iVCam Pro Apk for pc

iVCam Pro Apk

iVCam Pro Apk for pc have you ever heard of iVcam Pro Apk? No, let’s know about it. iVcam pro apk is a camera you can carry anywhere with you. No worries about carrying it as it is portable. This camera will replace the other integrated cameras and external cameras as well. The users will totally rely on iVcam pro apk for good quality pictures. iVcam gives the user an outstanding result with HD quality performance and recording of video in best quality. Are you tired from using webcams or you wanna buy a new pc or laptop with hd camera? Yes, then you don’t have to use your money to buy an expensive pc or laptop, instead use that money on other important things. And replace your old webcam with iVcam for free.

With iVcam you will be able to turn your phone/ipads into hd webcam for free. You can easily get an hd result for your pictures and videos with the help of iVcam. Just install this app on your phone or ipads or any other device and get the benefit of using a portable camera and getting the best result of everything. You can even carry it with you as it is completely portable and this feature really inspires a lot of people as they don’t want to carry a heavy set or anything with them just for taking pictures.

App Name iVCam Pro Apk for pc
File Size
4.4 and up
Last Updated
07 Jun 2022

Get a built-in camera for taking HD pictures with high quality results. Enjoy the best performance of the camera with high quality audio and video recording. The audio quality is also very appreciable and will impress the users because when we use an integrated camera we must use a microphone or something like that in order to record the video along with appreciable quality but this app is giving this opportunity to the users for free. They do not need to use any microphone to get a better audio result as this app gives a lot of services that have caught the eye of more than a million people and are attracting more audience to use this app.

Users can even customize the iVcam system that is present in the application easily like they can improve the quality of the transmission and even replace or combine and keep all the recording works in order by synchronizing them. This event has an advanced setup for the users so that they can get a great working experience of working online. The users can do whatever they want as this app has increased the flexibility for the users and now gives them more chances to improve the material. That’s why this iVcam pro apk makes a perfect and outstanding replacement for the default cameras. 


iVCam Pro Apk for pc

 iVCam Pro Download

You can easily download iVxcam pro apk on you device by following these steps

  • Click the “Download” button given on this page.
  • Download will take some time and when the download is completed.
  • Allow the “unknown sources” from the setting of your device.
  • Then open the apk file from the file manager and install it. 
  • Now, enjoy the app at its fullest.

iVCam Pro Features

Here we will tell you about some amazing features of this app. 

Your Device into Webcams:

This app will convert your device into webcams and will allow you to record hd videos of high quality and allow the users to even improve the quality of the videos once it’s recorded. Your phones and tablets will act as a webcam and you can record things with the same style and passion. This app will advance your devices and turn them into cameras.

High Quality Videos:

You can get amazing HD results and high quality that allow the users to get a high quality video and the users can even enhance the video quality by this app. They can get high performance video quality such as 360P, 480P, 720P, 1080P, 2K or even 4K . These qualities are literally at the top and the video will be full HD and the watchers of the video will also be satisfied by the quality. 

WiFi connection Feature:

This app even has the feature of connecting with the WiFi connection. For working online, this app connects to your WiFi easily and even connects through the USB. We can attach it with data by USB or even WiFi and that is a big relief for the users. 

Multiple Devices option:

iVcam allows the Pc to get connected to more than one device at a time. You can connect multiple devices to PC at one time with the help of iVcam and use them at a time. This feature is also well appreciated among users.

Storage issue Solved:

The main issue for a large number of camera users when they click pictures is Storage. They can not take pictures because of this storage issue. When they take photos the storage in their phones becomes full and there is no space for new pictures and they are not able to take new pictures. iVCam Pro Apk for pc has solved this problem for them as this app allows the users to record new video and pictures directly into your PC in the same high resolution. This means that you can record videos without any worry of storage and quality. 


This app has different modes and this app even supports the landscape and portrait mode of the Laptop. This is possible because it turns your phones and ipads into webcams. That’s why the users can apply these modes when recording new videos and get the result in their liked mode and best quality. 

