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The world’s most famous piano game franchise return in the midst of Amanotes introduces their third installment of their amazing Magic Tiles series. Discover the enjoyable and satisfying game of rhythm when you play with online players from around the world for this full musical experience.

App Name Magic Tiles 3 Mod Apk
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19 March 2022

Let your music passion shine through as you take in the breathtaking piano experience with the magical Tiles 3.. Explore new music, that are refreshing and soothing tracks. Explore the amazing musical rhythm of the piano along with a variety of instrumental tracks.

Magic Tiles 3 Mod Apk
Magic Tiles 3 Mod Apk

Find out more information about this game that is so amazing in this review on Magical Tiles 3.


For those who are unfamiliar about the sport, Magic Tiles offers the most unique and fun music experience on mobile devices that feature the captivating piano game. In this game, you’ll get introduced to this thrilling game in which you’ll need tap certain notes that appear on the music tiles. Pick the appropriate notes and then enjoy the music while you finish the levels.

Additionally, with this latest version of the series Android gamers will be having fun with more exciting features that include brand new tracks of music, brand new game modes, and enjoyable gameplay has always been your favorite. You’ll be able to enjoy this fun and addicting sport on Android devices anytime you’re in the game.


You’ll find all the exciting features the game can offer:

Simple and easy to use gaming experience for every Android gamers

To begin regardless of whether you’ve played previously or are brand new to the game the first impression you’ll get from Magic Tiles 3 is that it is extremely easy and easy to master.

In addition, with the game’s already simple game play, you’ll also get access to the instructional notes and tutorials to swiftly get you acquainted with the game. So, you won’t find it daunting as you begin playing the game. It’ll only take some basic levels before you are at ease enjoying Magic Tiles.

Additionally, the touch-friendly controls help make it simpler and more accessible to the majority of Android players. This is, therefore, the ideal casual game for you to play anytime you need to.

Piano music that is beautiful and of high-quality.

In order to let players really enjoy their game-play, Magic Tiles 3 also introduces Android players to stunning and top-quality piano music. Enjoy the latest and most popular tracks that are rearranged into piano tunes or listen to the classic songs that we enjoy.

Additionally, with completely new themes and game features, Magic Tiles will allow players to really enjoy their game with a rhythm on their devices. When you attain a certain level and reach a certain speed of tapping it will be possible to get access to the exclusive gameplay.

In addition, you’ll get to play drums, guitar and a variety of other instrumental tracks that weren’t present in the earlier games. Discover new ways of gaming while enjoying the fundamental values you’ve always enjoyed.

Play the game in various styles

If you’re looking to learn more, Magic Tiles 3 also includes a range of game modes that you are able to play whenever you want to. There’s no longer a limit to being have the option of playing classic game modes. Today you can play a variety of games which you can download and play, beginning with:

  • Challenge Mode This is where you’re able to join players from around the globe in your ultimate battle to see who has the fastest tapping speed. You can compete against them to determine your place as the best player across the world.
  • Band Mode and for those who want to listen to music using bands, you can use piano, guitar as well as other instruments as part of the Band game. Explore the intriguing and original tracks you’ve never played before.
  • Battle Mode to make the game more exciting it is possible to compete against your online and friends across the globe on the Magic Tiles battles. You’ll be able to challenge one another in live battles to see who is faster to tap and more accurately on specific piano tracks. If you’re confident about your ability, there’s no excuses not to test it out.
  • Custom Match – If you’d like to it, the game comes with an option called Custom Match, which will allow you to fight against your opponents of choice during the match. You can compete and win against colleagues or other online players. Feel free to boast with them about your win.

Link the game up to accounts on social media to unlock content

Furthermore, players in Magic Tiles 3 are also allowed to connect their Facebook account to play the game and enjoy several exciting features. Beginning with the online sync and save features that allow you to transfer your game progress to online drives. And , if you’d like to, you are able to transfer your game’s data to your other devices.

Additionally, it will allow you to view your fellow players who are also taking part in the sport. This makes it more simple for you to compete with them in your Custom piano contests, or to compete on the Challenge mode. With your social profile connected to the game, numerous new rewards are ready for your.

You can unlock special rewards through the achievements and challenges that are available

To make the experience more enjoyable, players are also presented with a myriad of challenging in-game achievements which they can take on and take pleasure in. You can complete them while earning the special rewards you have earned and progress to higher levels.

Keep connected and take advantage of the daily reward

In addition in order to reward its loyal players Magic Tiles 3 also introduces numerous daily rewards that you can earn and use each day. You just need to keep playing the game regularly and you’ll begin collecting your winnings. With the help of stacking rewards, it’s only a an issue of time before you’re able to unlock the unique prize that you’ve always dreamed of.

Create your own boards and play the game with different themes activities

To help make the game more enjoyable, Android gamers are also given a variety of interesting options for customization that they can apply to their boards. Feel free to change the way your tiles appear, change backgrounds, or try different effects. There are a lot of exciting options to experiment with.

In addition sometimes, there will be themed events within the game to take pleasure in. In the course of playing you’ll be able to discover new interfaces, experience distinctive visual experiences, and earn special rewards.

Play for free

If you don’t know about the game, it’s currently available for free play on Android devices. So, it’s fairly simple to download and play the game. Simply search for it on the internet and download the game, without having to pay any money.

You can earn unlimited money using our method

Additionally there are those who consider the game to be a bit irritating due to advertisements and in-game purchases. If this is the situation, then you’ll definitely want to consider this modified game version. Download the game and then install Magic Tiles 3 MOD APK on your device and you’ll get access to unlimited cash and ads-free experience which are simply fantastic.

How to download ?

  • Turn on your internet connection
  • open play store from your mobile phone
  • search for magic tiles 3 in play store
  • click on install button to begin installation
  • click on open button to open the game

Final Verdict

Are you fed up with the advertisements in Magic Tiles 3? Magic Tiles 3 and wanna play all the more than 1000 tracks that are available in the game’s interface? Download Magic Tiles 3 MOD APK! It’s a stunning invention of this decade, featuring the most recent tracks with a much more convenient interface! It is available for download directly by clicking the green button! Simply click it and be stunned!


What is magic tiles 3 mod apk?

A: magic tiles 3 mod apk is an app that provides music and songs to the user in which the user can play.

How to download Magic Tiles 3 Mod Apk?

To use magic tiles 3 mod apk you need to follow these steps, remove the original game, if you have played it earlier. Click on the download link given below. It will redirect you to another page.

What is magic tiles 3 mod apk used for?

It is an entertaining game that keeps you busy for hours together. It requires attention and fast tapping of fingers. This makes it an addictive time killer for many people out there.

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