Love Fantasy (Match & Stories) MOD APK

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Love Fantasy (Match & Stories) MOD APK

Love Fantasy (Match & Stories) MOD APK is basically a puzzle game in which you can create your own character and find a new love for you. This game involves detailed makeover in order to transform yourself in game and eventually finding a better partner for you. This is a story based game about beauty, romance and drama. If you are a fashion lover and love romantic tales then this game is a perfect treat for you.


The story of this game is based on extra-marital affairs, betrayal and scandals. In this game you have to play the character of a girl who is in a relationship with someone. One day when she enters her house, she catches her husband with another girl in the bed. She asks her man about this and he says that you are not beautiful enough. This heartbroken girl now wants to break up, transform herself into a beautiful lady and find a new lover. You will help her by doing a beautiful makeover and communicating with other characters to find the best person to love.

App Name Love Fantasy (Match & Stories) MOD APK
File Size
6.0 and up
Last Updated
27 Jun 2022

Character customizations

Love fantasy game enables you to select your character (a girl character) and transform her into a stylish and beautiful girl by using your makeover skills and fashion sense. For example, you have to change the look from ugly to beautiful and also choose the best outfits for her. In this game you can create your character according to your fashion interests. This game allows you to do a complete makeover of your character and you can customize all details of your character. After the character transformation, you have to interact with other game characters. Every character has its own personality and style, you have to find your partner. 

Decisions and relationships:

Love Fantasy (Match & Stories) MOD APK gives you the absolute power of decision making. You can decide each and everything in the game, whether it’s about makeup, dress, shoes or about the life partner. You can even decide about the cheating husband in the game, you can investigate and find out his real personality. After assaying him from all perspectives  you can make a final decision about leaving him or staying with him. You can also date your desired character in the game (from the numbers of male characters) and find out about his personality, nature and the common interests between you and him. This game involves conversations in order to interact with other characters and impress other characters with your charm and communication skills.

Moreover, this game contains plenty of exotic and seductive dresses to wear and grab the attention of other men. You have to choose when to wear and what to wear from the collection of outfits.

Love Fantasy (Match & Stories) MOD APK

Puzzles in the game:

This game involves various puzzles which are to be solved in order to play and unlock new levels. These puzzles are the game tasks like matching 3 similar candies to win coins (and do makeovers etc). The puzzle’s completion is necessary to acquire anything in the game. These match 3 puzzles become difficult with the advancement of levels in the game and they are an integral part of the game. Most importantly, these puzzles are fun to play along with the love story.

Shopping in the game

This game contains an exceptional collection of fashion accessories and items. There is a huge variety of items that can change your look and enhance your beauty to another level. You can purchase these items against the game coins. You must have plenty of coins in order to buy these items from the store. You can solve match-3 puzzles with higher points to earn more and more coins in the game. Try to get more points in the puzzle by destroying maximum candies in less moves. Moreover, you have to be a shopping expert because you will see hundreds of different attractive items in the store but you have to save your money by purchasing only the essential things on the specific stage of the game. The main purpose is to achieve the goals and unlock new levels where you will get numerous pleasant surprises.

Love Fantasy MOD APK Unlimited Money

Love Fantasy (Match & Stories) MOD APK provides you with all unlocked features, resources and stages of the game. This version is modified to cheat and hack everything in the game in favor of the player. Through Love Fantasy (Match & Stories) MOD APK you can get free unlimited money in the game to buy anything from the game store, you can get all premium features in the game for free and you can play any stage of the game without clearing the previous level etc.

Through this unlimited money you can buy unlimited clothes, bikinis,  fashion accessories, makeup items, beauty and makeover services, shoes and hundreds of other items. So, don’t worry about the shortage of coins anymore and play this game without limitations. Use your imagination and creativity in order to transform the girl into a mesmerizing, beautiful and ultra modern lady.

Love Fantasy Cheat

Love Fantasy (Match & Stories) MOD APK enables you to cheat the game by acquiring unlocked access to every feature, item and function of this game. This version is also known as cheat version, hack version or cracked version of Love Fantasy game. By downloading this version of Love Fantasy game you will get following additional features:

  • Unlimited coins, gems and diamonds etc.
  • All stages unlocked
  • All game items unlocked
  • All ads removed
  • Everything unlimited

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Love Fantasy (Match & Stories) MOD APK download

You can download Love Fantasy (Match & Stories) MOD APK by following these instructions below:

  1. Open the settings of your phone and then tap on security
  2. From security, enable installation of apps from unknown sources
  3. Now click on the download button on this site
  4. After some time the file will be downloaded.
  5. Tap on the downloaded file to start installation

After installation, enjoy the game.

Love Fantasy Ideas

Here are some amazing ideas to play and win this game by clearing all stages and stories. 

Solve the puzzles patiently – Fortunately, this game does not restrict the players to solve the puzzle in a limited time. You can think as much as you can to solve these puzzles efficiently. If you play match puzzle games frequently then it’s not a problem for you to solve these puzzles. This idea is especially for the beginners as they are not familiar with these puzzles and they might find it difficult to solve.

Don’t rely on hints

These game hints in puzzles are definitely helpful but you should not rely too much on them. The reason is that these hints are not always the best option, they only provide you with the possible moves in the game but you should find out the best moves in the game that can give you more points. Hints do not show you the best combo in the game but they only display any random possible move.

Focus on the goals

You should only focus on the level goals and don’t just play by solving the puzzles alone. You should play this game by making smart moves and choices like saving the boosters and items for the higher stages because all starting puzzles can be solved without them except the hardest ones. So don’t waste these items in the start just for fun, they can be used in clearing the next levels.

Watch video ads 

You can watch ads in the game to unlock various items and to earn coins, gems and diamonds. You can even get five additional moves by watching an ad if you couldn’t solve the puzzle in given moves.

Love Fantasy (Match & Stories) MOD APK

Frequently asked Questions

Is Love Fantasy Match & Stories a puzzle game?

The Love Fantasy (Match & Stories) game is not only a puzzle game but it is a perfect blend of puzzle, makeover, simulation, story, role playing and romance.

Why do we need gems in the Love Fantasy (Match & Stories) game?

Gems are needed to shop various items from the game store like makeup items,clothes, bags and shoes etc.

is it suitable for kids to play Love Fantasy (Match & Stories) game?

Love fantasy game’s age rating is 17+ so it is not recommended for kids at all. Teens above 17 years can play this game due to the presence of mature content and scandals in this game.

Is it free to play the Love Fantasy game?

Yes, it’s completely free to download and play this game. However, in some versions you have to pay for acquiring coins, gems and diamonds in the game. These coins and gems are used to unlock various levels and features in the game and they are also necessary to buy items from the game store.

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