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Music Player is a simple and beautiful Mp3 Player, with powerful music equalizer, bass booster and great sound virtualizer, Quick search all your local music files, Free Download music player to get this perfect audio player.
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Sep 1, 2022
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Relax and enjoy your leisure time with a huge variety of free music and radio that this application provides. Even if you want a getaway from the daily worries of life, joox music mod apk has got you. You will get hooked to this application because of its high-quality music and so many amazing features.


Say goodbye to your traditional and old radio sets as this application gives you a chance to listen to your radio anywhere also with high-quality music. You can listen to online songs without the internet and interact with your favorite singers through this application. This amazing app makes your song listening experience very different and relaxing for you with its useful features. There is a huge variety of songs in this app that you can listen to anywhere. With a vast variety of old and new songs and all the trendy music, this app is getting more popular day by day. You can listen to your favorite music no matter wherever you are either on the road or in the bus.
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This app will provide you with music according to your mood and taste.

You can make a separate list of downloaded songs in this app as well as you can make your own list of favorite songs in this app which makes this application quite handy to use.  Joox music mod apk asks you about your interests in music and once you choose your music taste, this application starts to recommend you all sorts of songs with the same genre. In this way, you will get to know about all the new trendy songs without making an effort.

This application was basically launched in 2015 by Tencen Music and since then it’s been their leading music application. This application has been ranked number one in countries like Hong Kong, Southeast Asia and South Africa. The karaoke feature of this application has become so popular as it allows the people to sing songs with their friends and family and have a quality time with them.  This feature because of its popularity has been a great source of revenue.  Since most of its features are paid, in 2019 because of these paid features, Tencent music gained a lot of revenue. Tencent also has recently signed agreements with many copyright companies. Joox music mod apk provides its users upto 1 million songs with their main target being southeast Asia and Hong Kong because China has already a similar yet different application to stream different live songs on it. If joox music mod apk had to be compared with any application that would be Spotify.

It will take a great time for users to shift to paid applications like these. For example Spotify has 100 million users and out of these users only 30 million users are the ones who have bought the subscription of this application.



This application is the perfect application for anyone who is looking forward to downloading and listening to your favorite songs without having to buy any subscription for it. This application will always provide the users with amazing song quality making them fall in love with it. It’s going to be your perfect partner whenever you would want to listen to music and just enjoy your company and isolate yourself from the world. Apart from the option of the songs, the radio feature of this app makes it super cool and accessible for anyone.


In JOOX music mod apk, you will find a huge variety of music. You can find so many songs with different genres. It doesn’t matter what music type you want to listen to, this application will provide it to you. Not only different genres of songs but also this app has different radio channels for radio lovers as well.


The application has such a useful interface that makes it easy for people to choose their songs and play at any time without any difficulty. In this application, you can make different folders for you easily according to playlists, genres, artists, and albums.


Now, this is one amazing feature of this application. All the applications require the internet to play your favorite songs but hardly any app offers this feature where you can download your songs that you can listen to in offline mode without any problems. This feature is so useful as sometimes we don’t have internet access all the time and we still want to listen to our songs without the internet but JOOX music mod apk has made this easier for the users.


This application works both in offline and online mode and you can listen to your favorite songs even in the offline mode, isn’t it amazing? Whenever you have an internet connection, download all your favorite songs and then you can listen to them easily in the offline mode.


If you want to open your accounts in different devices this application allows you  to sync your accounts in different devices as well. Now you can keep your account secured and use one account on every device without having to make another account for the new device.


In the premium version of JOOX music you will get all the features unlocked. Through this version you can enjoy all the amazing features of this app free of cost. There will be no ads in this version and you can download any song as per your liking free of cost.


This application has a unique feature in which you can listen to your favorite songs and at the same time, you can read the lyrics too. Some people want to read the lyrics as it helps them to better understand the song, as well as lyrics, are important for the karaoke nights for which this application is famous. This is definitely an amazing feature.


