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Mortal Kombat Mod Apk (Unlimited funds and souls)

Install Mortal Kombat Mod APK with unlimited souls and money on Android for those who want to test your fighting abilities against the best fighters of the best in the world with characters you’ve grown to enjoy! The original Mortal Kombat game was released in 1992. At the time the games were still in development and the fight genre was at its height. If you’re a fervent lover of the Mortal Kombat series, you’d absolutely love every game they launch. Mortal Kombat mod apk unlimited souls on mobile is a hugely well-known game, with more than 50 million downloads at this writing. Everything you’ve come to know from the series like your characters, violence and sheer violence are in the game! If you’re not enjoying the action, keep reading to find out more about this game!

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December 7, 2021

What is Mortal Kombat?

In the 1990s there’s a good likelihood that you played the Mortal Kombat game as a child. What player can forget these games, with their extravagant actions, amazing graphics, and the brutality that it brought? Even if you’re acquainted with the game, it’s easy to enjoy the mobile game by playing it for the first time.

Mortal Kombat mod apk obb for mobile is a contemporary marvel – bringing the best combat to mobile is a smart idea. The game features you’ll be able to take on the original 11 Mortal Kombat characters from the console game dubbed the MK11. The characters include well-known characters like Kabal Sub-Zero, Kabal, Scorpion, Raiden and more! Apart from that there are also opportunities to participate in multiplayer games to battle combatants from all over the world. With Faction Wars, you will play with other players and climb the leaderboards to earn amazing prizes. Overall it’s a great game. Mortal Kombat game is optimized for mobile, featuring stunning graphics and over-the top gaming that will leave you looking for more!

Mortal Kombat Mod Apk

Features of Mortal Kombat

We’ve all heard we know that Mortal Kombat games can be quite epic. However, how much effort and effort they invest in creating this masterpiece? Let’s look at its highlights:

A Huge Roster of Characters In the game you get the opportunity to form an MK11 team. The team includes characters you’ve played on the console like Sub-Zero Scorpion, Kabal, Skarlet and others! If you’re a fan these characters then you’re getting a treat because they’ll be performing the similar Fatal Blow they’re famous for. Apart from that, there are more than 130 Mortal Kombat characters you can play with in this game. There are a lot of brand new characters you’ll want to miss , such as Klassic Reptile , and many more.

3 Vs. 3 Battle 3 Battle In this game mode you’ll take the top 3 warriors to battle against three characters. You’ll battle until the end to earn more experience, gold, and the possibility of upgrading your character. Combine warriors using unique synergies to gain an advantage that is unfair and will knock down your adversaries. Do you think you have the ability to create an advantage over your opponents?

Multiplayer HTML0 Multiplayer In the multiplayer game Faction Wars, you’ll be able to take on the world leaderboards, battling real players in real time! With this game mode, you’ll showcase your talents to be the top of the leaderboards and win amazing rewards!

Graphics Graphics Everyone is aware that violence in Mortal Kombat is unmatched. In this game, you’ll feel the brutality more due to the breathtaking 3D graphics the game provides. Each action is purposely designed to provide an authentic experience. This is particularly the case when you perform the Fatal Blow which will render your opponent ineffective.

Controls Mortal Kombat does an excellent job of turning an old console game into an actual mobile game. Controls in Mortal Kombat are easy enough to master but are difficult to master. In this game, you’ll be tested as you learn to time your attacks to perfection.

Mod Features

This is the altered or cracked edition of the game. The original version includes a few features, which is the reason why the pace of the game has ended. Don’t worry. Simply download The mortal kombat mode appk unlimited souls and money 2022 to unlock all features. In addition, certain features in the mod are as follows:

Unlimited Coins And Money

It is the Mortal Kombat X Mod Apk comes with diamonds and coins which represent the currency that is used in this. It will require a lot of coins and money in order to upgrade and personalize your character. It is also possible to increase your player’s level. You can download the mod version to get unlimited coins and money at any cost.

How To Download And Install Mortal Kombat Mod On Android

Step 1: First Click on the “Go to Download Page” button. Once you click, you’ll take you to Mortal Kombat download page.

Step 2: Next start downloading your game by pressing the button “Start Download. The download will begin in only a few minutes.

Step 3: Once you have downloaded the game, go to the File Manager and open the download Mortal Kombat apk file. If you’re installing an application using File Manager for the first time, it might require permissions.

Step 4: Give all permissions required by clicking on the “Settings” button.

Step 5: Once you have granted the permissions, hit the back button and attempt at installing the appk. It will work without issue.

NOTE: You must have to remove any previous installed version of Mortal Kombat game before installing this modified version. In the event that you fail to do this, you will encounter an error message that says installation failed.


Mortal Kombat Mod Apk is the most popular action game on the market. In fact, you can enjoy all of the premium features that are unlocked in the game for no cost. Experience the iconic characters, skills and battles in the modified version. We hope you’ll like to download the mortal kombat hack apk from our website . It’s made in modified elements. If you encounter any issue or question, please make use of the comment section. We will be there to assist you. While you’re here, take advantage of all the classic features of the game.


Does it have the safety to make use of the Mod Apk?

It is 100 100% secure to use Mortal Kombat Mod Apk on any device. Like I have always have said, every modified application I have shared on Thinkkers has been examined by an experts of the team as well as different types of top antivirus.

You can therefore enjoy the app with no worries about your privacy or security.

Does this mod allow me to play the app game with out rooting?

Yes it is possible to play Mortal Kombat Mod Apk without rooting your device as it was modified in a manner that it is compatible with every device.

What can I expect in this mod’s Apk?

We have unlocked all characters , and also provided unlimited coins.

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