for different purposes or share them with friends. Netflix gives you these profiles for you to enjoy different genres and styles in only one account. You can even name these profiles and put the pictures of your likings on the screen to separate them from each other.

  • Kids Netflix:

On the other hand, this app even allows the service for Kids. This app gives complete security and protection from any kind of exotic and adultery content. This provides a safe environment for Kids to watch their favourite shows. There is no need for you to worry about their access to other shows because Netflix highly restricts that for your Kids for you.

  • Different Categories:

Netflix provides different categories of movies and dramas. This app contains almost all the things of things of people liking such as

  • Comedy
  • Anime
  • Action
  • Adventure
  • Documentary
  • Series
  • Seasons
  • Movies
  • Cartoons etc.
  • Offline watch:

Most importantly, if you have a shortage of data or a bad internet connection, you can download your favourite show and watch it anytime. The shows you download will be kept safe in the same profile you downloaded them. You can watch it anytime without any data connection. 

  • Availability on various devices:

Enjoy the dramas and movies even on big screens. This app allows you to log-in into the account on various devices. Everybody likes to watch dramas on big screens. So, this app is the best for this service. You can watch it on a laptop, PC, LED, LCD or even on your android devices. 

  • Privacy Policy:

Privacy is the  biggest insecurity of a person, he worries about his privacy and security and Netflix has solved this problem for man. Netflix gives you full security on your account. You can put a password on your profile and lock it from other users . In this way, no one will manipulate your privacy . This privacy policy has grabbed the interest of many users.  

Netflix Apk Download

Unlike Netflix , Netflix Mod Apk For Pc can easily be downloaded and has more features . It only requires a subscription and you are going to get the best experience of streaming shows and movies. This version gives you an excess of many features. That includes as-free. No ads will appear on the screen. You can watch anything without any barriers.

Netflix Movies

Netflix is famous for its movies. It has movies of more than one kind , more than one category and of many countries. Netflix gives such a big platform of your liking. Any kind of movie can be watched here. If you want to watch a movie that can not be found anywhere , you can easily find it here. You just have to search it in the search engine.   

Netflix Miniseries

Netflix Mod Apk For Pc itself produces different miniseries which are being watched worldwide. A mini series is a more than 10 hours movie and Netflix contains so many miniseries. These miniseries have different stories and are based on different lessons or lives. Fictional series are also present here. 

Netflix Premium Apk

Netflix Mod Apk For Pc premium Apk is a streaming platform which allows us to stream numerous classic arts and come to the latest blockbuster that  are obviously a hit. This app is very easy for the users to use . They just have to make a simple account on Netflix to get access to this platform. Users can search for whatever movie they want. 

In addition to this, Netflix suggests you to personalize your interests so that it can recommend you to movies and shows that you will like. The users who want a safe platform that is virus-free, Netflix Premium Apk is the best platform for them. 

Netflix Mod Apk for PC

Netflix Mod Apk For Pc is an application that can easily be downloaded on any kind of device. So, you can also download it on Pc and on androids. It can also be downloaded on your iphone and iPad. This is a very user friendly app and 100% satisfies the users.

Netflix Mod Apk Premium no ads

Netflix Mod Apk For Pc has a great feature that it rejects every kind of third party advertisement. This app does not allow any other ad to pop up on the screen of watchers. There will be no video or audio ad pop-ups on the screen of your device when using this app. 

Netflix Mod Apk for pc old version

The old version contains a lot of features but still the new version is more advanced and full of features.

Netflix Mod Apk latest version

The latest version of Netflix Mod Apk For Pc contains new movies, shows and all. Netflix also deletes some old movies that are ot worth watching and provides the users with the best of its content. This version allows subtitles, audio selection and quality controls. 

  • Subtitles:

You can also apply subtitles by selecting the setting option. You can generate the subtitles of your language if it’s available. 

  • Audio-selection:

You can select the audio of the wanted language. Netflix offers audio of more than one language so it can be easy for the users to watch the show in their respective language.

  • Quality control:

This feature is also present in the old version and is present in the version as well. You can enjoy the movie with the best quality to experience the best show ever. But if you have a low amount of data you can select the low quality setting for data saving. 

Netflix Mod Apk Tricks

  • Remove watch history

 The biggest insecurity of a man is his privacy. You can just delete the watch history and you are done. This way no one will  ever find what you watch or stream.

  • Netflix Roulette

 This is an option which you can use when you don’t know what to watch . You can just go to the Netflix Roulette and search the movies just by telling the genre and some more details and you are ready to watch. 

  • Tweak subtitle appearance

Sometimes the subtitle results in becoming a barrier for the users because of their size and solace . So there is no need to worry , you can just go to tweak the subtitle appearance and change the settings there and the screen is clear now and you can even watch the subtitles along with the movie. 