  • Download this amazing app from the link given above in this article.
  • All you have to do is to tap on the link and the download will start.
  • The downloaded file will be in the downloads of your device.
  • For installation you will have to allow from different sources through the settings of your device.
  • That’s it your application will be downloaded and you can enjoy using it.


The mod apk version provides the users with all the free features of this application. If you want to use the free features just download this application and get hooked to your favorite app.


JOOX music mod apk has a search engine that makes it so easy for the users to search for their favorite song. You can find any song of any genre by putting in the right words in the search bar of this app and find a whole world of amazing songs.


JOOX music mod apk is a mp3 music Player that helps the users to download all their favorite songs and listen to them anywhere they want either in online mode or in offline mode.


Joox music mod apk is the perfect application for your karaoke nights. This application has got it’s fame from being used for many karaoke nights. The biggest revenue source for joox music mod apk is its karaoke feature. With the lyrics option you can make your karaoke nights even more enjoyable as you can sing by reading the lyrics.


Joox music mod apk releases its music chart with all the recent, updated and trendy songs in it. You can find any of the songs that have got so much hype or any newly released song in this chart. Now you don’t have to waste your time searching for your favorite songs. You can stay updated with the new songs as well with this chart.


Joox music codes are the codes that the owners generate from time to time to make people stay connected with this application. These codes are usually given out to users so that they can enjoy the premium VIP version of this application for a few days. These codes have a time limit to them and these codes usually expire after a certain time.


Joox music mod apk is available for pc and can be used easily on your pc without difficulty. All you have to do is to download this application on your pc with the help of an emulator. Since it’s an android application, it needs an emulator like MEmu for the easy working of the app in the pc. Download the MEmu in your pc and through that application, you can easily install joox music mod apk.


Joox music is available for ios and can be downloaded in the same way as the download method for android mentioned above.


For logging in to your JOOX music mod apk, first install the app on your device.

You can sign up or log in to your account.

You will have to scan the QR code provided in the app.

Click on the profile picture in the app.

After that tap on the small QR code icon in the upper right corner.

After clicking the icon, scan the QR code displayed here.

In this way your JOOX accounts will be synchronized.


Joox music has a very unique and attractive logo with green grid shape and black CD Player in the middle of it. This logo is quite catchy and appealing to the eyes because of its bold black fonts of the word joox written on it as well as the CD Player adds a unique touch to it.



Review #1

This review is about a user who is having difficulty with the karaoke feature. This feature was working well for them for a long time and they were enjoying it but soon after some time there was some deep effect coming in that feature making the voice sound very deep that wasn’t very pleasing for them.

Review #2

The application was working perfectly fine for this user but soon after some time the app started to kick them out frequently after some time there was an update that made all the songs premium and they were asked to pay the charges to listen to the songs that weren’t premium before but suddenly were changed into premium.

Review #3

This review is about the user who is having difficulty with the lyrics. The lyrics of the songs are not written for some songs and are not properly spelled, sometimes making it very difficult for the users to understand the song.

Review #4

This review is by the user who apparently never had any issue with this application. This application lets the users enjoy the free songs without any ads and it’s so fun that you can download the songs for offline mode as well.

Review #5

‘Synchronizing applications on different devices is taking too much time otherwise it covers all the songs out there and there is a huge variety of albums too’.


Joox music is very similar to Spotify. Both of these applications have their popularity in different regions of the world. Spotify is very famous in the American region but joox is popular in Asian region. These apps have a little difference in their interface otherwise both applications offer similar features. Both applications have a huge variety of music but Spotify doesn’t provide the downloading feature free of cost. So this thing differs the two applications apart. Joox music mod apk has the offline mode and provides the downloading feature for its users that is also free of cost.


If anyone is looking for any app that provides free music with lyrics, an easy interface, offline modes, and no ads this application is for them. Apart from all these features, easy downloading and listening to your songs in offline mode is another feature that makes this app very user-friendly.


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How to install JOOX MUSIC MOD APK Latest Version Free Download Now APK?

1. Tap the downloaded JOOX MUSIC MOD APK Latest Version Free Download Now APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.

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