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Oct 15, 2022
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Mario Kart Tour Mod APK:

What is Mario Kart Tour Mod Apk? The name itself represents that it is a Mario Kart Tour Mod APK game where we will get some opportunities like tours and all. But how? We will get this opportunity by racing on different tracks around the world, a very adventurous game to play. We all were very fond of Mario in our childhood as our childhood was spent playing this amazing game. So, if you want to remember all the memories when you played amazing challenges of Mario then you must download this tour game and get back to have real nostalgic fun. 

Mario Kart Tour Mod APK

Being an adventurous person is, to be honest, very cool and there are a lot of things for you to do. Starting from having real life fun by going to Forests, mountains and ending at playing amazing adventurous games at home on your devices. So, Mario Kart Tour Mod APK is all your type because it is adventurous plus very thrilling as the players want to win the race all the time. It is very fun as you get a chance to race on different tracks along with your friends. Make trips in the form of Mario that is itself very nostalgic for every person. That will help you in relaxing after a tough day. 

Race on various tracks of the world and enjoy the trip/tour with full excitement. Get a chance to earn appealing rewards just by racing and winning. These rewards are for you to be free and easy hand in the game. Your character in the game will be of Mario and all you have to do is to race with full speed and win on these tracks. Get a chance to tour the whole world by visiting a lot of places in order to race on that country’s tracks. Get emerged in your childhood and its vibe and you will thank me. 

Mario Kart Tour Download:

You can easily download this game on your devices by performing the following steps.

  • First you have to tap on the “Download” option given on this page.
  • Wait for the download to start and do not click on it for more than one time it will cause an error.
  • When the download is completed, now go to settings of your phone and allow “Unknown Sources” from there to allow downloading from a third party.
  • Now, open the downloaded apk file and tap on the “Install” button and the installation will be started.
  • Once the installation is completed, open the game and play.
  • Race on the tracks of different countries and have fun.

Mario Kart Tour Features:

These are the features of Mario Kart Tour Mod APK.

Easy user-interface:

This game has a very friendly user-interface that allows the users to easily play the game. Get access to all the controls in a very short time. All you have to learn is the steering control of the game. You can handle your cart by simple methods. Start the cart and speed it up or slow it down by just easy controls. You can make drifts from your cart by just one finger because it allows hell of easy controls so that you can do whatever you want.  You can apply brakes and accelerate the vehicle as per you want. Get access to all the controls by simple steering control in no time. 

Mario Kart Tour Mod APK

Amazing Graphics:

The first thing that a player wants in the game is its amazing graphics and full HD animations. You can play the game with its stunning animations. This game provides the user with beautiful graphical animations. These graphics allow the users to play this game more and more as they are full HD. There is a picture racing in different countries that means you will have a chance to see other countries and you can enjoy the surroundings.

Get a chance to race in different countries and have a big tour around the world. Get yourself impressed by the surroundings and race there in your Mario Kart Tour Mod APK character. You will never find yourself getting bored from these surroundings as you can change them again and again and race in different countries. Be a winner and get amazing rewards. Maybe you like these similar app Angry Birds Go APK.  

Nostalgic Racing Game:

The game will be hell of nostalgic for you because when we were kids we played Mario Kart Tour Mod APK almost everyday. Mario Kart became a part of our daily life but when we grew up we forgot about it. So, now when we are getting a chance to play this game again we will get a chance to get the same nostalgic vibes from this game and remember our past and our childhood era. 

Amazing Game:

We all know that racing games are very interesting and they increase the passion in our dead selves as we try hard to play and win the race. We also play racing games to burn our free time or distract ourselves from our boring life to something thrilling and exciting. So, Mario Kart Tour Mod APK is a racing game that we all will prefer and love to play whenever we feel like it.

This game is far away from being boring because there are a lot of new challenges for the player to complete and win daily. Mario Kart is played by a large number of people online. It has many modes such as single player mod or multiplayer mod. Other modes are also very much appreciated such as


There are events where we can race and get rewards by performing skills and stunts using our Kart.


