Grand Theft Auto 3 Apk+Mod v1.8 (Download Latest Version For Android)

App Name Grand Theft Auto 3 Mod Apk
File Size 12.55 MB
Version V1.8
Requirement Android 4.0 +
Last Updated October 2021

Grand theft auto 3 apk is basically a third-person action role-playing game which is developed by DMA and released by Rockstar games. You will get to experience the life of a true criminal continuing the adventure while playing this fun game. The gameplay is so addictive and features of the game are getting improved with every new version. You will get the opportunity to become a boss, meet a mafia during participating in the murder and drug trafficking dangerous yet exciting missions.

So what are you waiting for? Download this fun game from this download link and enjoy!

Grand Theft Auto 3 Apk

Grand Theft Auto 3 Apk

Grand theft Auto III GTA 3 apk is the follow-up to one of the most beloved video games of all time. The game is set in a liberated city with several of the same old familiar faces from the previous games, this time you need to steal the goods of other businesses and protect the city from total chaos. In the newest game of GTA 3 download, you play either, jakes or fives, each with their own unique storyline, different races (human/gorilla hybrid, or roaming packs), and different vehicles (land and air vehicle).

You can’t call Gta 3 Claude figure an improvement over its predecessors because it still involves stealing and pilfering. However, there are quite a few new features in this version of the game that make it fun to play. One of them is the ability to rent an airplane and fly across town in style. Another exciting feature is the ability to buy new vehicles and drive them around the map for a bit of extra cash. If you really like trucks though, then you will probably want to go for the truck rentals. The whole point of this version is to get you out of the grind of doing simple tasks to earn money, and not spend a lot of time doing so.

Download guide

If you don’t have an account for Google Play, don’t worry because this version of the game comes with its very own mod apk download.

This mod apk file can be installed directly onto your device, giving you the ability to play the game right from your home computer. If you already have an account for Google, however, then you won’t be able to enjoy Grand theft Auto III on your smartphone.


This version of the game takes place in the seedy underbelly of Liberty City, an illegal city that has become more than just a crime lord’s haven thanks to the efforts of its law enforcers.

For decades, the citizens of this district have been living rough and living in squalid conditions. The story begins with your character, an ex-cop called Sam Haine, who is tasked to prevent the theft of an important package. Although Sam isn’t actually too sure how he’ll pull it off, he knows he needs to gain access to the airport in order to pick up another package – and the getaway vehicle that will get him there in time. If you’re looking for a good, tense, action-packed story about a man struggling to achieve his goals, then you will definitely want to try playing through the first few levels of Grand theft Auto III APK.


This is not your typical mission system game. Grand theft auto III mobile uses a mission system based on real-life – meaning that you will have a chance to interact with the locals of Liberty City, complete with conversations, and complete side quests as well.

Additionally, your character can use a mobile phone to call home and update the status of any jobs or missions that they are working on. The one thing that makes this mode a bit more interesting is that you can use your phone to do some “intellectual stimulation”, such as studying criminal files or reviewing criminal reports.

In addition, your character can even buy new items for use in your car and perform actions like loading or unloading the trunk of your car. If you enjoy playing smart-alecky games where you are making educated decisions, then you will really appreciate the mission system and all the added features that accompany it.


The main story of Grand theft Auto III APK is about you stealing the car of an important target in order to earn money to support your failing life. However, since you are playing as a character who isn’t really all that ethical, it might get a little hard getting used to.

Fortunately, the developers of this game allowed players to “customize” their characters so that it is much easier to level up. For example, if you’re going to be a wanted man or woman, you will be able to purchase upgrades that make escaping from the police much easier. Likewise, if you are going after some valuable property, your car can be equipped with items that allow you to break into a bank or other secured compound. As you can see, there really aren’t many limits to what you can do with your character in this open-world game.

Additional perks of this game

In addition to the main story, Grand theft Auto III APK includes several other interesting side missions and activities.

  • You can participate in treasure hunting, which gives you the opportunity to locate rare items as you traverse different cities. Likewise, the island of Palma, where you can partake in several exciting activities and master the ropes of being a master car thief, is also included in the download.
  • These side missions give players an opportunity to increase their skills, as well as learn more about the intriguing world of APK. This is especially important if you are thinking about buying the game or its sequel.
  • In short, the Grand theft Auto III apk is full of enjoyable and entertaining activities for users who enjoy playing games on the Android platform.
  • The APK file allows users to access the features of the game without having to use a compatible iPhone, BlackBerry, or any other similar device.
  • It also allows players to experience the thrilling and open world of the Grand Theft Auto universe.


Unfortunately, this game is only available for a few hours per week. Although we understand that it may be frustrating.

If you don’t have time to play this addictive game, it is still worth checking out the free version if you happen to find it before purchasing the full version of Grand theft Auto III APK.


Is rebooting required for playing this game?

Rebooting is not required necessarily but for optimal performance, it’s preferred to reboot your device after downloading.

Is it available free?

Yes, it is available for free.

What’s the specialty of this game?

There are many things but one of them is its massive crime has changed the open-world game forever.


Wrapping Up

Overall it’s a fun game with amazingly updated graphics, characters and vehicles models, HD quality resolution, gameplay, and controls. Grand Theft Auto 3 is completely worth all the hype. Make sure you share it with your friends as well.  If you got any queries relating to this game list them in the comments section so that we can respond to you as soon as possible.





Grand Theft Auto 3 Mod Apk Review
  • Grand Theft Auto 3 Mod Apk


Grand theft Auto III GTA 3 apk is the follow-up to one of the most beloved video games of all time. The game is set in a liberated city with several of the same old familiar faces from the previous games, this time you need to steal the goods of other businesses and protect the city from total chaos.

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