Front Switching:

iVCam Pro Apk for pc even supports different uses of cameras. For example, we can use the front and back of both cameras. This will help us get a selfie of high resolution. Along with this, the users can get wide angle and real time switching among cameras and get high quality pictures and videos with less effort. 


iVcam allows the users to use the smart phones as microphones that get the  best audio of a transmission. No need to get a separate microphone or any device for the audio of a video. iVcan will provide the recording of video along with audio of high quality by itself. As it has this feature built0in the app. You can use the phone as a microphone. 

Supports Green Screens:

Worrying about the green screens in a video? Don’t because this app even supports the green screen when recording the video and satisfies the requirements of the users. You can record the video even with a green screen and then edit the background and let it remain the same as it was before. 

Replaces Webcams:

iVcam completely replaces the use of built-in webcams or USB webcams and allows the users to use this app instead of any unportable devices. You can easily record video with this app. 

Extra Features:

iVcam even allows the users to use extra features to enhance the quality of their video or picture. These features include Face beautification, Flash, Auto or manual and video Flip/Mirror . These features can be used and they will result in the betterment of the video. 

iVCam Pro Mod Apk setup

Step 1:

Guys in this section i will show you how to use your phone as a webcam in a window using iVCam. iVcam is cross – platform software that functions with Microsoft Windows PC machines and android, apple, ios, microsoft mobile phones and tablets.

First visit the link given on the above section and then click on download iVCam for windows. Once the file is downloaded double click the installer file to run the install process.

After the installation of iVCam is complete, click finish and launch the app.

Step 2.

Install ivcam pro apk on your android phone from the link given below.

Step 3.

Open the settings of your phone and enable USB debugging.

Step 4.

Connect your phone to Pc via USB cable, tap to allow USB debugging. Now open iVCam on your phone, now you can use your phone as a webcam in google meet or zoom.        

That’s all about it. I hope it helps you.

iVCam Pro Apk Free

Yes, iVCam is totally free. You can get the link to download iVCam Pro Apk for pc from this page. Enjoy all the features of iVcam pro apk for absolutely free and do not spend a single penny to get pictures and videos in high quality. 

Enjoy your new webcam for free.

iVCam Pro Apk for pc

iVcam New Updates

iVcam app is being used worldwide by a lot of people and they are lierally loving this app. That is why the team of iVcam is continuously working on the updates of this app and is also updating it from time to time. So, this app is updated again and again. The new updates are

  • You are able to fix the zoom issue on this app now in the latest version and  that will cause betterment i n recording the video by zooming in and out.
  • Users are able to fix the focus issue in the latest version, so that the desired thing can be focused and the quality will  be optimized on that specific thing and all the other things can be a bit blurry. Or just keep the thing more focused without blurring the background.

iVcam safe

iVcam is a very safe app. As, it is just a photo and video recording app and this app provides a whole lot of security to your system. You can install this app without any problem and use it to its core.

iVcam Black Screen

iVcam even allows the users to use the app with black screens and this feature helps in keeping the aesthetic vibe of the users in the app. A lot of users can use the app with their style and liking as it provides the black screen feature in it.


The conclusion is that now you do not have to carry heavy cameras along with you. You can just use this app to get high quality and hd results for your video and you can even enhance your video. You can even save the pictures in your PC after recording them if you do not have storage in your phone. You can even use your smartphones as microphones as this app will record the audio in high quality as well. You can even add beauty and filters to your video. Users can get access to the new “zoom fix” and “Focus Fix” updates of the app. Just download this app on your device and you are ready to go. 

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How come Android app permission is required in order to download iVcam webcam mod Apk?

Android permission is a must in order to download iVcam Mod Apk on your device. And if you do not know what kind of permissions are required to download this app then do not worry because ivcam will let you know about all the permissions it needs to be downloaded in your device and you can allow all of them.

If we download the apk app from the link in your page will it allow updating from the Play store?

Yes, you will be able to update your apk app from playstore if you install the app from the link in our page as it is also connected to Google and Play store is also a Google app.

Will we get 100% security for the iVcam Mod Apk when we install it from here?

Yes, if you download the apk app from the link of our page then we will give 100% security to you and you can download it because we are providing a cached version of a Play store app. And if you do not find the link on Google store then it is available on our page for you to download.

Thanks for reading the article and now install this app and get rid of heavy integrated cameras and replace them into portable webcams. 

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