Incredibox Mod APK

Incredibox Mod APK

Incredibox Mod APK Are you passionate about creating your music mix? Occasionally, you listen to a song and observe that it has great harmony. It’s the melody and harmony in songs that push you to create your own music mix.You are not far away; we are introducing to you a super cool app that gives you an amazing platform to create your own music stuff with astonishing visuals and features. Incredibox Mod APK, a globally appraised app with above 10 million downloads, is a part tool and part game app that give you the opportunity to construct your own music mix.

App Name Incredibox Mod APK
File Size
5.0 and up
Last Updated
21 May 2022

It was developed and published by a French-based studio So Far So Good (SFSG) in 2009. It’s a perfect mix of graphics, animations, music and interactivity that everyone can use this app without finding any inconvenience. In addition to this, the most interesting attribute of this app, you find beatboxers and a crew of singers that sing songs for you. Furthermore, it offers you 8 stunning atmospheres and mystical styles to record, lay down and share your music stuff.

After shedding the light on what Incredibox is, let’s discuss its features.

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Ravishing features of Incredibox Mod APK

The game is loaded with many exciting features. It offers you 8 different styles of music from modern, and classic to Latin American. You can select your favorite genres according to your personality and taste. Let’s explore these 8 different styles.

 Alpha: This is the first version of the game. It offers you exclusive melodies that unwrapped your creativity.

Littles Miss: This theme is loved by Hip Hop music lovers. It’s an award-winning theme. Satisfied, Little Miss and Why This World are the awards won by this theme.

Sunrise: It is inspired by those music lovers, who have a taste in Pop music. Lil Child, Dance and Sunrise are the rewards of this theme.

The Love: The Love, is stirred by French House Music. Baby, Follow and Eagle are rewards that this theme has earned.

Brazil: The South American music style. Rewards earned are Felicidade, Chegou, and Musica.

Alive: For those who have deep dives into Japanese Music, this theme is for them. Alive, Busta, and VR are the rewards scored by this theme.

Jeevan: Jeevan is inspired by Indian music lovers. Kofitez, Sapna, and Kabhi Kabhi are the rewards of this theme.

Dystopia: This is encouraged by those, who are tech lovers, brand averse and anti-authoritarian (Cyberpunk Culture). Riviera is the only bonus that this theme has earned.

User-Friendly Controls:

The app offers its users an interesting and user-friendly user interface and controls. They can even create and enjoy music with little understanding and effort. It offers an array of audio effects and features. Automatic mode, which allows the users to mix their own music with exciting visuals hassle-free is a plus of this app.

Incredibox Mod APK

Cool Graphics and Involving Music App:

In addition, this app is coupled with mesmerizing graphics that soothe the eyes of the user. Apart from this, the app offers you in-app animations. You just need to drag and drop specific icons on the avatars that appear on the screen. They will start to sing, rap and beatbox.  Thus, the app allows its user to mix their music with fun-filled features, cool graphics and involving animations.

Intuitive Audio effects and Sound Customization:

 For music lovers, the app has 4 different and intuitive options like the collection of beats, effects, melodies and voices. You just need to scroll down these options to enjoy a fun-filled and amazing music creation and mixing.

Save and Share Mix with Others:

The app offers you the facility to save and share your music mix with others. You can save and download your created music with the available download link. You can share your created mix with the online community and can earn rewards and votes. It has a beatboxing group, which allows you to make recordings and share them with others.

Join the Online Community:

Incredibox has a huge online community. Users can share their mixes with the other members. It also lets you download and save the music created by other members of the community.

Ads Free Experience:

It’s an authentic observation, that while playing or using any app or game, the arisen of pop-ups and advertisements results in an annoying experience for its users  But, Incredibox Mod APK offers you an ad-free experience. Now you can develop your music while playing the game without annoying ads and pop-ups. All ads and pop-ups are pre-blocked by the developers in this moded apk version.

How to Download and Install Incredibox Mod APK?

To download and install the Incredibox Mod APK full version on your android device, follow these 4 steps.

