Monster Truck Destruction Mod Apk Download Android

Introduction monster truck destruction mod apk:

monster truck Destruction mod apk is a fun game, with some serious physics involved, as you can see in our Truck Destruction Gameplay video. The graphics are not that high but it’s still very fun to play.

App Name Monster Truck Destruction Mod Apk
File Size 172MB
Version 3.4.4114
Requirement 6.0 and up
Last Updated 13 January 2022

The reason why I made this post was that before I found out about the mods, I played the game as it is, which was kind of boring after a few minutes. Then I found this mod online which adds tons of new trucks, different parts, new maps, new modes, and more! The changes are so big that the game looks totally different than before.

Monster Truck Destruction Mod Apk

Truck destruction:

 This is the ultimate monster truck destruction game where you can drive over cars, crush houses and smash everything in your way!

Blow up the city as you grab stars and coins to unlock new tracks with insane physics and over-the-top environments!

Monster Truck Destruction is the most entertaining physics-based driving game ever made! Bend physics to your will while you destroy everything in your path. The cars, the people, hell even the buildings are no match for your destructive powers.

Tear through a variety of environments like desert cities and snowy villages at breakneck speeds while listening to great music from Supersonic Fury. Smash your way past traffic, collect stars and unlock new trucks in this epic adventure!

Get on the road to destruction with Monster Truck Destruction!

How does it work?

Monster Truck Destruction Mod APK is an interesting game. In this game, you will drive a monster truck and destroy everything in your path. You have to be careful with the monster truck because if you collide with something you will get damaged. You have to avoid destroying your own truck in the process of destroying other vehicles.

If you are interested in this game, then you should use our Monster Truck Destruction Mod. This mod will give you unlimited money, unlimited tokens, and unlimited lives. With that many resources, you can easily win the game without spending any money or time on it.

Bonus Level:

From time to time, there is also a bonus level in which you have to collect coins without damaging the truck. The more coins you collect, the higher score you will get at the end of each level. After completing each level, there are rewards waiting for you at the end of it. You can unlock new levels by collecting enough stars from previous levels! 

Monster Truck Destruction is a very interesting game. There are many cars and trucks to choose from. You can drive them in the desert, city, and on the beach. The graphics are amazing for a free game. The game is easy to control, however it seems that it can be too sensitive sometimes. It’s fun racing cars through obstacles and trying not to crash. They have lots of levels you can unlock by earning stars. I would recommend this game!


Monster Truck Destruction Game is one of the best android game of 2019 and these are the features of that game:


  •  Tons of trucks to unlock, and more coming soon!
  •  Awesome graphics.
  •  Hammer Attack
  •  Drift Attack
  •  Power up and use them to smash your opponents.
  •  Realistic truck physics.
  •  Lots of levels to choose from.
  •  Awesome background music and sound effects.
  • More vehicles in future updates!

MOD Features:

This truck has a few special functions that are standard on the most expensive trucks. Its tires will never go flat and it can never get stuck in the mud or snow.

Truck features:

  •  Open all parts of the truck.
  •  All functions of your truck work perfectly (lights, camera, extras, etc.)Added two new paint jobs for you to choose from.
  • You can now choose a new license plate for your truck!
  •  It’s now possible to change the color of its body (You can choose from a light color or a dark one).
  • Added lights and flags on the truck.

How to download and install?


  • Click on the download button 
  • Your downloading will be the start
  • Go to setting and enable unknown resources
  • Unzip Mod File
  • Install Game
  • BOOM, Enjoy!


Monster Truck Destruction is a city driving game. Drive your monster truck through many different levels, destroying everything in your path. Unlock new trucks and upgrades. Complete all achievements to unlock special bonus trucks and get even more coins.


Q: How do I install monster truck destruction mod apk?

A: First of all, you need to download and install the latest version of BlockLauncher Pro.

Q: What should I do if I encounter an “Installation Error” message when installing the monster truck destruction mod apk?

A: There are many factors that may lead to this problem. Make sure you have installed BlockLauncher Pro correctly

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