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In this strategy card game, skill defines your success—not luck. Mix and match iconic champions, allies, and regions of Runeterra to unlock unique card synergies and outplay your opponent.
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Sep 12, 2022
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Legends of runeterra APK:

legend of runeterra apk is quite a different type of game, the fact is these types of games are very less in number on the Google play store.If you are someone who is looking for something new to uplift your moods after a long tiring and hectic day at work, then you can surely play this game to pass your free time. Keeping the excitement level high, let’s start the article to get more information about the features of this gaming application.

Legends of runeterra APK Gameplay:

The gameplay is all about creating your deck which will be unique in its way. You have to go from place to place in the game to collect the interesting yet unique cards to complete the deck.This gaming application is based on Warcraft III: the frozen throne mode, Defense of the ancients. Such a type of card battle has not been introduced to the players before.


These cards are unique in their way as every card holds a special ability. So, if you collect powerful cards, then your deck will also be brutally powerful enough to defeat the enemies. Be more mindful when playing the cards as you need to be more cautious while playing the right card at the right time. Such incredible strategic gameplay will make the players get occupied for long hours, in a way that the player can’t get enough from this gaming application.

Legends of runeterra APK Features:

Some of the features of this application are as follows:

Different gaming modes:

This game offers the player to enjoy the game in different modes.

These modes are

  • single-player campaigns.
  • Co-operative multiplayer
  • Competitive multiplayer

Make strategies to win the game:

This game is not a luck-based game but the player needs to show some clever tactics by using the mix and match technique in terms of allies and champions.

Moreover, explore and unlock the various regions of the gameplay to collect various cards having unique powers which then the player can use against the enemies.

Choose your champions with full customization:

In this gameplay, the player needs to choose champions from the list according to the skills and abilities they have.

There is a long list of these champions having unique powers.

Some of the champions with their powers are listed below:

  • Tristana – draws strength from multi-region friends.
  • Renekton – grow in power each time you cross the swords.
  • Aurelion sol – call the massive dragons upon your side and then attack the enemy.
  • Miss Fortune – shoot first and open fire on the enemy and then wipe them with the wave of attack again and again.
  • Yasuo – strike the enemies to stop them on the track and then cut them.
  • Jinx – unfold all your ammo
  • Lux – use brilliant spells on the enemies to unlock the power and then lead the charge with you to the final spark.
  • Darius – uses nexus to crush the enemy and then cause unstoppable execution.
  • Braum – intercept the enemy and make an army of their own.
  • Thresh – drag the victims to their demise and then absorb their souls to make a powerful ally who will join your army.

Regions are available in the gameplay to conquer:

There is extensive land available in the gameplay which the player needs to explore and then conquer to gain power and victory.

These regions are bandle city mayor, aloof travels, swole scout, bandle gunners, and many others to choose from.

Legends of runeterra APK – Wild cards:

Wild cards are used as tokens in the gameplay which can be used to exchange any card in place of these wild cards.

These wild cards can be purchased from the store by paying coins or real cash.

Moreover, the method of using these wildcards are :

  • First, go to the collection of cards.
  • Choosing unowned cards will reveal all the cards which you don’t own.
  • Choose the card which you will love to craft by tapping on the crafting menu.
  • Tapping on the cards will result in three options for crafting.
  • In case you already have a wildcard, you can redeem the card by tapping on any of the crafting options.

Legends of runeterra APK -Release date:

Legends of Runeterra is released on 29, April 2022.

Legends of runeterra APK – Update:

Legends of runeterra is updated on 31 August 2022.

Legends of runeterra APK – MAC:

Legends of runeterra is originally supported by Android devices and are not supported by MAC.

There is no chance shortly that the developer introduced the MAC version of the game.

Legends of runeterra APK – Patch notes:

Patch notes are the versions in the Legends of runeterra.

Right now, there are many patch notes released on the original website.

These patch notes include 3.11.0, 3.12.0, 3.14.0, and many others.

The most recent patch note is 3.14.0

The patch notes have further many chapters for the players to enjoy from.

