Idle Moon Rabbit MOD APK latest version

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Idle Moon Rabbit MOD APK

Idle Moon Rabbit MOD APK latest version tells the story of Lin, a Jade Rabbit, the cutest girl who serves as the Moon Kingdom’s lightkeeper and ensures that the Moon constantly shines, even at night. However, bad luck prevented him from finding her, which led to the loss of Rabbit Ngoc Lin’s lonely existence in the previous years. She was robbed of the time she had with the moonlight, and the clarity of the moonlight was replaced with the night by a horde of monsters.

App Name Idle Moon Rabbit MOD APK latest version
File Size
Version 1.46.3
5.1 and up
Last Updated
15 Jul 2022

Jade Rabbit went to battle monsters despite having so many memories associated with the area of her birth and childhood. You are the friend and the true incarnation of this girl that will revive life. Finding the well-known moonlight is not so hard. To offer counter attacks against the sly, you use methods and tactics. Your heart will flutter when you see a beautiful girl.

How is it possible for a small individual to take on these bad guys all alone? But no worries with the great efforts this issue will be solved. You can use powerful blows and can create terrible attacks on them. You will get closer to the night boss by completing modest tasks in front of giant monsters. Risks must be accepted to get the moon’s pure light.

Idle Moon Rabbit MOD APK latest version

Features of Idle Moon Rabbit MOD APK

While talking about the features of this game, continue reading for an explanation of a few of the more significant ones:

Best Boss Battles 

You will never discover boss battles like this in any game. Your progress in this game will depend on how well you handle these boss encounters. You’ll receive tons of fun bonuses and prizes.

Excellent Skills

This game has fantastic skill effects that are extravagant and amazing. Throughout the entire game, many skill effects can be found. This game is significantly more exciting for you to play through because of these skill effects. This is one of the nicest aspects of the game and is a highly distinctive aspect in and of itself.

Interesting Graphics

The graphics you see in the game are so interesting and can make you want to play it more. Once you begin playing the game, you won’t even want to stop because it is so compelling.

This game has excellent graphics that may draw you completely into the game. There are no lags in the game. It also contains 3d graphics.

Various Unique Weapons

A large variety of weapons are available when you first start playing this game, and together they create an extremely potent progression mechanism for the players. Weapons come in many varieties, and each one is distinctive from the others in some manner. Every weapon has a specific usage and can be used for that use only.

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Idle Moon Rabbit MOD APK download

  • Android must be version 4.0 or later.
  • Allow your device to accept manual app installations.
  • Access to the internet is stable.
  • The minimum is 3G, while the optimum options are 4G and Wi-Fi.

Idle Moon Rabbit Gameplay

Idle Moon Rabbit MOD APK latest version Amazing role-playing and simulation aspects may be found in Idle Moon Rabbit. It is a fantastic game that can be enjoyed by players of all ages. The type of gameplay experience this game offers you will enjoy a lot. To maximize your game progress, you can obtain a variety of advantages. Use your superior mechanical ability to defeat the boss. The Moon Rabbit’s Adventures can still be followed even if you have witnessed Moonlight fading. This game’s gameplay is simple but engaging.

The game has a lot of simple controls as well. You can think of the game as being simple to play, but some challenges require you to apply smart techniques. You won’t be able to understand the gameplay and play the game effectively without particular strategies. For the story to progress and for you to help Lyn fight the tough bosses, you must finish every chapter. Incredible abilities and excellent graphics are just two of the many things this game provides its players. Intense battles between the two sides are portrayed in Idle Moon Rabbit MOD APK latest version as dramatic events. Your job is to help the dangerous foes, who make for valuable prey, come back to life.

Rapidly your power dispels the darkness in front of them. Wherever you go, the opponent must lie there unable to raise his head. If the player fights heroically with the enemy, he gains respect for himself and a sense of pride. You will be successful if you use the abilities you’ve developed over the training process along with the variety of installed game features. The darkness will then vanish after getting rid of all the odd creatures, and reconciliation will happen once more. You’ll be amazed to play it because it is so extravagant in so many ways. Simply download and install the game or you can also click on the download link given above in the article to enjoy an incredible gaming experience on your mobile.


Idle Moon Rabbit MOD APK latest version The role-playing computer simulation game Idle Moon Rabbit was created by Able GIdle Moon Rabbit MOD APK latest versionames. To play the Android game on a Mac or PC, you can use any other app player. The most powerful weapon is only available when you play the game. The characters that form as a result of incentives bring you exciting benefits. Several monsters can be destroyed with a single strike by combining several skills. Enhance your character’s skills and enjoy this incredible gaming experience.

Idle Moon Rabbit MOD APK latest version


What is the size of the game ?

141 MB

Is this game free to download ?

Yes, it is free to download.

Is it safe to install on IOS ?

Yes, it is totally safe.

Is this game available on windows?

Yes, this is available for the windows.

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