Garena Free Fire APK MOD v1.67.1 [Unlimited Diamonds] For Android

App Name Garena Free Fire Mod Apk
File Size  742 MB
Version V 1.67.1
Requirement Android 4.1 +
Last Updated Nov 27, 2021
Publisher       APK Module
Genre    Battle Royale Game
Mod Feature  Limitless Diamond
Price  Free

Garena Free Fire APK

Garena Free Fire Apk

Garena Free Fire Apk, commonly known as Free Fire, is an action-adventure game published word widely by Garena to play on Android and IOS phones. Soon after its release, it became the most sought-after game all over the world. Even so, it was awarded as Best Popular Vote Game by the Google Play store in 2019 due to the number of people attracted to this game and its unusual percentage of consumer traffic.

Starting May 2020, Garena Free Fire was recorded as the only game with over 80 million consumers actively playing this game on daily basis all over the world. It was hugely downloaded globally which breaks records in gaming history. In 2019 the estimated revenue Garena Free Fire generated was above $1 billion.

Garena Free Fire is this massively in-demand urged its publisher to launch a graphically improved version of this game as Free Fire Max.

Free fire is considered the most well-liked survival game, beyond PUBG, Call of duty, and Fortnite Battle Royale. Although, it is a globally sought-after game but considered the most favorite especially in Latin America, India, and Southeast Asia. In 2018, Free Fire broke was the fourth-most downloaded battle royale game on both IOS and Google Play stores. In 2018 alone Free Fire download records were approximately 180 million worldwide, earning the title of second-most downloaded battle royale game competing with a big shot like Fortnite Battle Royale and leaving it behind in the ranking game. PUBG was the first and Free Fire the second one that year. It became a remarkable success for Garena.

Garena Free Fire MOD APK Gameplay

Garena Free Fire

This Battle Royale game includes as many as 50 gamers parachuting onto an island looking for guns and gadgets to kill the opposite gamers. Players are free to pick out their beginning position and take guns and resources to increase their war lifespan. When gamers join the game, they are in an aircraft that flies over an island. While the aircraft is flying over the island, the gamers can leap anyplace they want, as a result permitting them to pick out a strategic location to land away from enemies. After landing, the gamers need to then go seeking out guns and utility items. Medical gadgets, medium, and big guns, grenades, and different objects featured can be discovered all over the island. The final aim of the gamers is to live on the island longer than the other fifty gamers online; this calls for disposing of all fighters the gamers come across alongside the way and making sure that they may be the only survivors remaining. The available secure region of the game’s map decreases in length over time, directing the surviving gamers into tighter regions to pressure encounters. The final participant or group standing wins the round.

Free Fire Missions:

Garena Free Fire had quite a few missions and battles step by step. Whenever one challenge completes, the other starts. The participant needs to win those missions according to the level to get their goals. Whenever they win, every one of them gets a bonus for every completion of a challenge in the battle.

Survival Weapons:

Free Fire is one of the most performed video games that’s performed all around the world and is well-known after the  PUBG. The game offers an extensive variety of various weapons and guns. The participant can pick out the weapon of their very own preference from them. The strength of Every weapon starts from minimal to maximum. Various papers are located on different enemies and different battles. So that each participant, can pick out the gun down after one preference which they like.

This feature of Free Fire is by far the most crucial as it will determine the safety and lifespan of a fighter to survive longer in this game.

Realistic 3D illusions:

Free Fire fantastic 3D illusion is one of the main features that hooked players to its environment and let them keep coming to enjoy this virtual reality at best. This amazing escapade is the key to Free Fire being extremely famous among the young generation. The whole wonderful vibe lets you realistically experience the battleground.

Customized Weapon & Character:

The distinctive feature of Garena Free Fire is the character and weapon used in this fighting game. There is an array of characters to pick from and this liberty of choosing whatever a player desire is mind-blowing. The constant upgrading of characters and skills is considered a flashy addition in the game by players. Similarly, when you play Free Fire on PC, you are given the option of customizing your weapon according to your situation and the enemy you are facing without any trouble. This customized option lets you select the power or range of your weapons depending upon your choice. Which is cool.

Winning Bonus:

Free Fire has many rewards in the form of items like money, gold, diamond, after the completion of the given task. All these items are purchasable too in the game if you wish to win the battle sooner.

Free Fire Latest Features

Life-Like Virtual Imagery:

If you are someone, enjoys the scenery while fighting then this game is your thing. Free Fire provides engrossing fighting surrounding where along with fighting you get to enjoy and feel the beauty of the scenery in 3D graphics which makes it even more attractive to binge players to the screen.


