Geometry Dash Apk

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Geometry Dash Apk

Geometry Dash Apk is a compelling game which is known for its simple yet strenuous gameplay. This is an arcade game developed by RobTop games. It can be played offline and contains geometrical shapes like triangles, squares, diamonds etc.The main purpose of the game is to reach the ending point without getting touched by any hurdles or barriers. You can play this game by controlling one square and making it pass through all the levels by avoiding all the things in the way.

App Name Geometry Dash Apk
File Size
4.4 and up
Last Updated
22 March 2022

The controls are super easy and it can be played by just one button  tap.This game is highly captivating but it’s not easy to play and you may get desperate while playing to reach the finish line. The Barriers are arranged in such a way that it is very hard to go smoothly without avoiding them. The obstacle appears suddenly in the way and while playing this game you may get frustrated due to them.

Overall, the gameplay is very puzzling yet fascinating.

Features of geometry dash apk


Besides its amazing gameplay “geometry dash” is also known for its  various fantastic and delightful sounds. The music plays an important role in this game as it enhances the beauty of gameplay. The beat of music is synchronized according to your playing style and obstacle’s placement.


Graphics are eye-catching, it contains an elegant design with beautiful icons and wonderful colors. You can fly on rockets and explore many levels of the game with unique designs.

Geometry dash icons

You can access the icon kit in order to change your look in the game. You can select any icon design from this kit. This kit is completely accessible and unlocked in the full version of geometry dash apk.

However, it is locked and limited in the basic version of the game.

Geometry Dash Apk

Geometry dash background

Geometry Dash is also famous for its charming and colorful backgrounds, these backgrounds are not only useful in enhancing the pleasure of the game but there is a huge demand for them on the internet. 

Reason behind this demand is that these backgrounds are used as wallpapers and people do love them. There are countless numbers of geometry dash HD wallpapers available on the internet to download.

Geometry dash texture pack

Texture pack means a cluster of files that can change the appearance and colors of the game including icons and other things in the game. These texture packs are  downloaded from the internet and then added to the game.

There are plenty of texture packs available on this site to download for the geometry dash game. 

Geometry Dash Characters

You can create various characters in the game in order to avoid obstacles. You can get plenty of character ideas from all over the internet.

An example of various character ideas is shown below in the picture.

Geometry Dash Jumper

Jumper is the 7th stage of this amazing game which is pretty tough to play. It contains anti-gravity elements like underwater gameplay on the ship. This is a very entertaining level of geometry dash with magical rhythms.

Geometry Dash Bloodbath

Geometry dash bloodbath is one of the hardest levels in this game as it contains the flying feature which is extremely hard to play. Obstacles are literally everywhere and are unavoidable. It is almost impossible to pass through these levels without touching them. you need to be an expert in playing this game in order to clear this level.

Geometry Dash Challenge list

  1. The Third Variant by SKOE99
  2. VSC by BoBoBoBoBoBoBo
  3. FINAL FANTASY by telepracity
  4. Paraballa by Gorling
  5. SADOMASOCHISM by Nyan Cat
  6. 3SH in Hell by UFokinWotM8
  7. Delusion by xEl3cTr0
  8. Apotheosis by xEl3cTr0
  9. Flutterwonder by DaG
  10. Viridiscent by TDiamond
  11. Deorum by Exen
  12. ingrown toenail 3 by Eclipseyy
  13. Lost Sense by PataNATION
  14. Galaxy by KyuPlays
  15. Toxic Blades by xEl3cTr0
  16. Gloom by xEl3cTr0
  17. Craven Soul by NineDice
  19. Virulent Verge by NineDice
  20. Sheol Death by Zerviot
  21. Shock by Exen
  22. Temporal by jcack
  23. Distorted by NineDice
  24. Bocadillo De Albondiga by Yossarian
  25. SamtheFman Challenge by SkyJax
  26. Dazed by Semispace
  27. el3ctr0b4llz by Hyperlith
  28. Cooked Balls by MeatiusGaming
  29. Baphomet by nayf
  30. Riff Wraiths by lMilez
  31. Vanuatu by nayf
  32. TACO REDUX by zNeon0
  33. Guys by DIIIS thik
  34. Sizzling Balls by M4nst3r
  35. NFL The Movie 83 by Acratic
  36. Quite Hard Challenge by IIKugelBlitZII
  37. Black Lung X by Scware
  38. Challenge XIX by Gooey9
  39. Dissonance by NineDice
  40. Flyers by Avenaa
  41. S M I L E by DaG
  42. Activate by zNeon0
  43. coughy bean by jcack
  44. Sprite People by nayf
  45. fuclk CHALLENGE by Nyan Cat
  46. Tartarus by Nyan Cat
  47. Spitting Bar by JoinMolten
  48. Alphanetic is Trash by Asdner
  49. Subsuming Vortex 66p by HaydenDom
  50. romgames by M4nst3r
  51. Vesivius by NineDice
  52. Hill by Exen
  53. Soccermoms by lMilez
  54. Agile by nayf
  55. i suppose by HaydenDom
  56. Radiation by ionlycreate
  57. Superr Challenge by BoBoBoBoBoBoBo
  58. BIBLE STUDY by Zeronium
  59. AAHhaahahAHAAHahahah by maxmur
  60. Flame by flamongo
  61. bedrock dance by Suni
  62. The Acro Challenge by MetaManZ
  63. alpha dan by BiancaDiAngelo
  64. Siding challenge by BrutalSword107
  65. Quotient by DoubleEggSalad
  66. jamjam chall 3 by coakmuffer
  67. Another Skribbl by lMilez
  68. Techno Love by DaG
  69. Nino Nakano by Franzy
  70. Slightly buffed Bath by Yossarian
  71. Slightly buffed Math by Yossarian
  72. Vera Lynn by Zeronium
  73. Samsung Galaxy Fold by Zerviot
  74. I Cry by CursedZ
  75. Sideflip by GenoXideGD

