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Horrorfield is a horrifying action horror game. Play this scary hide and seek online game with friends in real-time. Will you get caught by the deadly serial killer or escape becoming a survivor? It's up to you in survival multiplayer games! Remember all horror movies about cult maniac Jason and Friday the 13th and feel like the main character of a scary slasher. It's time to be afraid!
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Jul 18, 2022
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HORRORFIELD MOD APK Unlock all Characters If you are a horror lover, this award winning horror game will stir your interests. This exciting game provokes all your senses and emotions and allows you to use your survival instincts to the fullest as to remain the last one standing in the game.

HORRORFIELD MOD APK will provide you with the most epic horror feels since it has various kinds of terrifying experiences for players with its 3D programming and dim lights that make the whole scenario even more exciting and authentic. If you have the potential to survive the horrifying events, this game is calling out for you!


The title of this game pretty much sums up its niche. Since it’s a multiplayer game, players will be interlinked and will help each other in escaping and winning. The rules of this game are simple with one team that is a survivor and then there is a psychopath that’s going to be a killer. When the Player is a survivor, the only task is to find a location that will help to escape. In doing so, the players can connect and coordinate with other players for support items to speed up the escape process.

If the Player is caught by the psycho more than three times, it will end the game but the Player can still guide the other players and monitor them. But mind it! The mission is to look for a path that will help in escaping and this all may seem easy but it’s not that unambiguous. This place has no light, it’s dark and you can’t focus so watch out what is happening around you!



This game has seven various characters with their own unique capabilities. A diversified range of characters will make your gaming experience even more exciting.


Calling out all the horror lovers, this is going to be the most petrifying experience for you!

As mentioned earlier this is a 3D game and the game follows the character that makes it super easy to observe the surroundings and stay alert for the madman.

Authentic & Terrifying Design:

As already mentioned, the design of this game is specifically colored in a way to give all the horror feels with its dark backgrounds and dim lights, ancient villages vibes, old buildings as if death is approaching. Moreover, the bleeding effect gives such an authentic feel that is very stimulating for the players.

Control your heartbeat:

As it’s very dark and to focus where the madman is can be very difficult. But this heartbeat feature alarms you about any danger around you. As the madman seems to be close to your players, the heartbeat automatically rises up notifying you to get out of that area as fast as possible. The animated heart feature on your screen will also make it easier for you to monitor the danger. But control your heart and not let it beat faster as it attracts the killer towards you.

Killer or Survivor:

This is a single modded game and you always play in groups or in teams. After being in the team you have to choose either to be a killer or a survivor. There are seven characters and each character has different abilities and you can choose any of these characters so as to survive.

For example there is a character that has medical supplies which can help you to provide medication to save other members. There is a basketball Player that will help you to run faster. There is an engineer Player that can craft items faster and can repair generators quickly.

Playing all these different characters will give you an insight on which character is best for your style.

Different Items & Equipments:

There are certain types of items in this game that will help you to survive. Without these items, the escape process can be very difficult. There are 13 different types of equipment but you will have to get the blueprints of those equipment in order to use them.

To get the blueprints you will have to unlock the characteristics of the character. For example to access the first aid kit of the physician you will have to improve the physician’s character upto level 3 to learn the skills of the character. After you learn it, you can make the first aid kit in the workshop. To unlock the item for the first time you will need some silver and to upgrade the item this silver will improve the stats as well.

To hide in the buildings: 

The best way to get rid of the madman is to hide at some places where it will buy you more time, especially buildings. But hiding in the buildings that have wooden doors will be a bad decision since breaking wooden doors is super easy. Hide in the buildings with metal doors because these doors will take the madman longer to demolish. And always make sure to work on your speed. To escape the madman, speed is very important. If you find the killer near you, run in the opposite direction as fast as possible.


The owners of this game haven’t yet launched the official version of this game and the version available on the app store is just a preview of the game for the customers to try and provide the owners with the feedback. The owners are constantly improving the existing version to make the gaming experience of the customers even better.


To download HORRORFIELD MOD APK on android, delete any kind of version of this game downloaded in the android. After that you have to choose settings, security and then allow the unknown sources so that the app can be downloaded.

The steps to download this app:

  1. Press the download icon to start the downloading process.
  2. Make sure the downloading is completed.
  3. Then download the app on the device.
  4. Make sure to check the directions properly and that’s it, you’re good to use the application on your android.


The basic steps for downloading the app on your pc:

  1. Download any kind of player in your pc first that will allow the android applications to run smoothly on your pc.
  2. Once the first step is done, install the horrorfield game on your pc.
  3. For installing, import the file and go for the launching icon and that’s it.


The best version of this game is horrorfield MOD APK. This version provides the players with unlimited everything. Since it’s the latest version, unlock all the characters from the start of the game. Get unlimited money, gold/gems and you can even upgrade the skills of your characters. If you find any version of horrorfield difficult, this is the version that will suit you the best!


This game has so many scary features that will never let you get bored. Use different items, Always hide from the killer and make sure to survive no matter what. Choose your favorite characters and level up the characteristics. Without wasting any time, jump on the bandwagon of the epic horrors!


What's new

- Minor improvements and fixes overall the game



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2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.

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