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Introduction of idle human mod apk:

The idle human mod apk is an adventure game you can download for free on android. It’s beginning to be an addictive game. The story of the game is that a lot of people are trying to defeat the aliens and they built a spaceship and a space station in order to attack their planet. But, the spaceship is broken and a lot of people died in it.

App Name Idle Human Mod Apk
File Size 127M
Version 1.9.9
Requirement 4.4 and up
Last Updated 3 January 2022

The game has two worlds: one is the training world where you will face different levels with each level having its own difficulty level, money reward and coins rewards per hour. The second world is named the war world. In order to pass levels in this world, you have to be trained enough in the training world so that you can fight against more difficult enemies.

Idle Human Mod Apk


The Idle Human mod apk is a premium modded apk and it’s an idle game. The main attraction of this android game is that the player can choose to be a warrior, paladin, archer, or mage. In this idle game, the player can equip their character with different kinds of equipment which will help them during the battle.

The aim of the game is to defeat all the enemies in order to get further into the game. There are more than 500 weapons available in this game and each one has its own stats. The player can also upgrade the stats by using items like gems and gold.

This android modded apk has some in-app purchases too. This means that you can buy gems for your game for real money. The gems will help you to make things easier for yourself in this android modded apk. However, it’s not necessary that you have to use these gems if you are willing to do some work on your behalf.

How does it work?

The Idle Human is an amazing Simulation game. In this game, you are a human being who is trying to survive in a crowd of people. This game is available for Android devices and iOS devices as well. You can enjoy this game on your mobile phones or tablets.

The Idle Human is a great Simulation game that has many unique features and it also has a great theme of human life. In this game, you will play the role of a human being who is trying to survive in a crowd of people. To do that, you have to use your brain to find out ways to stay alive in the crowd.


Features of idle human mod apk:


  • A wonderful pet game for all ages, especially for kids.
  • You can get a lot of money by breeding and selling pets.
  • You can train your pets to make them stronger, faster, and smarter.
  • There are a lot of funny props waiting for you in the game, such as Santa Claus, X-Mas Tree, etc…
  • It has a multiplayer mode, so you can play with your friends or other players online.

The idling game is a type of incremental game where players are encouraged to spend money in a similar manner to freemium games, but without requiring any purchases to progress and with no upper limit on how much the player can earn.

MOD Features:

  1. -This is not a fake MOD, only to unlock all the levels
  2. -This MOD is the removal of advertising
  3. -You can get coins and diamonds in the game
  4. -You will get unlimited resources (coins, diamonds) without downloading anything.
  5. If you do not like ads and want to have unlimited resources, this mod is for you.

How to download and install?


  • Click on the download button 
  • Your downloading will be the start
  • Go to setting and enable unknown resources
  • Unzip Mod File
  • Install Game
  • BOOM, Enjoy!


The game is worth playing and we recommend everyone to look into it. However, we would like to warn you that the game has a lot of in-app purchases, so it might not be so cool for kids as well as for parents. As mentioned above, the game is still going through some minor updates and we hope that when these are over, people will get a chance to enjoy the “Idle human mod apk” without any problems.


Q: How to get gold from idle humans?

A: There are several ways to get gold in idle humans, such as killing the boss, beating the last level, and so on. 

Q: How to play this game?

A: You need to kill all monsters and pass-through level 10 before you can unlock the next stage and beat the final boss. 

Q: How to level up fast in Idle Human?

A: You can use one of the following methods to level up your heroes fast. 

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