Ice Scream 4 Rod’s Factory Apk

App Name Ice Scream 4 Rod’s Factory Apk
File Size 162 MB
Version V 1.2.0
Requirement Android 4.4 and up
Last Updated October 2021

Ice Scream 4 Rod’s Factory Apk

Subsequent to having safeguarded your three companions from Rod’s grasp on a few events, the malevolent frozen yogurt producer has caught them once more and, this time around has taken them to his plant. In the past portion, J made his own uncommon frozen yogurt with the fixings your companions had gathered to fill out and allowed Rod to catch him.

In this new part, Rod will take you to his production line, where you’ll discover more with regards to the two his past and that of the Sullivan family. Investigate the various spaces of the processing plant, face the frozen yogurt creator’s strange aides and uncover a lot more shocks.

Free your companions from their enclosures before anybody winds up in the extraction room!


New foes:

Confront Rod’s new helpers the Mini Rods. The plant monitors will attempt to stop you from getting away and will alarm Rod in case they see you. Flaunt your abilities by evading and getting away from them.

Free investigation:

For the initial time in the adventure, openly investigate an immense, interconnected setting, liberated from stacking times, that is brimming with insider facts about Rod’s past and that of his dads, Joseph Sullivan.

Fun riddles:

Solve cunning riddles to liberate your companions from their enclosures.

Account cinematics:

Detailed cinematics that will assist you with understanding all that that is continuing.

Unique soundtrack:

Immerse yourself in the realm of Ice Scream with its extraordinary music in sync with the adventure, and voices only recorded for the game.

Hints framework:

If you stall out, there’s an inside and out hints window brimming with choices that will assist you with tackling the riddles in accordance with your gaming style.

Various hardships:

Play at your own speed and investigate hazard-free in phantom mode, or stand up to Rod and his aides in the various degrees of trouble that will truly scrutinize your abilities.

An alarmingly fun game is reasonable for all crowds!

Assuming you’re after a terrifying, fantastical, fun experience, make certain to play “Ice Scream 4: Rods Factory now! Activity and dreads ensured.

Earphones are suggested for a superior player experience.


What are pros and cons of Ice Scream Rod’s Factory?


  • Basic ongoing interaction
  • Great visuals
  • Free investigation
  • New adversaries


  • Puzzles are somewhat basic and can be exhausting
  • Off-kilter controls
  • Not actually startling
  • Laggy and messes up a great deal.

What is happening new?

  • Bugs fixed.
  • Updated promotion network libraries.


Wrapping Up

By and large, Ice Scream 4: Rod’s Factory is a pleasant game to play in the event that you are searching for a basic loathsomeness game. The ongoing interaction is simple, and the riddles are not so testing, permitting you to advance absent a lot of trouble. Be that as it may, players expecting an extraordinary ghastliness experience will be seriously baffled as the game isn’t startling in any way. In any case, it gives pleasant riddles in a ghastly and beguiling manner.



Ice Scream 4 Rod's Factory Apk Review
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