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Introduction of grand summoner mod apk:

Grand Summoner mod apk is one of the most popular Role Playing games(RPG) that are present on Android and iOS platforms. It has been released by a well-known game development company, Com2Us. This game has simple gameplay but it’s quite tricky to master. This game offers a great combination of stunning visuals, retro-style pixel art graphics, and solid RPG battles.

The combination of these features makes this game unique from other games in this genre.

App Name Grand Summoner Mod Apk
File Size 78MB
Version 3.17.2
Requirement 4.4 and up
Last Updated December 21, 2021

Grand summoners is an action-based game and almost every aspect of the game is fast-paced. You have to build your team from scratch so be ready to collect your favorite characters from different worlds and summon them to fight in many battles against your enemies.

Grand Summoner Mod Apk

In the beginning, you have to deal with very basic battle features but as you progress with the story mode, you will find that there are lots of interesting things waiting for you in the game such as character customization options, different battle modes, and many more.

How does it work?

The Grand Summoner mod apk is a mobile video game created by Com2uS and was initially released in Korea in June 2014. A global launch followed after some months, and the game has been translated into English, French, German, Spanish, and Chinese. The game combines aspects of both role-playing games and card battle games. It is currently available on Android and iOS devices.

In Grand Summoners, players become the summoner who has just completed his/her studies at the Summoning Academy to protect the world from evil forces. After your graduation ceremony, you are sent to a town named Lidia. 


You have been tasked to defeat the demon hatching out of an ancient artifact called the Grand Summoner mod apk Stone that has begun to wreak havoc in Lidia. You will have to gather heroes from all over the world by completing quests that will help you level up your characters and earn rewards to strengthen them.

Grand Summoners takes place in a fantasy setting where magic exists. The player takes on the role of a summoner who must travel around with his/her companions fighting enemies and training to become stronger. Battles are fought using cards; each character belongs to one of four classes (warrior, mage, support, or assassin) and each class has.

Role-Playing Game:

Grand Summoners is a free mobile game by Com2us, featuring a turn-based strategy RPG. Players collect and summon various heroes to fight for them. The heroes are separated into four main classes: Warrior, Archer, Mage, and Priest. Each class has its own unique skills, stats, and playstyles.

The current version has over 150 different heroes to collect and summon. Grand Summoners is a free-to-play tactical RPG in which players can summon heroes, level them up, and use them to battle enemies. When you start the game, you will be introduced to the story of Grand Summoners.


Features of grand summoner mod apk

  1. No Skill CD- The skill will not have any cooldown time. It means that you can use the skill whenever you want.
  2. Limit Break- If a character has reached level 30, his/her limit break bar will be unlocked. When it’s full, you can tap on it to enhance the attack power and increase the amount of damage dealt by this character by a certain percentage. The maximum limit break bar is 100%.
  3. Unlocked Characters- After completing the required task in-game, you can spend your diamonds to unlock them permanently in-game.
  4. Character Awakening- After reaching level 50, your character’s star will be unlocked and you can choose one of them to awaken to 6 stars when using awakening items provided by us in-game.

Note: You need to request an invitation code from us before playing this game!

  1. Open world

In this game, players control their own main character to travel across the world map and visit different locations. When you arrive at a location, you will encounter enemies which you will fight to gain exp and gold. You can also use your free time to train your heroes and craft materials to upgrade equipment during your journey.

  1. Visual effects

As a traditional RPG game, Grand Summoners mod apk is featured with classic 2D graphics style. The game has a lot of visual effects such as special artwork, vivid animation, and skill effects. In my opinion, the game definitely has its own unique charm in the graphics department.

  1. Hero collection

The unique point in this game is that it allows you to collect more than 200 heroes in your team! From warriors to witches, each hero has its own unique characteristics and skills which will help you beat up enemies easily. And those characters are really cute! 

MOD Features:

  • God Mode: Unlocked all heroes and starlight
  • Unlimited Gold: All buildings and upgrades cost no gold
  • Unlimited Energy: All heroes can be upgraded, awakened, and evolved without energy cost
  • Unlock All Support Skills: You can upgrade, evolve, awaken all support skills for free
  • Instant Training: No need to wait to train your heroes, instantly level up your heroes
  • Summon Limit Removed: Summon as much as you like, including the Legendary Heroes
  • Unlock All Heroes: Unlocked all Heroes
  • Add Skill Points: You can add skill points for free
  • Unlock All Mystical Scrolls: Unlock all mystical scrolls for free
  • Unlock All Building Levels: Upgrade buildings to Lv 210
  • Unlock All Starlight Tree levels
  • Unlock All Crystals
  • Max Level Player level is Lv 90
  • Max Level hero level is Lv 10


Grand Summoner APK is an interesting game. It combines the smooth battle system of turn-based RPG with the deep character development of mobile games. The game has a lot of depth, so a lot of time should be spent on it if you want to get into the game. The more you play, the more fun you will have and the more stuff you can achieve. It is worth downloading if you are interested in it.


Q: I tried to download grand summoners but it is saying that a compatible version already exists. What should I do?

A: If you are downloading the game from the play store and it says that the app already exists, uninstall the current apk and re-download the new one.

Q: How do I get free gems in grand summoners?

A: When you finish or lose a battle in grand summoners, you will be rewarded with gold. You can exchange this gold for gems using your in-game shop.

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