Geometry dash codes

This is a secret feature of the geometry dash game which was launched in update 2.1. These secret vault codes can be used to access the various features and levels in the game. These codes are available on many sites on the internet, you can use them to enable the secret world hidden in this game.

For example

  • You can use the code “Spooky – Thief! Thief!”  To unlock the shy guy icon 
  • Enter the code “the challenge” to access the secret level called challenge. Which is only accessible by paying 200 diamonds in the game but you can play it for free with the help of this code.

Geometry Dash Editor

This is a feature of the geometry dash game which enables you to edit and create your own levels. You can create your own level by using various components like:

Blocks, platforms, outline, design, animations etc.

Geometry dash free

Geometry dash game is completely free to download and play for every one. You can download it from the google play store but some of the features are limited and are only accessible through the full version of the game. For example, a completely unlocked icon kit.

Geometry dash free full version

Geometry dash free full version is the unlocked version of this game which allows you to access the unlimited features of this game.

These premium features include:

  • Free to download
  • Ads free gameplay
  • New icons and colors added
  • Demon weekly challenges enabled
  • All levels of the game unlocked with separate soundtrack
  • All icons unlocked
  • Create your own levels with level editor
  • Practice mode enabled
  • No subscription or payment required
  • Unlimited resources and rewards.

Geometry Dash Apk

Geometry Dash Online

Geometry dash game can be played online on the internet through its official website and various websites. This game is available to play online without even downloading it, you just have to search it on the internet and start playing it without any hassle of installation on your device.

Geometry Dash Unblocked

Geometry dash unblocked version is available to download from this site with all premium features. It can also be played online by using the internet on your device without downloading the game. So,don’t wait and play this game with the most complicated levels now on your PC, laptop or mobile phone.

Geometry Dash apk latest version

The latest version of the geometry dash game (v2.111) is available for you to download on this site. This version was last updated on 15th November, 2017.

This latest version of geometry dash apk contains new features like new community store, new chests, leaderboards, level editor, new icons for character customization, rockets, ships, anti-gravity elements, practice mode, lots of bug fixes and many more features.

Geometry dash apk android

Geometry dash apk is fully compatible with all android devices and its full version is available to download on this site for your android device. You can download its latest version with all premium features for free by clicking the download button below.

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Geometry dash apk download

Download the latest version of geometry dash apk by following these steps:

  1. Download the geometry dash apk file from the link given below
  2. Go to settings of your phone and open security settings
  3. enable installation from unknown sources
  4. Tap on the downloaded file to install it
  5. When the app is installed, enjoy the game.

Geometry dash apk PC

You can download and play the geometry dash game on your PC. Its PC version is compatible with windows and can be downloaded from the web store. You can download “Geometry dash” game for you PC by the following procedure:

  1. Install any emulators on your PC e.g bluestacks
  2. Sign in to your google account from your browser
  3. Search for “geometry dash” on google web store
  4. Install the geometry dash by clicking on it
  5. After installation, go to your desktop and click on the geometry dash icon in order to start playing.

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