Race with a lot of people in Tournaments and win to get a trophee and get yourself known by other race lovers.


Play the story mod to get something adventurous.


Fulfill new Challenges every day and get rewards. This mod is hard plus is very much played by the teenagers as they are very competitive and passionate. 

Mario Kart Tour Mod APK

Statistic of the Game:

This game Mario Kart Tour Mod APK provides the users with a very amazing gameplay and techniques for the users to play with. The user can win the game easily if they play the game by simple methods and get a hard hold on the steering. Because the whole game can be played by the steering and if you do not know how to handle it then you are a goner. Just get skills on how to work with the steering and win the race easily with simple statistics. Make the race fun by drifting and speeding up at a very high speed. 

Availability on different devices:

Yes, this game Mario Kart Tour Mod APK is available on different devices. At first it was only available on Pcs but after its popularity the team of Mario Bros worked hard and made the impossible possible by updating a version that can be accessible on Androids and even on iOS. This game was made like 2 years ago and is very popular and people are playing it on their androids and even on their iOS.  Giving the users a very free hand on choosing the devices. 


When a person is playing a game or using an app there is one thing that he hates the most and that is ads. Ads are a very annoying thing and are disliked by everyone. This apk version of this game allows the users to play the game without any distraction. There will be no audio or video pop-ups. This game is very much suitable for the new players as it is very easy.

The ads are completely blocked in this version so no need to worry about it. Plus Download the game from this link to get a smoother journey. The game will not hang and you will be able to enjoy it to its core.

Rewards in the game:

This game Mario Kart Tour Mod APK allows the user to earn a lot of rewards like when they play the game and win they will get rewards and gifts. These rewards will help them at many times in the game. He can collect Badges, slew of Karts and other things that will allow him to generate points for the game. The more the points the more the fun is. But the players ust win the race as it is their main goal. 

Get a chance to earn grand stars and use them in many ways like overcoming the obstacles in the way. Use the stars to win the race easily and be a winner. Choose the character who is more experienced in driving with their help. Thi will help the players win the race more easily. The players must be very quick because when the bonus level comes he should try to get all the bonuses because they are very helpful.

Select the most suitable mode when playing the game because here are some modes that give a lot of qualities and benefits but are for a short amount of time. For example, if we talk about the Frenzy mode, it is very useful but players should use it rarely as it is only available for some times. And only some people can get access to this mode. This will help you get more experienced characters and will enhance the car to the best standings.

Officially Licensed by Nintendo:

As I already told you that Mario Kart Tour Mod APK is a version of Mario Kart games that means it must be kind of the same. Mario Kart Tour is the best version of Mario games plus this game is the most compatible version compared to others. This game is very much appreciated as it has smooth gameplay and it has all the premium features unlocked. Other versions and modifications of Mario are not that successful and they can get your data hacked and also lack in the features and the properties. 

Download the game from the link given in this page and enjoy all the premium features along with amazing graphics and smooth play. 

Race on top of Leaderboard:

Be a winner again and again by collecting bonuses in the race. You can only get the bonuses if your character is fast and allows the player to win the race again and again. We will get a good opportunity to collect bonuses but you must be very quick at them all or you will not get any. Race on the top of the leaderboard and be a smart user of the game. Use the steering and features correctly and you are good to go.

Mario Kart Tour Mod APK

Frenzy mode:

Frenzy mode is very much appreciated in the game by the players. Because it provides a lot of built-in features that literally make the journey of the player more easy. This mode is like a big relief where you can go and get access to the customization world. You can customize a hell lot of unique and powerful items here. These items seem to be very useful during the race. This indirectly allows the users to access the unlimited supplies of the items. This Frenzy mode makes you a winner forever as everything becomes possible for you and you get a chance to win the game easily without putting any special effort into it.

