Galaxy Store Apk

Galaxy Store Apk

Galaxy store apk works as a google play store but is just available for Samsung users. Samsung Galaxy store is already installed on a Samsung set when it is installed due to its function. It acts the same as a google play store and the user needs it to install more apps on his phone. It serves in the Global market part because of its pre installing in a phone. Samsung Galaxy not only helps in installing new apps on the Samsung phone but also allows the Samsung user to install Games, themes and much more things from this Galaxy store.

App Name Galaxy Store Apk
File Size
5.0 and up
Last Updated
22 March 2022

Samsung Galaxy Store Apk Store mostly recommends the Samsung apps and other third-party games that are on the top at that time like Fortnite and many more.If you are in search of new apps and new games then Samsung galaxy recommendation engine and discovery tool is the best for this because it gives you such recommendations easily. But for this purpose, you must need a Samsung user account . Without that user account you may not be able to use this application to install more apps. It is actually an app store designed by the Samsung electronics for the Samsung users to download and install new apps just like app store works in other devices. This Samsung Galaxy Store is mainly used by Galaxy devices , gear and feature phones that include Samsung REX, Duos, Corby , etc

How does the Samsung Galaxy Store work?

Samsung Galaxy Store Apk works the same as an app store in apple devices. This is actually featured for Samsung devices. In order to use this app, you must needa Samsung user account and that account is the first thing you make when you buy  a new Samsung device. There is a search engine on top of the screen where you can search for whatever app you are looking for.

Just below the search engine there are different tabs that allow you to filter apps, exclusive offers of video games, apps and many other wearable apps. If you think about installing an app that is not aware of the home and tabs off that app, no need to worry because the Samsung galaxy store shows you more than one screenshots of the app that you choose to install when you click on the app.

Galaxy Store Apk

By this feature, you are able to get to know the vibe of the apps even before installing them. In order to get more information about the app, the creators of the apps have given the description which is present in the details below the screenshots. By this description you can be aware of some features that the developer told the users about. Does the Samsung Galaxy Store world for other devices other than Samsung ones? No, the Samsung galaxy store does not benefit any other devices other than the devices that are featured by Samsung Electronics. That means only the Sasung users can get an experience of this application.

Samsung Galaxy Store 2021

Samsung Galaxy Store Apk has been updated so many times since the day it was released and it still will keep on updating and its new version will enter the market. These new versions always have more exciting and new features than the old version and in the past years Samsung updated the Samsung Galaxy Store to keep it up to date and with the time. 

Even in 2021 Samsung team updated it like every passing month and the latest version of 2021 is

SAMSUNG GALAXY STORE (GALAXY APPS) that was released on December 29, 2021. 

Samsung Galaxy Store Download

Samsung Galaxy Store Apk can easily be downloaded. As it does not require any new settings to be done. But you must own a Samsung User account in order to get a Samsung Galaxy Store.

You can download it by clicking on the “download” button present in this page. And just wait for it to download and then use it to install amazing apps. 

Galaxy Store Latest Version

Galaxy Store Apk has so many versions and every upcoming new version has more features than the previous one and it keep on updating new versions 

The latest version of Galaxy Store is that was released on April 27, 2022. You can download the latest version from the “download” button present in the link and wait for it to download on your devices. 

Galaxy Theme Store Apk

Galaxy Store Apk is not only used for installing new apps on your device it allows you to install amazing and new themes on your devices. These themes are so many in numbers and you can choose whatever theme you want to and apply it on your device. 

Just like the Samsung Galaxy Store there are so many new versions of the Galaxy theme store. These theme stores provide you with new and beautiful themes. The latest version of these theme stores contains new and more attractive themes in them . These themes will always catch your eyes because of their beauty and simplicity. You can get all the themes of your types from these Galaxy theme stores. 

Galaxy Store Apk

Galaxy Store account 

In order to get access to all the apps on Galaxy Store Apk you must have a Samsung account. This account is the real key to new Samsung apps and a whole new Samsung world that is waiting for you. It is a gateway to thousands of Samsung things and apps. You can create an account by putting the account information in the needed places and you are done. This Samsung account will be registered to Samsung Clouds and other Samsung apps too eventually . But , you can even change it if you want to. 

Galaxy Store Change country

You can change the country on the Galaxy store by following these steps

  • First, go to the settings of the phone, then go to applications and then tap on the Samsung apps and click the clear data and the clear cache buttons.
  • Noe come back to all the applications and there you can find the Samsung apps and select it 
  • Now select the accurate country you wanted to select. 


