How To Get The Unlimited Chicken Dinner (Win Every Match of PUBG Lite)

How To Get The Unlimited Chicken Dinner in pubg

How To Get The Unlimited Chicken Dinner

Getting your hands on a chicken Dinner is no simple assignment, there is just a single method for getting one, you should be the last. How you do it doesn’t make any difference, there is no playing filthy in PUBG, there is just endurance, at any expense.

Assuming you are generally new to the game, presumably, your first sense is to abstain from battling where conceivable, this is likely the greatest slip-up. You want to move past those apprehensions, the flimsy hands, and the nervousness. Drop in the center of the activity. Focus on those tactical zones and high-traffic regions. You want to rapidly figure out how to track down the plunder, prepare, point, and kill. Whenever you have become proficient in these ideas, you would now be able to develop your play styles.

Substitute hypotheses on the beginning of ‘Victor Winner Chicken Dinner:

Then again, certain individuals accept that the articulation ‘Victor Winner Chicken Dinner’ began in Las Vegas, Nevada, and afterward continued to be related during the hour of the Great Depression. Back then, in Vegas, a chicken supper just expenses about $2 in all clubs. Furthermore, that was likewise the sum individuals frequently bet with. In this way, victors could indulge themselves with a chicken supper at one of the clubs they consistently bet at, around. Regardless, the beginnings of the expression were as yet associated with betting before the famous portable game, PUBG, restored it as a revelation of triumph.

5 Tips To get Unlimited Chicken Dinner

Pubg Tips and Trick #1-Inside the divider (Glitch)

You can utilize this error to your benefit. With this stunt, you can see where your foes are covered up assuming that they are close to you. Without being noticed, you can get an unmistakable outline of your encompassing. In any case, the main catch is you want your partner too for this stunt to work.

  • Right off the bat, you want to run against the divider you need to pass.
  • Advise your colleague to push you against the divider while you continue to run towards the divider.
  • This stunt doesn’t deal with each divider, yet it for the most part works in the school regions.

Pubg Tips and Trick #2-Smoke Cloud (stunt)

The thought behind the stunt is straightforward. Assuming that you are just one remaining in your group and foes are going towards you. You can utilize this stunt to redirect the psyche of your adversary. Yet, this stunt requires abilities as well, when Cloud is shaped. Possibly you need to run or bring down your adversaries.

  •  Head towards the top of the structure.
  • Take fur the smoke missile until 1 second is left.
  • At the point when the clock is in the one-second leap from the structure.

Pubg Tips and Trick #3-Entering the house through the vehicle (misfire)

With this error, you can land straightforwardly inside the house without escaping the vehicle. This hack will assist with getting inside when the foe is pursuing you rapidly, running.

  •  Get towards the window of the home you need to get in and leave the vehicle there.
  • Change the driver seat to the window near the house’s window.
  •  Hit exit, and you are inside the house.

Pubg Hints and Trick #4-Blasting Gas can inside the water(method)

With this stunt, you can impact the gan inside the water and kill your adversaries inside water.

  • Conceal the gas can inside water.
  • At the point when you see the foe drawing close to the fuel tank, pull off an explosive and toss it in water.
  • At the point when explosive impacts, it will ultimately impact gas can as well.

Pubg Tips and Trick #5-Landing quick (stunt)

This stunt is somewhat key; the explanation is. It is crucial to land quickly while getting off the plane. Assuming that you land rapidly, you will see where different adversaries are landing and get to plunder arms and ammo first. You will be prepared to assault while others are as yet taking.

  • The stunt is moderately basic.
  • At the hour of setting down from the plane, turn the camera of the person to confront downwards.
  • I trust you preferred the best tips and deceives for pubg partook in this post.

How to get Chicken in PUBG Lite?

Assuming that you have played the Arctic Mode in PUBG, you will have regularly stopped by chicken meals to a great extent. You need to cook them in a chimney and eat it to preserve wellbeing. Be that as it may, gathering an aggregate of 110 Chickens will be a difficult undertaking. Indeed, with this aide, it will not be!

  • Underneath the Random Chicken Exchange occasion, you will track down the Random Chicken Mission occasion.
  • Here you will observe an entire pack of undertakings that you want to finish in return for chickens.
  • Remain online for 60 mins – 5 chickens
  • Remain online for 90 mins – 8 chickens
  • Burn through 1000 BP – 4 chickens
  • Burn through 2000 BP – 8 chickens
  • Remain online for 10 mins – 2 chickens
  • Remain online for 30 mins – 3 chickens



what’s the “Chicken Dinner”?

Assuming that all works out positively in a match and you wind up being the sole survivor, then, at that point, PUBG praises your triumph by getting down on the celebratory expression – Winner Chicken Dinner. The “Chicken Dinner” has simply been transformed into an expression for grabbing a triumph in any PUBG map. The more Chicken Dinner labels you guarantee to your name, the more focuses you acquire for opening new rewards and more regard among your PUBG MOBILE family.

Would I be able to cooperate with my companions?

You can likewise play as a team with only one individual. Do take note of that while playing in a gathering, the group claims “Chicken Dinner” all in all after the last individual from outside the group is killed. Each individual gets scores relying upon the style of the interactivity and his/her part in the crew.

What is “Winner winner chicken dinner?”

The expression, “Winner winner chicken dinner,” isn’t new, and it’s not embraced recently by pubg, yet it’s because of the financial emergency of 1930.

What is the contraction PUBG?

The contraction of PUBG is Player Unknown Battle Ground. Be that as it may, it is well known and known by PUBG.


Wrapping Up

You need to land in a decent spot to have chicken supper in Pubg. You will get great plunder provided that you land in a decent spot. After arriving in a decent spot, pick a decent weapon. After arriving in a decent area, pick a decent weapon, for example, an attack rifle and sharpshooter rifle. Furthermore, there ought to likewise be a degree for you to apply weapons on yourself.

You should have level 3 stuff. You ought to have every one of the things referenced previously. If you have this multitude of things and are playing a game with your cooperation then, at that point, nothing can prevent you from having a chicken supper. You would say Winner Chicken Dinner.



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chicken supper is no simple errand, there is just a single method for getting one, you should be the last. How you do it doesn’t make any difference, there is no chicken dinner is the most pursued prize in the PUBG game. Indeed, it turned out to be entirely famous, to the point that KFC even offered free.

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