But this mode lasts for only minutes in the game but is worth it. You will get access to following features

Unlimited Coins:

 You will be able to enjoy the feature of having unlimited coins. Collect unlimited coins and win the game easily by using these coins.

100% Safe:  

This is 100% safe and gets you to use the Anti-ban feature and system on your finger tips.

Unlimited Rubies:

Unlimited Rubies are a very wanted thing in the game because they are responsible for the access of a lot of things. 

Unlimited Grand Stars:  

Get unlimited stars and be able to remove all the obstacles in the game and win the race without having any hurdle and difficulty. 

Easy to use: 

Yes, no need to worry about the user-interface of this Frenzy mode because it is very user-friendly and easy to use. You can get to know it in no time.

No-root Device:

Yes, you can play the game without rooting your device. That means you can play the game even when your device is unrooted. So, no need to root the device.


Get yourself amazing gifts and rewards because this game allows the users to earn rewards when they win a race or a round. These gifts make the game easier. 

No ads:

Ads are a big restriction, so there are no ads in this version of this game and you are able to enjoy the game without being distracted. 

Fun Characters:

Choose various characters to race on different tracks and it will be very fun because all the characters in this game are very funny. 

Multiplayer Mod:

This mod is very popular and is being appreciated among many players because a lot of players play the game using this mod. That means they are allowed to play with each other. 

World Tour:

Get a chance to visit the world along with your friends and travel to different countries and race on different tracks and win the race and brag among your friends. 

Unlocked Karts:

A race is only fun when you have a cool kart that means you have a chance to play the game and race on different karts. This apk mod version of this game allows the user to choose whatever kart they want for the race. There are a lot of cool karts and the players can choose the one they like the most.

Unlocked Gliders:

Yes, the super gliders are also unlocked in this game and the players can choose among different gliders with whom they wanna play the race.

Bonus Challenges: 

Play different challenges and get a chance to win a lot of bonuses and save the rewards getting from these bonuses as they will be very helpful for the race and will help you win the race. 

Collect drivers: 

Collect different drivers and play with whomever you want. Choose different and use their specialty according to the difficulty of the level you are playing. 

Collect Badges:

You can also collect badges that are awarded to you so that you can be known as a good player of the game. 

Mario Kart Tour Mod APK

Mario Kart Tour Developer:

Mario kart was a very famous series of games and was played by millions of people online. So, Nintendo Co developed a new version of Mario Kart in the form of a racing game named Mario Kart Tour Mod APK in September of 2009. This version also got popularity as Mario Kart is very famous among people of today. Even in our childhood we played this game on a regular basis. It has been downloaded by 50,000,000 people worldwide and is continuously appreciated by players. And the basis for Mario Kart Tour was the Mario Bros Games that were very much famous among the users. 

Mario Kart Tour System Requirement:

This game Mario Kart Tour Mod APK does not take much space on a device so no need to be worried. It is only 136 megabytes on your device and will run smoothly without hanging. If you have this much space left on your device then you can download this game easily. 


Mario Kart Tour Mod APK is a very interesting and adventurous game that allows the users to play a racing game in the form of their favorite character. Get a nostalgic vibe along with a lot of irresistible features. Win the race, tour the world, collect bonuses, choose different characters and have a lot of fun in the game. Collect badges to be known as a good player and choose whatever cart you want to race. Trip to different countries of t6he world. 

Thanks for reading the Article.

What's new

・ Made preparations for Battles, a new way to play.*
・ Made preparations for the Spotlight Shop, where you'll be able to exchange rubies for drivers and more.*
・ The best score you've ever achieved on each course will now be recorded.
・ You can now play the next course directly from the race results screen.
*These are scheduled to be provided for future tours.



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How to install Mario Kart Tour Mod APK Download Free Unlimitrd Coins APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Mario Kart Tour Mod APK Download Free Unlimitrd Coins APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.

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