In Free Fire, you can play individually as well as in a group of up to 50 players online with your friends, sitting at your home. Your fighting skills determine your rank in the game as to how many enemies you are encountering and defeating during your time.

Desired Destination:

Free Fire gives you the liberty of choosing your landing. At the start of the game, you are tied to a parachute and jump from the plane to land on an island full of challenges and enemies whom you need to encounter and kill tosoftwarelonger and win the game. You are allowed to pick the place of your landing, where you think you will be able to survive the battle.

Variety of Guns:

As the game proceeds and you unlock your skill sets along the way. Your choice of weapon and their power also increased. Letting you equip yourself against your enemy.


Due to its remarkable popularity, this game can be found in almost all languages spoken globally. So that players can play Free Fire without facing the language barrier.

Teams & Groups:

Free Fire is an online game providing the opportunity of connecting worldwide through a stable internet connection. You can play it with 2 to 50 people together and accomplish your mission via connecting with your team members through microphones. Letting them know your next target and a prospect victory over a certain area.

This feature help players find the best possible solution for the hurdles, they could not find the solution of their own. With the help of team effort, this game can be won with distinction.

Multiple Location:

The same is possible in terms of mode or area. You can easily choose the area within the provided map of the game.

Time Mode:

Similarly, you are free to choose the time of your choice. If you prefer night mode you can shift from morning to night, summer to winter, etc

Garena Free Fire MOD APK Installation Guide

  •  First off, if you already have installed this game. You need to uninstall it.
  • Secondly, you need to click the link provided on this page to download this game-free version.
  • Find this installed file in your phone data.
  • Allow the software to be installed on your device.
  • Your game is all set to play.

Free Fire MOD APK

As we have talked and discussed all of this Free Fire glory is in paid game form. Now, let’s turn to the free version of this fantastic game. Although PUBG is the number one battle royale game, in 2018 Free Fire was at the second position. Even in 2021 Garena Free Fire excel in revenue over PUBG in the USA.

To fully enjoy this game, you need to be stacked with plenty of money, gold, or diamonds. There are different features and skills that are paid to unlock those traits too. To overcome that anxiety of waiting or spending your own money to fully enjoy and feel this game publishers have come up with a free mode of this game. It comes with almost all features unlocked providing players freedom of continuous fighting without any delay.

This modified version of Free Fire has all premium features unlocked and you will get optimal access to the game without spending a single penny.

  • There are limitless diamonds and coins available for you which aren’t available withinside the professional application of PUBG. You want coins and diamonds to win the game, however, quite a few times, people run short of diamonds, and live aren’t capable of winning the game, however, it is no greater a hassle because the modded model will assist you to get assess to limitless diamonds and tricks.
  • A lot of recent functions are introduced, and this is the most up-to-date model of any application you’ll ever come across.
  • This application has brought a whole lot of functions to it, which lets you revel in the game. The most modern and most up-to-date model is available, and you can get access to it.
  • The attire available in the game is free.
  • The gun and skins are free, and you may change any weapon on every occasion you need to.
  • There are lots of spins in the store for you, and you may get assessed to Royal luck.
  • This characteristic is free, that is enjoyed only by top-class or the people who’ve paid for the application, however now it is no more a hassle due to the fact you can also get access to it with the aid of using simply downloading it.
  • If you need all of the awesome functions at your hand but do not want to spend a single penny on this application

Unlimited Version Latest Highlights

Below are the latest most recently added highlights of this game which will help you experience next-level battle royale encounter free.