  • Enable Smart downloads

 You can enable smart download and it will help you in managing the downloaded content . If you want to download the episode this option will do it for you. This option will download the next episode for you and will automatically delete the previous one when you are done watching it. So, you don’t have to worry about the space and memory of your device. 

  • Check IMDb ratings

  If you want to watch the movie but you are nervous that may be the movie is not worth it. Then you can check it from IMDb rating to get the rating and it will encourage you to watch the movie with higher ratings that are actually worth it. 

  • Disable auto-play

You can disable the auto-play option so that you can stream peacefully. For some users this option is good as it plays the next epi by itself  but some users don’t like it . So, they can disable it. 

  • Use voice command

   Get a better experience without using the keyboard , you just have to select the voice command option and you are done. 

  • Save data

   You can save the data by selecting the data saving option i n the settings. 

  • Keyboard shortcuts

 You can use keyboard shortcuts to do some things such as

 Space for pause/ play

 F for full screen

 Esc for exiting full screen

Left arrow for rewinding 10 sec

Right arrow for forwarding 10 sec

Up arrow for increasing volume

Down arrow for decreasing volume

M for mute

S for skip intro

  • Download only on wifi

You can download shows only when wifi is available. You can set it up from the settings as well.

  • Codes for genre

Here are some codes for the genre you’d like to see because sometimes there are so many movies that you are not able to find the movie of your liking .

Adventure and Action genre:

  • Adventure and action on   1365
  • Martial Arts Movies on       8985
  • Military Adventure and Adventure movies on     2125
  • Adventures simple on    7442
  • Superhero movies and comic books on    10118
  • Foreign action and Adventure on   11828
  • Asian Action Movies on    77232
  • Classic Action and Adventure on    46576
  • Spy action and adventure on   10702
  • Crime action and adventure on   9584
  • Action thrillers on   43048


  • Anime on      7424
  • Anime dramas on    452
  • Anime Features on    3063
  • Anime Sci-Fi on    2729
  • Anime Horror on    10695
  • Adult Animation on   11881
  • Anime action on    2653
  • Anime Comedies on    9302
  • Anime fantasies on    11146
  • Anime series on    6721

Classic Movies

  • Classic War Movies on    48744
  • Epics on     52858
  • Classic Forign Movies on   32473
  • Classic Comedies on   31694
  • Classic dramas on    29809
  • Classic Sci-fi and Fantasy on   47147
  • Classic Thrillers on    46588
  • Film Noir on    7687
  • Silent Movies on   53310
  • Classic Westerns   47465
  • Classic Movies    31574

–   Dramas on   5736
–    Biographical dramas on   3179
–    Classic dramas on   29809
–    Courtroom Dramas on     528582748
–     Sports Dramas on    7243
–     Gay and Lesbian Drama on  500 
–      Independent dramas on    384
–     Teen dramas on    9299
–      Military dramas on     11
–      Period Pieces on       12123
–     Crime Dramas on     6886
–     Dramas based on books on     4961
–     Dramas based on real life on    3653  
–     Tearjerkers on      6384
–     Foriegn Dramas on   2150
–     Political Dramas on    6616 
–     Romantic Dramas on    1255
–     Social Issue Dramas on      3947
–      Showbiz Dramas on     5012
–     Faith & Spirituality on     26835:
–     Faith & Spirituality Movies on    52804

–    Spiritual Documentaries on    2760
–     Kids Faith & Spirituality on       751423
–      Independent Dramas on   384

Netflix Create account

You can simply create an account on Netflix by getting the subscription . Just put the information and create an account and login to Netflix. The account consists of 5 profiles and they are very useful for privacy purposes and you can even share them with friends. 

Netflix Change Plan

 You have to sign into your account and under the plan details there is an option of change plan. You just have to select simply and if it is not done then contact the official Netflix account help. 

Netflix Free Trial

 There is no such thing as Free trial on Netflix . Although, it provides the freedom of change plan if you change your mind about the Netflix subscription. 

Netflix Gift Card

You can purchase the gift card for Netflix Netflix Mod Apk For Pc at various locations and even online. The gift card can never expire and this is mentioned at the back of every vcard and these cards are not refundable.

Netflix Korean Drama

Yes, it is also true that Netflix also provides K-dramas fans with a lot of Korean dramas . These Korean dramas are available with English subtitles and in more than one audio language. You can choose whatever language you wanna hear and enjoy the drama. 

These are some famous Korean Dramas on Netflix:














Netflix Yearly Subscription

No, you can not get a yearly subscription. Unlike other streaming apps, Netflix only allows monthly subscription which is helpful for the users and watchers. 


In this article we know a lot of things about Netflix Mod Apk For Pc and I am sure that you’ll be able to download and use Netflix as you want.Netflix is one of the best streaming apps and has been spread worldwide. A lot of people watch movies, shows , series, seasons and documentaries in this app. 

Thanks for reading this article, I hope you enjoy your time watching the shows you waited for. 

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