  •         Download the Incredibox Mod Apk from the given download link mentioned below.
  •         [Insert download link here]
  •         To install incredibox, first, make sure that third-party apps should be enabled from your device.
  •         Follow these steps in order to allow third-party apps on your android device
  •         Go to Menu> Settings> Security> enable the unknown sources option, which asks you to allow permission           for installing third-party apps.
  •         Install the Apk file.
  •         Open the app and enjoy.

How to play Incredibox?

To make music, users just need to drop the sound icons on different characters. It offers its players a combo of animated visuals and bonuses to record music mixes and accelerate their ranking. It also contains an automatic mode too, to create a random music creation.

Incredibox apk blinding lights

This version is developed by the RB series and it’s based on the song “Blinding Lights”. Incredibox apk blinding lights have coupled with great animations. It contains new effects that pitch the smart idea that sounds like a robot. It contains greater voices. Furthermore, the outfit change option is amazing in this version.

Pros and Cons of Incredibox Mod Apk:


The app offers an exciting and interactive interface to create your own music. The beatboxers sing like a real band. You can also customize them according to your own preferences.

  • The app offers powerful tools. Without any hindrance, you can make, mix and share your stuff with others.
  • The app needs a small amount of memory in your phone.
  • The app has a broad music community. You can share, download and enjoy other members’ stuff on your device.


The free version contains some ads which can be annoying for you. To enjoy the ad-free version, go for the premium version of this app. Likewise, in the free version, only limited features are available. It requires payment to unlock premium features.

Incredibox Mod APK

Fans’ reviews about Incredibox:

“I would give it 1000000000 stars if I could!!!!!!!😃😃😃 This app is so cool!! You can become a DJ in seconds!! I love it!!!! It’s incredible!!!!! It’s my favorite game ever!!!!!!!”

“I love the format and creative freedom of this app. I am absolutely hooked and excited for the future of Incredibox!”

Awards Earned by Incredibox:

  • Incredibox has earned many awards. Let’s have a glance at a few of them.
  • In 2020, Incredibox won a grand prize and earned Digital Ehon Award (Digital expressions for children).
  • In 2018, the American Association of School Librarians (AASL) declared it the best app for Teaching & Learning.
  • In 2016, the app got successful in hunting The FWA (Favorite Website Awards) – Mobile of the day.

FAQs about Incredibox Mod Apk:

What is Incredibox?

Incredibox is a fantastic app to create your own music with a merry crew of beatboxers. You can enjoy a gaming experience too while creating music for yourself. It gives you a wonderful platform full of visuals for music creation and sharing your stuff with the global community.

Does Incredibox require a specific age to play?

No, Incredibox doesn’t require any age bracket. People of all ages can play and enjoy this fun-filled and gaming-based music creation app. In addition, educational institutions all over the world use this app as a great educational tool to teach their kids about the basics of music creation.

In 2018, the American Association of School Librarians (AASL) declared incredibox The Best app in the Teaching & Learning category. Furthermore, the app contains a Safe Mode option which can be enabled for Kiddos.

Is Incredibox available in multiple languages?

Yes, the app has been translated into 23 languages. There are Arabic, Bengali, Chinese Traditional, Chinese Simplified, English, French, German, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Tamil, Telugu, Thai, Turkish, Vietnamese.

What’s the best app to make BTS edits?

Incredibox is the best app to make BTS edits.

How can I download the full Incredibox version for free?

You can download the latest and full version of Incredibox with extra features from our website. Just follow the simple steps to download and install and enjoy.

Are alternatives available other than Incredibox?

Yes, there are multiple alternatives available like Google Music Lab, Splice Beatmaker, Blokdust, etc.

Does the game require an internet connection to become functional?

From a browser, it requires an internet connection. But if you are using a paid version, then you need an internet connection to share your mixes and to access the Top 50 charts.

Concluding Remarks

Undoubtedly, the mix of splendid graphics, visuals, voices and cool features has enabled Incredibox the best platform to quench the thirst for creating our own music stuff. It has now become a great music learning app for starters in many educational institutions across the world.So, it’s highly recommended by its fans that you should try this app at least once in order to fulfill your desire of producing your music mix.

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