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MacroDroid is the easiest way to automate tasks on your Android smartphone or tablet. Via the straightforward user interface MacroDroid makes it possible to build fully automated tasks in just a few taps.
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Sep 17, 2022
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MacroDroid APK

MacroDroid APK Getting bored of commanding the same tasks on your android? Make it effortless for you. Command once and then get your task completed on time every time, every day. MacroDroid is here to help your tasks be accomplished without repeating them daily. This app is just amazing as it helps you in your daily work. You have to assign the task and this app will do the task when it is required. For this, there are Macros in the app that assist you. Macros are a type of element which you command. First, you create the Macro and select a trigger and the time when this task is needed to be completed.

The triggers are various that you can select, for example, your mobile battery percentage, your location, any outgoing or incoming call, any received SMS, mobile data or Wi-Fi connection, touch, vibration, wireless connections, and others. There are some specific actions relative to triggers that you assign the Macro. These actions may include clicking a photo, playing the music, connecting the Wi-Fi that you select, reminders for your special days or events, and omitting all the event reminders on the calendar. After the action selection, you have to set or choose the time for the action to occur and all your responsibilities are done. You do not have to get worried now if you are an oblivious person.


MacroDroid APK Download

You have to follow these simple steps to install the MacroDroid app on your android device and enjoy a tension-free life.

> The above-given link of the APK file is safe to install so tap on the “Download” button.

> Go to your mobile menu > File Manager > Documents.

> click on the APK file to install the app.

> Unable to install?

> Allow your smartphone to permit the installation from all resources.

> Feel free to install and use the MacroDroid APK.



Triggers are the specific setups that are used as the base of action. Your action will be according to your fixed trigger. For example, triggers may be your battery, SMS, call, location, a notification, or a pop-up. Let’s say, you have set the battery percentage as your trigger when your battery will be less than 20% a specific action will be performed.

Constraints (Conditions):

Constraints are optional and not compulsory. It is your will whether you set a condition for a trigger or not. These conditions may be an event, a day, or a time.


Actions are the responsibilities that MacroDroid has taken to fulfill. These are performed when a trigger is already set. For example, if you have set the trigger of a specific percentage of mobile battery, the action will be to reduce the battery usage by turning off the mobile data or Wi-Fi, reducing the screen light, turning the power saving mode on, and closing the background apps.


There are templates of Macros or triggers in the MacroDroid app. If any of the templates is similar to your choice, you can simply set that as your trigger and action. Some of these templates are given here.

> Move to share the last photo on your device.

> Read your mobile notifications audibly.

> If someone has tried to unlock your device twice, it will click a photo and mail it to the given email address.

> Warn you if your mobile battery is critically low.

> Turn off the Wi-Fi network if the mobile screen remains off for five minutes.

These built-in templates of MacroDroid are helpful for beginners if they are facing any issues in creating their Macro. There is also a choice of customizing the given templates.

MacroDroid Latest Version

The last updated version of MacroDroid is 5.25.6 which was updated on July 1, 2022, and this MacroDroid app was released on May 18, 2012.


This app is lightweight and contains only 23MB. This lightweight app can be smoothly run on androids with 5 or up.

MacroDroid Device Automation

MacroDroid app is helping android users in the automation of their devices. When you automate your device, you do not need to remember or do a thing or action at a specific time.MacroDroid is doing the same thing and it is free to use. It is simple to use for everyone. These app automation services are applicable without rooting the device and there are integral UI interactions, for example, a click that you can easily use to set your triggers.

MacroDroid Tutorial

If you have just installed the MacroDroid app and you do not have an idea to use the MacroDroid, there is nothing to get tense about.

We have a tutorial to teach you how to use MacroDroid.

When you open the app, there is a “Trigger” from where you have to start.

> Tap on the “Trigger” to set or add a trigger for your action. You may choose a template trigger if any of them is working for you.

> After setting up the “Trigger” for a specific thing, the next thing you have to do is to the addition of a condition according to which the trigger will be sensed.

> After that, direct an action that you want to happen. And, you are done!

> Wait for the MacroDroid to perform the required action.

MacroDroid vs Tasker

MacroDroid and Tasker are automation apps. Both are appropriate to use and to automate your device. But, it is important to know which one is the best in every aspect.

There are so many features or elements that prefer MacroDroid to Tasker. So, let’s have a look over these elements that make MacroDroid the best automation app.

> First, MacroDroid in contrast to Tasker, does not need any rooting of your Android phone and functions very well without it too.

> There is no need for plugins for the MacroDroid app. But, if you are using Tasker, it is compulsory to buy expensive plugins to use its features.

> Tasker does not have any interactive or floating features. But, MacroDroid does. For example, a Drawer or Floating feature – is the most intriguing and engrossing thing about MacroDroid.

MacroDroid Macros

Macro is an apparatus or tool that helps you to save your efforts and to be smart in your daily life activities. It consists of three steps.

> Triggers

> Constraints (these are not mandatory or necessary)

> Actions

These three elements contribute to making your life calm and easy. Just set the trigger for future action, either with a condition or without a condition.

There are five Macros available in the free version of the MacroDroid.

MacroDroid Plugins

Plugins are not compulsory for MacroDroid as this app is free and can be used without any expensive plugins for your androids. But, if there is a need for plugins for MacroDroid, you can use locale or Tasker plugins. These plugins appropriately work with MacroDroid.

MacroDroid Helper

macroDroid helper is not required every time you run the app. But, when there is an update for system settings, a MacroDroid helper is needed to be allowed or enabled for MacroDroid to run. It usually happens when there are system settings relative to androids with 10 or up. So, if it is required, you may download it. Otherwise, simple MacroDroid can be installed from the above-mentioned link.

MacroDroid for iPhone

MacroDroid is not applicable for the automation of the iPhone. But, some other alternative automation apps are used to automate the iPhone. These include:

> Workflow

> Editorial

> Launcher

> Launch Center Pro

You can simply use one of these apps for your iPhone automation.


An app for dividing your responsibilities and making you feel calm and comfortable is MacroDroid. If you want someone to assist you, download and install the MacroDroid to accomplish your commands. Command your MacroDroid app to turn off Wi-Fi when you are not using it for some time or remind you about your special events by notifications. You can set your custom ringtones or notifications or if you want to play the music, connect it with your Bluetooth or some location. In short, smartly work and live with MacroDroid.

What's new

Added Accessibility Service action (ADB Hack required).

Added functionality to keep accessibility services enabled to work around issues where some devices may disable them (ADB Hack required).

Added System Setting constraint.

Added total and available RAM values to magic text options.

Added workaround for Samsung launcher issue to prevent shortcuts losing their icon/label.

Added support for 'This Macro' option to Macro Enabled/Disabled constraint.

Added support for renaming stopwatches.


Download links

How to install MacroDroid APK Pro Unlocked APK?

1. Tap the downloaded MacroDroid APK Pro Unlocked APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.

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