The accurate country is the country where you are right now 

or the country that you registered first with no other country. 

You can try the first country and if it does not work then repeat

 the first 2 steps of clearing caches and data and then select the 

second country. It will work. 

Galaxy Store Developer

Galaxy Store Apk is developed by Samsung Electronic Co. Ltd and they have featured it in a way that only the Samsung users are able to use it and no other device users can get any benefit from it. The developers have made so many updates of the galaxy store to keep it updated and according to the use of the new world and suitable for the new world’s requirements. 

Galaxy Store Epic games

Galaxy Store Apk provides the users with so many epic and exclusive games. These games are so amazing. Samsung Galaxy store provides the Samsung games and more new games as well that are actually from some other third party and not from the real Samsung developers. 

Galaxy Store Fortnite

Want to play fortnite? Fortnite is a victory royale game that is a big yes for the game lovers. The game lovers love this game because of its features and playing styles. But unfortunately, Fortnite is not available on the play store and is not available for other devices . But a big happy news for Samsung users because Fortnite is actually a game made by a collaboration of the Fortnight and Samsung to make the galaxy smartphone the best and amazing platforms for playing this game. So you can enjoy Fortnite at its fullest on your Samsung Smartphones.Samsung allows the user to play without any worry and he can even choose new and amazing skins for the player. 

You can download the Fortnite by following these steps

  • First openGalaxy Store Apk
  • Then tap on the search engine present on the top of the screen. 
  • After that select the Epic Game option present in the search bar and click the search icon to start searching.
  • Now, download the Epic games on your device because by this you will be able to install games on your Samsung device
  • When the Epic game is downloaded click on the play button to open it 
  • Now select the Fortnite 
  • Select the “install” button and it will be continue
  • Now allow the Fornite the permission it needs to run on your Samsung device by taping on “allow”
  • And when it is done installing now tap on the”launch” button for it to start and play

Galaxy Store Gift Card

You can get the Samsung Store Gift Card on Samsung Pay by opening it after navigating it. After this open the Menu (three lines horizontally lying) and then select the “Gift Card Store” . 

Now you have to search on the search bar to have the gift card you want. And you can also find the gift card by just scrolling in the gift cards that are available and view them by swiping up and down. If you saw your desired card You can select it and even select the amount you desire which is in Dollars. 

Then, tap for a friend and add even their information. 

Galaxy Store Icon/Logo

The Galaxy Store Apk Icon is like a white Shopping bag that is enclosed in a rounded rectangle and the color of the rectangle is a gradient between Purple, Pink and Orange. 

This is the Icon of Galaxy Store

Galaxy Store vs Play store

A lot of people must have wondered about the difference between Galaxy store and Play Store because when you buy a new Samsung phone two apps are pre-installed that are

  • Galaxy Store
  • Play Store

So, you must have wondered what’s the thing to install them or are they 

So to answer this question, here is the difference between both of them.

         Galaxy Store                                                                            Play Store 

Galaxy Store is only available on Samsung devices         Play store is available on every android device including Samsung as well
        It is developed by Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd         It is developed by Google play store
        Using the Galaxy store you must need a Samsung account and that is registered to Samsung Cloud as well.         When using Play store it takes the same google account that may be present on your phone before. 
        They both have same search bars and even give the same details about the app and you can install apps on both the stores just by pressing the install button         They both have same search bars and even give the same details about the app and you can install apps on both the stores just by pressing the install button
        Galaxy store have less apps than the Play store but there are some apps that are specially designed for Samsung devices that can not be installed or present anywhere else such as FORTNITE         The Play store has much more apps than the Galaxy store but it can not have the special Samsung apps or games and it even has the apps that Samsung do not get access to. 
      You can use any store to install apps but some apps are only available on Samsung Galaxy Store         It is better to install the apps on play store because in future if you move to any other device you will be able to install the apps there and retrieve the data there easily.


Galaxy Store Apk is a main gate way for thousands of amazing apps that are only available on the Galaxy Stores and can only be available on Samsung Featured devices. So, install the newest or even any old version of Samsung Galaxy Store and enjoy while playing amazing Royale games like Fortnite

Thanks for reading the article and now install the app on your device. 


Is it safe to download?

Yes, it is 100% safe because Galaxy Store app is developed by experts who ensure that their app does not contain any virus or malware that can damage your device or your computer.

How can I get discounts?

You can find discounts in the form of coupons or special offers on your favorite items by visiting the store regularly.

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