Legends of runeterra APK – Player count:

  • Almost 180 million players are playing the game each month.
  • The active and registered players are around 150 million.

Legends of runeterra APK – Size:

  • The gaming application is quite light in size, occupying very little space on the device.
  • The size of Legends of runeterra is 95 Mb.

Legends of runeterra APK – Dark tide of bilgewater:

Dark tides of Bilgewater is another action-packed online game from the series of Legends of runeterra.

This game is one of its kind and has many chapters.

Moreover, the players can customize their characters in this game.

While all the features are very attractive, the recent chapter of this game failed to make its way on the website due to unforeseen circumstances.

Legends of runeterra APK – Game client mismatch:

Game client mismatch is an error that the players face while playing the Legends of runeterra.

This issue occurs when the players play the game with their friends and those friends are also on the same patch as the player.

To resolve this issue, 

  • Check your internet connection.
  • Check the server status of the gaming application.
  • Check the updates of gaming applications.
  • Now, login into the application with a different account.
  • Restart the game
  • Restart the phone

Legends of runeterra APK – Gift card:

Google play gift cards are one of the payment methods in the gameplay.

  • The players can buy in-game currency by paying through this medium. These cards are easily available online and can be redeemed easily.
  • In this game, gift cards are present in four ways such as 10$, 25$, 50$, and 100$.
  • These gift cards can be purchased at Amazon.
  • These gift cards are only confined to specific regions and can only be used on PC.
  • While purchasing these gift cards from third-party sellers is not recommended as they can be fake.

Legends of runeterra APK – Guide:

Before diving deep into the gameplay, one should first understand the gameplay through the guide given. In this guide, proper tips and tricks are recommended to the players so that they can play the game without losing.

The guide includes

  • Have a concentrated focus on the temp of how to use the cards.
  • Play the scaling cards which keep on getting stronger with every move.
  • Treat health as one of the major factors of health, mana, and cards.
  • Usage of spell mana to build temp – 3 unused mana results in spell mana.
  • Know all the cards in your deck with their purpose.
  • Focus on the winning conditions
  • Focus on your controlling power

Legends of runeterra APK – Hack:

The mod APK version is providing the hacked version as the developer has cracked the software to provide all the premium features to the users.

These features include

  • Unlimited Money
  • Free to play
  • Free shopping of items to upgrade the champions.
  • No ads
  • Easy interface
  • Anti-virus
  • Anti-ban

Legends of runeterra APK – Logo

The logo of the game is quite attractive which includes the alphabet R in bold letters with a dark background.

The bold letter just calls out the players to enjoy the never-ending fun with this application.


Legends of runeterra APK – Best decks 

There are many decks available on the original website. Some of the best decks are:

  • Mono Kaisa
  • Bard illaoi
  • Aphelious PnZ
  • Barrier bard
  • Thralls
  • Bard elusive
  • Spooky fish
  • Viegi Shurima
  • Jhin Annie
  • Annie TF
  • Masterminds
  • Scouts
  • Irelia azir blades
  • FTR control
  • Deep
  • Lurk

Legends of runeterra APK – Conclusion:

To put it into a nutshell, Legends of runeterra APK is an amazing yet captivating gaming application with a unique storyline so that players can have something new to play yet enjoyable.

Download Legends of runeterra APK and enjoy the unlocked, unlimited, and free features of the application.

Play as a single player or in multiplayer mode with your friends online.

Frequently asked questions:

What is the latest version of Legends of runeterra APK?

The latest version of Legends of runeterra APK is 03.14.045.

Who is the developer of Legends of runeterra APK?

The developer of Legends of runeterra APK is Riot Games, Inc.

When was this application last updated?

This application was last updated on 31, August 2022.

What is the size of Legends of runeterra APK?

The size of Legends of runeterra APK is 92 Mb.

What is the requirement of android devices?

The requirement to install the application in the case of android devices is 4.0 and above.

What's new

This patch, we're focusing on bugfixes and various quality of life improvements.

Full Patch notes at https://playruneterra.com/en-us/news.

This patch:

- Bugfixes & quality of life improvements



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1. Tap the downloaded legend of runeterra apk Download for Android APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.

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