MOLDIV Apk+Mod v3.3.2 (Pro Unlocked) Free for Android

App Name MOLDIV Apk
File Size 89 MB
Version V3.3.2
Requirement Android 6.0 and up
Last Updated October 2021

Moldiv apk is a photo app containing various kinds of design features targeting all kinds of users. Designing tools help you to touch up your photos in barely a few seconds, you can also create amazing collages and also designs to use them professionally. There are more than 190 filter options that add a unique touch to your pictures. You can even edit photos from your gallery with Moldiv apk.

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Moldiv app is a free Android app for users who have the moldiv video app on their smartphones. The application utilizes existing snap photos and allows users to transform them into collages using a variety of photo editing techniques. The collage maker in the app allows users to create stunning collages by combining multiple images taken with different locations or times of the day. The resulting collages are viewable in real-time via the Android interface on either the front-end or on the Android lock screen.


  • Users can edit one of the four basic images, which include: the cover photo, the front view, the back view, and the global look.
  • The built-in collage maker allows users to change the background, apply stickers and embellishments to the photo, add text to the collage, or overlay the backgrounds on top of the images.
  • When the user finishes creating their personal moldiv a photo album, they can share it with their friends through the social media platform. They can also export the images as PDFs and send them as email attachments.
  • Unlike most third-party apps, the collage maker in the moldiv apk file format functions as a fully-featured, real-time android client. It includes an extensive collection of wallpaper and widget templates that users can easily browse and select from.
  • The user has access to over 50 million textures and patterns. A unique feature of this particular Moldiv online is that users can import photographs from their own digital camera or from any compatible digital camera with an appropriate card reader. Once the images have been imported, the application uses advanced image processing algorithms to create the necessary textures and pattern layers. These textures are then composited in the main photo sequence.
  • One of the most impressive features of the moldiv for pc is the inclusion of a fully-featured Android photo editor app. Users have the ability to edit any number of images with the software, as well as apply a wide variety of unique filters to each one. This multi-functional capability allows for complete customization and flexibility when it comes to how photos are viewed on the mobile device.
  • The final major feature included in the moldiv apk collage maker is the fact that it incorporates a comprehensive set of useful filters into its photo editing suite. Users have the ability to choose from a diverse array of image effects such as fade, brighten, and redeye, sepia, or charcoal, among many others.

Additional Benefits

196 In addition to the fully-featured filter options, the moldiv app review provides users with the ability to use the creatively named torch mode as well. The torch mode allows users to use the photos they have taken during the event to apply for extra filters including cute smilies, fireworks, happy dances, and hands waving.

In order to take maximum advantage of these four special effects, users need to use the torch mode to apply them. Whether you are taking a group photo, a single frame, or if you are taking a self-shot, the built-in photo booth mode provides users with the ability to combine all of these effects into one stunning picture.

197 Users do not have to worry about using a flash since the built-in photo booth allows for real-time previewing of all of the filters. After the user has chosen which filter to use, the app utilizes image blending techniques to ensure that every photo gets the red, blue, and green as needed to make it work. The resulting images are then sent to your private gallery where you can choose which ones you would like to share with your friends and contacts.

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Is it available for free?

Yes it is absolutely free.

Is this download link safe?

Yes, it is absolutely safe as its prior tested and approved.

Do we need to give it access to our gallery and is it safe?

Yes, you need to give it access for the very 1st time and it’s absolutely safe.



Wrapping Up

For all the photo lovers it’s an amazing app to cater to all your needs under one platform.

Make sure you download it and share it with your friends as well. In case of any queries feel free to notify us in the comments section and we will respond to you as soon as possible.





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Moldiv apk is a photo app containing various kinds of design features targeting all kinds of users. Designing tools help you to touch up your photos in barely a few seconds, you can also create amazing collages and also designs to use them professionally.

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