  • There are lots of customization alternatives available on this Garena Free Fire MOD
  • The survival mode has many different features. You can seek through the place every time you want to be engaged in the world to find out the best of everything.
  • This characteristic is only available for the folks who are using the paid version, however, in case you download this mode to your gadgets, you’ll be the person enjoying all that the individual that has paid for the application Would revel in.
  • People can assist their pals and different crew members, which they’re playing on becoming a winner.
  • The crew alternative is available, and the crew can win.
  • You need to survive assaults and unique environments and locations. There might be lethal assaults that you need to face and play the game in unique environments, however, you could be the one winning the game if you achieve this easily.
  • You need to combat towards 50 people so that you end up the only survivor of the game.
  • The game can be created as you desire to buy your very own techniques and illustrations.
  • You can revel in your game by including exceptional patterns and finishing unique tasks, in an effort to give you the possibility to personalize the game.
  • The gameplay is addictive, and the layout is excellent, which one gave you the greatest control for the alternative.
  • Wallhack is the latest feature being unlocked in this free version of Free Fire MOD APK. This will help players to be able to watch behind the walls of any location to determine the exact location of their enemies and what kind of weapon they are using against you and this will also give you a fair idea of their battle plan.
  • Aimbot highlight is also considered one of the advantageous features in the Free Fire arena, which is again free of any cost in this modded version of Free Fire. This will help players to just set the target, the aim will be taken automatically without involving your efforts.
  • This will definitely boost your game level.
  • No recoil is needed in this hacked-free version which means you just need to fire bullets to your enemy way without worrying about reloading your guns again.
  • There is new territory in Bermuda Triangle, whose name is a bullseye.
  • You can upload a hard zone, which brings a high stage of resources and an entirely new directory.
  • There is a brand new weapon with which you could do your combatants and create greater damage than good. CG15 has a terrific alternative with a purpose to charge up the game as well.
  • The information box is a brand new object this is found in the game, which lets you find all of the airdrops and keys to the game to the following stage.
  • There is a parachuting alternative for drops, which permits them to parachute together.
  • There is a brand new character whose name is Laura, and she is being brought to the game.
  • The Arabic language is introduced to the language alternative, which was not initially introduced. This means that people from Arabs can also have assisted your language alternative in the game.
  • Pulled off the machine is upgraded and is completely up to date.



Though this version is absolutely free and extremely easy to go through, still players might face some unusual circumstances that will hamper their fighting experience. To be honest, you will have to search many forums to get those riddles solved. But worry not, we have got you all covered. We have surveyed and asked regular players of Free Fire MOD APK about the difficulty that might arise during the game and compiled detailed answers to those quarries for our readers.

You just need to stick around and read !!!!

Why Free Fire APK is hard to load?

There is a specific system requirement that has to meet in order to install this free version successfully. Just read the instructions carefully and follow along with the mentioned steps. You will be good to access this Free Fire MOD APK free version within no time.

Can Free Fire MOD APK be played on iPhone?

Initially, the official Garena Free Fire game was designed to play on iPhone too but like this, the free moded version is not official and only available for Android users. This version is only made for android phones and glides smoothly providing an easy hassle-free experience.

Will this moded version affect speed of my phone?

As it is mostly expected, a free version of anything comes with its baggage to bear. Same is feared downloading this free version but you need to worry not. This MOD APK is super smooth and free of troubles that users used to face in the past. This version is super latest and equipped with all the latest software. That will not affect the speed of your device at all.

The best weapon in Garena Free Fire MOD APK?

The best weapon in the game includes lithal Rifles, Snippers, Short-guns, etc. Along with these, there are other mortal weapons that will help you achieve your survival goal effortlessly.

Difference between PUBG and Garena Free Fire MOD APK?

Both games are battle royale in nature but there is two striking difference between these two. One is the quality of graphics, PUBG gameplay graphics are far better than the Garena Free Fire.

Secondly, PUBG is wy harder to win as compared to Garena Free Fire MOD APK.

Why doesn’t Garena Free Fire MOD APK open sometimes?

To freely use this version you need to allow access to this Moded version on your device. Once getting permitted to run this will effortlessly play on your android phone.

When will Garena Free fire open?

Due to lots of downloads at the same globally, it might face technical glitch but as that error is solved you are good to download this version. Just give it time to try again.

When was Garena Free Fire released?

It was officially released in 2017 and it is continuously smashing the records ever since.

Is Free Fire banned?

No, it is not. It is simply not working due to some technical glitch.

Where is Garena Free Fire originated?

It is originated in Singapore by the company Garena. It was published for the countries like India, Brazil, Southeast Asia.

How to obtain Garena Free Fire redeem code?

First off go to the main website of the game and login into your account. As soon as you log in you will be given the redeem code to save.

Which genre does this game belong to?

This is a Battle Royale game, where you need to survive to win the battle.

In a nutshell, Garena Free Fire MOD APK is the ultimate free version of this greatly sought-after Battle Royale game. Its unlimited features allow players to gain limitless coins, diamonds, deadly weapons, rare skin, exclusive location, premium skills level unlocked, customized character, a wide range of languages available, multiple players, team guide, etc.


Wrapping Up

Enjoy your tremendously adventurous experience by downloading Garena Free Fire MOD APK via the given link in this article. Its mind-blowing 3D graphics will surely take you away from your day-to-day stress into the virtual fantasy of Garena Free Fire MOD APK.



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Garena Free Fire Apk, commonly known as Free Fire, is an action-adventure game published word widely by Garena to play on Android and IOS phones. Soon after its release, it became the most sought-after game all over the world. Even so, it was awarded as Best Popular Vote Game by the Google Play store in 2019 due to the number of people attracted to this game and its unusual percentage of consumer traffic.

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